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Photoshop Contest!
This image is just begging to be photoshopped (or GIMP'd, or Elemented, or whathave you), people! I've turned on image downloading, and you have one week to show what I'm dreaming about.

Winner gets a freaky Japanese Kit Kat of their choice (options include: Cherry Blossom, Sea Salt, and Soy Sauce. Yes, they really do exist.) Post your entry here by midnight on Monday, July 7th to be eligible for fame and prizes!

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How aware are you?
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Flickr Sucks
Ok, not really, but their "Photos from your contacts" algorithm does. I've started getting around it by just plugging people I want to watch into my RSS aggregator, or feed reader. I've always just used it for blogs, but this is also a great way to get all the photos I was missing. There's lots out there, but I like Bloglines. You can just click the "add" button and enter in the address of whomever you want to watch. In my case, it's just:

Speaking of which, someone's already subscribed to my photos. Is it one of you guys?
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Shaped Bokeh Tutorial
I made a little tutorial on how to shape your own bokeh. It's super easy and fun!

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My MiniCity
It's sort of like Sim City, but with a collaborative aspect--when you visit my town, more people come to live there. Please to be clicking, 'cause right now I'm just above AIDStown and I don't wanna catch it. (You can get it just by looking at someone, right?)

My environment

If you build a town, post your link here, for the clicking!
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Clean the damn kitchen!

Canadian Public Service Announcements are scary.
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365 Days

As you may have noticed on my blog, I've been really into photography lately. Part of what's fueling it is participating in the 365 Days Project, where you take a self-portrait every day for a year. It might sound crazy, but so far it's been fantastic. Having the structure and support of the flickr community has been great, and I've felt more creative lately then I have in years. I've learned so much about lighting, my camera, photoshop--I can't say enough how awesome the whole experience has been so far.

Anyway, I just finished my first month, and I'm really excited. Check out the whole set!
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Baby bathtime blogging

Best ending EVAR.
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JPG Magazine
Please to be voting for my Superwoman shirt in JPG Magazine's "Beauty Redefined" competion. It's sponsored by the Suicide Girls, so there's some pretty, uh, stiff composition. However, just because I'm posting a picture of taking off my shirt does not mean I want your biodata.

Vote here please!
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How to kiss someone passionately.

VideoJug: How To Kiss Someone Passionately

All I do is post youtube videos, I think. This is because none of you jerks left me an Valentine. You don't even have to give them an email address to sign up, ya slackers!
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My Valentinr - vyxle
Get your own valentinr

Blahblahblah commercialism, blahblahblah! It's a holiday that celebrates chocolate, and that's something I can get behind! Now, I know most of you boys probably don't want to go professing your sentiments to each other for fear of sounding "gay," but just think--now's your chance to to tell each other that immortal sentiment:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you were a woman,
I wouldn't date you!
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Klingons in the White House, Nerds in the Congress

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Bringing Paxilback

This video is way better than the TL version. I love music videos.
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Battle of Wits: Asian Edition, Volume 2

The Sumo wrestler seems quite lost in a world of his own imaginings. Tell me, oh Internets, what is he thinking about? Best answer gets a prize, short stories preferred.

More flickr here.

Posted by alice on December 8, 2006. Tagged with
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Scary Mary

What if Mary Poppins were actually a horror movie? It did have some pretty frightening parts, actually...
Posted by alice on December 6, 2006. Tagged with
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