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Told Ya So!
Looking back on our predictions:

Bryan: Obama & McCain
goodladd: Edwards & Romney
stretch: Clinton & Huckabee
chrisdye: Clinton
sean: Obama & Romney

Posted by Bryan on June 3, 2008. Tagged with
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No We Can't
Posted by Bryan on February 12, 2008. Tagged with


Obama on religion and politics
For me at least, this 40 minute video is a pretty remarkable thing. Barack Obama speaking to a church charity about the role of faith in progressive society. He speaks as a Christian, but his words are thoughtful, attentive, tolerant, complicated. Even as an atheist I am persuaded and almost moved.

watch the video here

It's remarkable to me - almost unprecedented - when you contemplate that this guy might actually have a shot at the presidency.
Posted by Sean on February 11, 2008. Tagged with
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Politics and Mights
Who do you want to win the primaries, and why?

I would vote for Clinton for the Dems; she strikes me as having less potential for greatness, but more potential for competence.

For the Republicans, i guess i would want McCain as pres because he is the least crazy, but i would want Huckabee as the candidate because he would be easiest for the Dems to beat.
Posted by stretch on January 19, 2008. Tagged with
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Michigan Hotdogs
McCain (thanks to independents)

Posted by Bryan on January 15, 2008. Tagged with
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New Hampshire
Not exactly going out on a limb here, but:

Dems: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson
GOP: McCain, Romney, Huck, Paul, Guiliani, Thompson

Final nomination prediction remains unchanged: Obama & McCain

Will Romney drop out if he doesn't win?
Posted by Bryan on January 8, 2008. Tagged with
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Iowa Caucuses
I'm calling 'em this way:

1. Obama
2. Clinton
3. Edwards
4. Richardson
5. Biden

1. Romney
2. Huckabee
3. Paul
4. McCain
5. Thompson
6. Guiliani

Currently, I think Obama and McCain are going to end up winning the nominations, but a lot can happen.
Posted by Bryan on January 3, 2008. Tagged with
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