Ebay take 2 = my new laptop

My first attempt to buy a laptop on ebay yesterday was thwarted by a last minute overbid. Learning from my experience, I played the role of late-bidding winner in my second attempt. And win I did. Here are the details of the soon-to-be-mine laptop:
Apple Titanium Powerbook
667 Mhz G4
30G Hard drive
768M RAM
Airport wireless card installed
It will end up costing about $1300 Canadian after shipping. The guy said he would ship it tomorrow. I am quite excited. I have been lusting for a powerbooks for years.

Posted by dustin on August 26, 2004 with category tags of

nice RAM...

what's battery life on it?
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on August 26, 2004

I have no idea about battery life. I figure it's not very good, since laptop batteries do not age very well. So I will probably have to buy a new battery for it sooner or later.
   comment by dustin (#1) on August 26, 2004

Seems to have better deals on Powerbooks. There's a 15" 1GHz w/Superdrive for $1350 plus shipping

   comment by anonymous on September 1, 2004

greetings to you there,pls i just want tolet you know that am interested in your item posted,but first i will like to know if the item is still available for sale.....and if the item is in good condition.i mean if the item still working perfectly. so kindly get to me asap...so that we can proceed. Thanks
   comment by mikejoe on June 7, 2006


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