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My Dear American Neighbours,
Neil Macdonald on our current situation

Yeah, that's Norm's brother.
Posted by vinny9 on December 4, 2008. Tagged with


I'm on College Humour!
I entered the collegehumour.com costume contest.
Check it out:
click here!
Posted by registeredname on October 31, 2007. Tagged with


Burnham! Burnham All!
Bo Burnham has a bunch of videos on YouTube. I think this is my favourite, though his Rehab Centre for Fictional Characters is pretty funny, too.

Posted by goodladd on October 26, 2007. Tagged with
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Man I'm Thirsty....
It's crystal meth in a can:

Posted by registeredname on October 20, 2007. Tagged with


brb.. my mom's yelling
A dramatization of congressman Mark Foley's online chat with a teenager.
Posted by Bryan on October 4, 2006. Tagged with


Hypnotise Sex
Let's hope you never get this desperate....

Posted by registeredname on July 4, 2006. Tagged with
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