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apples to apples results are in
hey guys, just letting you know I finally wrote my answer for last weeks apples to apples. Go check it out and identify yourself if you are the winner. good luck!

Posted by Maryam on August 9, 2009. Tagged with


Apples to Apples: Dispensable
Green Card: Dispensable

1. Not essential; unimportant: dispensable items of personal property.
2. Capable of being dispensed, administered, or distributed.
3. Subject to dispensation, as a vow or church law.

You have a week?
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Who is that at 4 minutes and 30 seconds?!!!
I'll give you a hint: Rhymes with Bustin' Racks.
Posted by Maryam on July 14, 2009. Tagged with
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Hi Dustin!

Can we add Gil's blog back to the blog list? I hear he is writing there again and i just thought it would be nice to have him with all the other friends up there.

Alternatively, can someone post his blog address here? I can't remember it immediately ...Gilsomething...somethingBrowdy... ah I can't remember that sort of thing!

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iranians have a sense of humour?!
I thought this was pretty nice. You watch it.

(sorry don't know how to link to have the video here directly.
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hey kids,

what was that site that somebody posted a while ago where you had all the quizzes you'd ever want? I've decided that I am being just too productive at work these days...
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Heyo kids,
I know Dustin posted about this a long long time ago but I just finished watching Little Miss Sunshine and I liked it alot so I had to say something about it. Yeah, it really is wonderful.
Top two movies I can think of right now: I heart Huckabees and Little Miss Sunshine.

that's it.

Posted by Maryam on October 5, 2007. Tagged with
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Perhaps many of you have seen this already but I thought it hilarious enough that it deserved to get mentioned here. yes?

(sorry, i don't know how to make it apprear here...HTMwha?)
Posted by Maryam on February 19, 2007. Tagged with
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One of these things is not like the other... one of these things just doesn't belong
Like every productive morning at the lab, I was going through my yahoo mail/gmail/ sillytech/ StG/ every other blog on the list/ BBC news routine before i started work this morning, and I came across this "in pictures" session for Valentine's day from BBC:

Can you find the picture that doesn't fit in with the rest?

I am going to go ahead and categorize that as mild propaganda. yes?
Posted by Maryam on February 16, 2007. Tagged with
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Stay in school kids!
This pains me.

it just keeps getting worse.
Posted by Maryam on December 11, 2006. Tagged with
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A question.
hey guys,

you know those improv people who do those massive pranks? like the one where they all wore blue shirts and khaki pants in that store? who were those people? where is their website? i want to go check out their other pranks but i can't remember how to find them.

also, now that i wrote this post, i am pretty sure khaki comes from the persian word khaaki which means earthly or dirt color. know since khaki pants are that color.
... You welcome!
Posted by Maryam on December 10, 2006. Tagged with
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Ok that is it!
Ok so i am retarded with technology. that has been long established. But here is the problem. I use realpayer to play songs on my computer. The other day some people laughed and called me old school. i had no idea realplayer was "old". but the point is that whether or not it is hip, it i screwing with me. It shuts down randomly and randomly deletes song! I just went from having 606 songs to 534 songs. How did that happen? how am i supposed to get those songs back? This is so sad!

So my point is, what's the word on the street? what are all the technologically hip kids using these days to play songs on their computers? is it iTUnes? 'cause i have iTunes. is there anything more user/dumb friendly than iTunes?
Posted by Maryam on July 12, 2006. Tagged with
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Another success!
For those of you who missed it, the Summit was really really fun. Thanks to everybody who helped out and made this thing happen. An especial thanks to our McGill team who rocked da house!

Also, i have a shit load of pictures from the event. I would like them to be posted somewhere so everyone can see them. Any suggestions on how i could do that?
Posted by Maryam on February 5, 2006. Tagged with
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Insert Pie pun here
For those of you who missed it, ChrisDye's Bday Pieron chef event was a success. Although all three pies were delicious, Team Nikki (consisting of Nikki, Rob and Dustin) won hands down. I would however like to state that our (Adrienne, Chris, Ken and Maryam) pie was pretty original. How were we supposed to know that chocolate and pudding melt when you heat them and give you pie soup?! Last but not least, I would like to congradulate team Josh/Arvind/Saima on their heroic comeback after the whole burnt chocolate/chilled uncooked dough incident.

Also, sorry for all the dirty dishes Chris...and happy birthday!
Posted by Maryam on November 6, 2005. Tagged with
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Hey I just remembered I never saw GYST (or whatever the actual title is). IS that because it was never edited or i just missed the screening?
Posted by Maryam on September 23, 2005. Tagged with
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