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During the course of creating my mom's website I wrote a couple of scripts to take Microsoft Word documents, translate them into a text only format and then dump them into a database. I did this because my mom has tons of old stories sitting around doing nothing. I figured they might as well be put onto the wen. So I did so at The Travel Files.

It has yet to be indexed by google, so the search function doesn't work, but there are lots of cool travel articles there for you to peruse. You may notice that there are some ads on the story pages as well. It's using google's adsense program, which matches ads to the content of the page. So a story about Bermuda will get ads for Bermuda hotels and stuff popping up. Anyhow, I make a little bit of money every time somebody clicks on an ad...

Posted by dustin on September 21, 2004 with category tags of

Can you give any pointers to info on how to write a conversion script like the one you talk about above? I'd be interested in doing something similar to enable users to work in an environment they are comfortable with.
   comment by UltraBob on October 12, 2004

The first script that I used was written in AppleScript (a macintosh scripting language). It would just one-by-one open the Word document, copy it's contents, paste them into a text file (using BBEdit) and save that doc.

Then a second script written in PHP would open the text files and stick them into a database one by one.
   comment by dustin (#1) on October 12, 2004


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