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Is this a ploy to get geeks to watch sports?


At least The Canadian looks cooler than The Canuck.

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Which is expanding faster: the universe or the National Hockey League?
I found this explanation of how fast the universe is expanding:
"Astronomers measure the expansion of the universe in kilometers per second per megaparsec. This is called the Hubble Constant, and its value is... around 70 kilometers per second per megaparsec... You can also put this into terms of a rate of growth. Roughly speaking, the universe is growing in size by about 7 percent every billion years."

If the universe is 13.7 billion years old, then 1 billion years is 7.3% of its age. The NHL was founded in November 26, 1917, making it 92 years 18 days old. 7.3% of 92 years 18 days is 6 years 262.65 days. 6 years, 262 days ago from today was March 27, 2003. The NHL has not created any expansion teams since that time. For the last 7.3% of their respective existences, the universe has expanded faster than the NHL.

Let's try two billion years. Having no knowledge of astrophysics, I figure if the universe is constantly expanding at 7% per billion years, then all we have to do is add 7% to 107% and arrive at 14.49% expansion for the last two billion years.

2 billion years is 14.6% of the universe's age. 14.6% of the NHL's age is 13 years 160.6 days. From today's date, we arrive at July 7, 1996.
Since 1996, the NHL has gone from a 26-team league to a 30-team league (Nashville, Atlanta, Minnesota and Columbus). This is a 15.38% increase.

To conclude, in the past 14.6% of their respective existences, the NHL has expanded at a slightly faster rate than the universe.
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Melt Bryan's Head
Economist analyzes NHL stats from 2006-2007

There's a bunch of stuff at the site.
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Worst team wins!
I have created a fantasy hockey league where the worst team wins. You get bonus points for penalty minutes, negative plus-minus, faceoff losses, lost games and goals against, but penalized for scoring goals, winning games or getting shutouts.

If you would like to join, please click here.
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