The Liverspot-High talent show

If you thought that your high school talent shows were bad then you've never been to Liverspot high. It's a whole other world 'o bad.

[the scene is in a high-school talent show]
[Enter talent scout onto stage]
TS: Hello everybody, and welcome to the Liverspot High talent show where your senses will be dazzled. However first, I want to tell you a joke. to lighten the mood. There were two penguins in a bathtub and one said "Pass the soap". So the other said "What do you think I am? A typewriter?!"
[The talent scout emits a prissy little laugh, he then stops the audience's (non-existent) laughter with his hands]
But seriously folks I'd like to introduce the greatest of impressionists. I mean I was just blown away the first time I saw him! I mean, he's just the greatest, I feel unworthy to even introduce such a marvelously talented individual. We're just so lucky to have him, so now without any further ado I'd like to introduce this man who truly needs no introduction.
[Exit while clapping]

[Enter Impressionist]
I: First off, I'd like to do my impression of Mr. T after having acid thrown in his face.
[he starts to make his face look real tough. then he throws some liquid in his face]
[the man is grabbing at his face and yelling]
man: Ahh, I've got acid in my face.
[the man collapses and eventually rolls off stage]

[Enter Batman]
B: Hello kids, I'm Batman,
Heckler: You're not Batman!!!
B: Well I know I don't really look like him, but believe you me, I am. Now, you may have thought that impression was funny, but let me tell you, acid is no laughing matter. Why many of my criminal arch enemies were created because of acid. I mean the Joker, Two Face, and many many othersÉ
Heckler: Like who you over-weight fraud!!!
Batman: Um, well there was... or what about...
Batman: [points behind the audience] Look! It's Spider-man!
[the audience looks (suckers), Batman runs away]

[Enter Talent Scout]
TS: Well, it appears as if that all the talent that we have to show you. Thanks for coming to the Liverspot High talent show.
TS: I'll just finish it off with one of my favorite songs

[TS starts to sing. he gets really emotionally involved in the song as it gets going]
MacArthur's park is melting in the dark
All the sweet green icing flowing down
I don't think that I can take it
Cause it took so long to bake it
and I'll never find the recipe again
Oh no,
Oh no,
No no,
Oh NO!!!
[TS collapses in tears]

Posted by dustin on June 3, 2002 with category tags of

This skit really sucks.
   comment by Sarah (#5) on July 24, 2002, Rated it 1

Couldn't be worse.
   comment by anonymous on August 3, 2002, Rated it 1

this is funny. it should be longer-more stupid talent
   comment by anonymous on August 8, 2002, Rated it 3

not funny
   comment by anonymous on March 28, 2003

bad bad bad
   comment by anonymous on May 25, 2003, Rated it 1

waste of time
   comment by anonymous on April 4, 2004, Rated it 1

i like tha acid part but it is kinda stupid
   comment by anonymous on February 20, 2005, Rated it 2


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