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Plan, Stan
"I hate spending all winter in Toronto, but at least I get to spend every summer somewhere else."
- The Stanley Cup
Posted by YvonTripper on May 22, 2014. Tagged with


Coupe Stanley
As everyone knows, the Stanley Cup is awarded on the basis of a failed charitable purpose trust and is in all likelihood legally owned by some British guy descended from Lord Stanley of Preston who doesn't realize it.

Putting aside the fascinating topic of nineteenth century trust law, I just wanted to point out that Brent Rathgerber, a Member of Parliament from Edmonton, described the Stanley Cup as the "trophy du jour of the NHL", because he is a dumbass and doesn't know that there's a difference between "du jour", a French expression meaning "of the day", and "de jure", a Latin expression meaning "in law". Or he thinks he is ordering the soup in law at nice restaurants.


His legal analysis is ridiculous: so the "Canadian people" automatically own anything that has ever belonged to a governor general? Then I would like Adrienne Clarkson's porcelain doll collection, please. If the Stanley Cup trust has failed, then the trust property reverts to Lord Stanley, his heirs and successors.

He also asks "what could be more Canadian" than letting a bunch of drunken beer leaguers play for one of the world's most prestigious sports trophies? If he thinks horrible ideas are typically Canadian, then really he should be running for the Bloc quebecois.

It's horrifying to think that someone who understands so little about the most important things in life, hockey and trust law, has been elected to public office (Although it was an Alberta election -- let's see how he does when they switch to multiparty democracy).
Posted by YvonTripper on February 26, 2014. Tagged with


Hockey Titles
International hockey results in which NHL players competed:

1976 CanadaCup: Canada
1981 CanadaCup: USSR
1984 CanadaCup: Canada
1987 CanadaCup: Canada
1991 CanadaCup: Canada
1996 World Cup: USA
1998 Olympics : Czech Republic
2002 Olympics : Canada
2004 World Cup: Canada
2006 Olympics : Sweden
2010 Olympics : Canada
Posted by Bryan on March 12, 2010. Tagged with


Go Winterboks!
The first ever African Nations Cup of Ice Hockey will be taking place from September 19-26 in Johannesburg, South Africa, between Algeria (who are fresh off their first ever victory against a French Division II team), South Africa (who I witnessed lose all of their games in the IIHF Div. IIB World Championships last May) and Morocco (who I know nothing about).
I will let you know exciting details as they are made available!
Posted by chrisdye on August 24, 2009. Tagged with
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Swiss Dis
The IIHF Power Rankings are an entertaining way to follow the IIHF World Hockey Championship without having to watch any of the games. They are basically smart-alecky tweets about each team, updated every day or two.
Posted by dye! on April 27, 2009. Tagged with


Bulgarian women's hockey isn't all it's cracked up to be
How did I not hear about this?

Bulgaria gives up 139 shots on goal in 82-0 women's hockey loss

Over Easter, I will be attending the Level II B Ice Hockey World Championships, in Bulgaria itself! As I wrote previously, South Africa qualified for this tournament by beating Mongolia last year. Can they compete with the likes of Mexico and South Korea, so as to not come last and be relegated back to Level III next year? Unlikely! But not for lack of support from me! Go Ice Boks!

Posted by chrisdye on March 4, 2009. Tagged with


We are ready
It is one year until the Vancouver Olympics. To promote Radio Free Québec's coverage of the Games, we have prepared this promotional video.

On a personal note, I am somewhat disappointed that Vancouver has not produced a cheesy song to celebrate the 1-year-to-go mark, as Beijing did:

The Olympics without a cheesy song celebrating every milestone of preparation is not really the Olympics, if you ask me.
Posted by YvonTripper on February 13, 2009. Tagged with


And you thought the Phoenix Cayotes had a low budget...
Posted by chrisdye on February 2, 2009. Tagged with


The New Zealand Ice Blacks perform the Haka

Also, gingerbreadmen performing the haka:
Posted by chrisdye on November 30, 2008. Tagged with
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No Swedish Hockey Players
Posted by vinny9 on June 23, 2008. Tagged with


In your face, Mongolia!
South Africa beat Mongolia 12-4 to win the silver medal in the International Ice Hockey Division III World Champions.

South Africa also beat Greece, Turkey and Luxembourg, before finally falling to those dirty Commies from North Korea . They therefore are promoted to Division II next year, to face powerhouses like Belgium, Serbia and Spain.

Posted by chrisdye on April 14, 2008. Tagged with


Melt Bryan's Head
Economist analyzes NHL stats from 2006-2007

There's a bunch of stuff at the site.
Posted by vinny9 on October 16, 2007. Tagged with
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Worst team wins!
I have created a fantasy hockey league where the worst team wins. You get bonus points for penalty minutes, negative plus-minus, faceoff losses, lost games and goals against, but penalized for scoring goals, winning games or getting shutouts.

If you would like to join, please click here.
Posted by chrisdye on September 17, 2007. Tagged with
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Empty not goal
Posted by chrisdye on January 5, 2007. Tagged with


Join my hockey pool
Somebody in the Lux Forums started a fantasy hockey league, and we need a few more people to play.
You put together a team through a draft. We're doing autodraft, so you don't even have to be there -- it'll just draft according to how you rank the players, or if you dont rank the players, it has a very good pre-ranking based on last season's results.

Each team accrues statistics in 10 basic areas throughout the season, and you trade/adjust your team as necessary.
If you want to play, come join the league.
League ID: 54556
Password: dustin
Posted by dustin on September 28, 2006. Tagged with
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