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Now who's colourblind?
Posted by Bryan on July 25, 2010. Tagged with
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For Chris
Posted by Bryan on July 20, 2010. Tagged with
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Hockey Titles
International hockey results in which NHL players competed:

1976 CanadaCup: Canada
1981 CanadaCup: USSR
1984 CanadaCup: Canada
1987 CanadaCup: Canada
1991 CanadaCup: Canada
1996 World Cup: USA
1998 Olympics : Czech Republic
2002 Olympics : Canada
2004 World Cup: Canada
2006 Olympics : Sweden
2010 Olympics : Canada
Posted by Bryan on March 12, 2010. Tagged with


Popomatic cupcake

How many cupcake games can you name?

I got 45. I think you can beat that, nerdz!
Posted by Bryan on January 6, 2010. Tagged with
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I am...

via Marvel comic creator
Posted by Bryan on October 22, 2009. Tagged with
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Nerd Venn Diagram

via buzzfeed

I think Dweeb and Dork should be swapped
Posted by Bryan on September 7, 2009. Tagged with


Winter is 14% over
I wish it were 59.8% over
Posted by Bryan on December 9, 2008. Tagged with


It's Snowing.
Posted by Bryan on October 28, 2008. Tagged with


McCain hearts Cindy
Not safe for work:

Posted by Bryan on June 16, 2008. Tagged with


Told Ya So!
Looking back on our predictions:

Bryan: Obama & McCain
goodladd: Edwards & Romney
stretch: Clinton & Huckabee
chrisdye: Clinton
sean: Obama & Romney

Posted by Bryan on June 3, 2008. Tagged with
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