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Interesting article on Google
This is kind of an interesting article on Google and their motivations.

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I knew dustin and likely his chronies would be interested in this:


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Here's a good article about Microsoft's Longhorn OS:

a quote:
There is a case for saying that Microsoft has gone on way too long in the computer business. Would it be beyond the realms of possibility that a white knight could come to the rescue and design something new using some bright ideas that the usual suspects havenít even dreamt of?
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I'm on Gmail!
In case anyone hasn't heard of it yet, Gmail is a hotmail-like email system that Google is currently beta testing. It's much better than hotmail because it is Google, not Microsoft, and also because you get a free gigabyte (1000 Megabytes) of space.

Anyways you can now reach me at my new email account, james.maynard@gmail.com

I hope to be playing Ultimate with all you montrealers as soon as humanly possible.

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