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I'm the Lazy Boss on a Boat in a Box

Hopefully this will also make the Sillytech home page more SFW and make that last picture move down the page a bit...
Posted by Gbrowdy on January 31, 2010. Tagged with
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A way to waste an hour, five seconds at a time.
Five second movies
Posted by chrisdye on October 19, 2008. Tagged with
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Punchy Title

Just discovered this SNL digital short - the consistently best content on SNL these days.

Also, hulu is pretty sweet.
Posted by Gbrowdy on October 2, 2008. Tagged with
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iranians have a sense of humour?!
I thought this was pretty nice. You watch it.


(sorry don't know how to link to have the video here directly.
Posted by Maryam on May 29, 2008. Tagged with
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Posted by Gbrowdy on January 4, 2008. Tagged with


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