Flower Power

Make sure to give this skit plenty of sunshine...


[A retired man wearing a plaid shirt
and an old man hat walks into the room.  He is carrying a small watering
can.  There is a large number of flowers and plants in pots around
the room.  He starts watering the plants.]

FLOWER: [cheerfully] Guten Tag!

[Retired man looks around, slightly
puzzled.  Seeing nothing unusual, he goes back to watering plants.]

FLOWER: Guten Tag, meinen Herrn!

[Retired man looks around more attentively,
puzzled.  He begins searching through the plants].

FLOWER: Hier, mein Herr!  Nicht jener

[Retired man identifies the sound as
coming from a large, brightly-coloured flower on the opposite side of the
room from where he started.  He stares at it intently.]

FLOWER: [ever cheerfully] Guten
Tag!  Ich bin eine Blume!  Bitte geben Sie mir Wasser!

[Retired man pauses, then stands up
straight and looks toward the door].

RETIRED MAN: [shouting] Honey! 
Your flower's Germanating!


WIFE: I'll be there in a minute!

[Retired Man and Flower share
an awkward pause, neither willing to be the first to engage in conversation.
Wife enters room.]

WIFE: I don't hear anything.

RETIRED MAN: It was just doing it a minute

[Wife and man stare at flower,
impatiently.  Pause.]

FLOWER: Guten Tag, Herrn und Frau...

RETIRED MAN: [to wife, triumphantly]

FLOWER: Ich bin eine Blume!

WIFE: What does it want?


FLOWER: Geben Sie mir bitte Wasser!

RETIRED MAN: I think it wants bitter

WOMAN:  I think there's some American beer in the fridge.
[Leaves to get beer]

[Man and Flower share awkward pause]

RETIRED MAN:  So, you're, uhh...

WOMAN:  Here we are! [Man looks relieved] 
Something delicious for my hybiscus!  [pours bottle on Flower]

FLOWER: [Annoyed] Nein! Das ist nicht gut!  Kaltes
Bier!  Das ist furchtbar scheisslich!

RETIRED MAN: It doesn't sound very happy.

WOMAN: Oh dear.  If only I could cheer it up. [Pause] 
Oh, I know!  Germans like the techno, don't they?

RETIRED MAN:  Yes, that's right.  We saw that on "Touched
by an Angel".

FLOWER:  Ja!  Techno!  Das ist gut!

WOMAN: Hmm, let's see here... [digs through pile of old records
in the corner of the room, beside an old record player]
Ahh, here we
are!  Techno by Guy Lombardo, as heard on [impressed] the Ed
Sullivan Show!

[Woman puts record on turntable.  Techno music begins. 
Retired man and wife each begin dancing a very understated and deliberate
old person shuffle dance to the music. 

Posted by chrisdye on December 27, 2002 with category tags of

the first part was very cool

i say make american beer into Bud,
and have the UN CEO arrest everyone to end the skit.
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 27, 2002, Rated it 5

Um...what? Your sketch needs a single point of focus.
   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2003, Rated it 1

I agree with the above. This skit needs to be a little less all over the place. Some tangential funny is ok. Nothing but tangential funny is disorienting.
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on January 4, 2003, Rated it 2

Holy Shit that was funny!

Yeah, it's long and has no focus, but that never stopped Monty Python.
   comment by frood (#50) on January 10, 2003, Rated it 5

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