Time travelling losers

Hmmm... Do you think that people's loserocity is constant in time? Let's find out...

[the scene is in some nerd's basement. lots of wires and tech equipment scattered around]
[there are two nerds present. lets call them Gomer and Aziz]
[they each have a helmet with lights/wires on it]
Gomer: Finally I've completed my time machine, now I can travel back in time to a place where I won't be such a big loser. Ha ha, bye bye loser world.
[Gomer puts on his helmet, presses a button on it. lights flash, he disappears]
Aziz: Wait you big loser, if you leave then I'll be the biggest loser around. I guess I'll have to follow him.
[Aziz time travels]

[the scene is outdoors, nice spring weather. There is a man dressed in a toga]
Toga-Man: Are you a talking goat?
Gomer: What? No I'm not a talking goat, I'm a time traveling scientist.
Toga-Man: A zany scientist?
Gomer: Yes, quite zany. Who are you?
Toga-Man: I'm a Greek philosopher. I hypothesize that the universe is just a giant platypus.
[enter Aziz]
Aziz: Hey hey, hiya loser.
[Greek and Aziz laugh at Gomer]
Greek: [talking to gomer] Boy, until this guy arrived I didn't realize how big a loser you were.
Gomer: Damnit, I came here so I WOULDN'T be a loser. I'm out of here.
[he time travels]
Greek: Now that that guy's gone you're a pretty big loser too.
Aziz: By Jehovah's beard!
[he time travels]

[the scene is a city inside a giant bubble]
Gomer: Well, now I'm in the future. I wonder what zany adventures I'll have here.
Goat: Kill the pig! Kill the pig!
Gomer: Who are you?
Goat: I'm a talking goat.
Gomer: Wow, a talking goat.
[enter Aziz]
Gomer: Now that I'm friends with a talking goat, you're the biggest loser around, Aziz.
[Gomer and the goat laugh, Aziz falls down in shame]
Goat: Wait a minute... I see what's going on here. You're both hideous, hideous losers.
[goat takes Gomer's helmet]
Goat: Ta-ta losers.
[Goat time travels]
Gomer: My friend, my only friend. Give me that time traveling gizmo!
Aziz: Never.
[they weakly fight over it]
[a man in a space-suit enters. He looks damn cool]
Space-Man: Can I have that helmet please?
[they give it to him and he leaves]
Aziz: Can we ask for it back?
Gomer: I think he's too cool, we better leave.
[they walk off looking like losers]

Posted by dustin on June 3, 2002 with category tags of


This skit is shitty. Although I did enjoy the talking goat.
   comment by anonymous on June 3, 2002, Rated it 1

it's pretty lame, but i liked how they were such losers
   comment by anonymous on June 4, 2002, Rated it 2

I liked the losers and the goat, but not the zany scientist. He wasn't that zany.
   comment by anonymous on July 26, 2002, Rated it 4

that time travelling fuck sucks!!!! you dont any info regarding those stuffs!
   comment by anonymous on March 9, 2003


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