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I wish I had that for motivation at work...
Posted by registeredname on June 12, 2009. Tagged with


Newsflash: I'm A Stud
Montreal Improv got a little write-up in the Mirror. Huzzah!

In other news, a new set of improv classes for beginners start at the end of January. Check out the site for all the details.
Posted by vinny9 on January 16, 2009. Tagged with
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Discussion: Mathematics
Was math invented or discovered?
Posted by vinny9 on September 4, 2007. Tagged with
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I give in to Facebook
It turns out that a lot of people I know are on the Facebook network. It's a pretty interesting people tracking and messaging system. It lets you import a RSS feed into 'notes' so these words will show there. It's too bad they don't let you put in a photo feed also, which would also be useful.
Posted by dustin on February 20, 2007. Tagged with
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