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Radio Free Quebec has prepared a series of advertisements by the political parties to inform you, the voter:

Parti quebecois:

Posted by YvonTripper on November 28, 2008. Tagged with
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Here are some of the attack ads soon to be airing on TVQ:

Others are available at:


Posted by YvonTripper on April 16, 2007. Tagged with
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Iggy for Canada?
I was checking out the website of liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff and found that he has an open policy forum on it. That's pretty cool. I made 4 posts there:I don't have strong feelings about Ignatieff either way at the moment. I was quite pleased with his website though. I'm curious to see if my posts in the forum get any responses. I also wonder if Ignatieff reads what gets written there.

You guys have any thoughts on Iggy?
Posted by dustin on November 3, 2006. Tagged with
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