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Dustin Photos
My brother published his photos from our tripping. He has a bunch of nice ones, check them out. Seeing how it's my blog here, I'm going to point out the best ones with ME in them!

There's me jumping in the air, guarding an orchid, as a big hunk, in the rain, and looking all scientific on the side ->
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West Coast pictures
I put up my west coast USA trip photos, 124 in total. My favorites are this tunnel, a shell, my brother, a clover field, an old truck, and this picture of flowers on the coast.

West Coast Trip
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Vancouver and Okanagan pictures
I published 68 Vancouver and Okanagan photos. My favorites are the library roof, bedazzled, mountains,
snow trees, and this funky aeroplane.

funky airplane
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West Coast USA Trip
Trip 2 with my brother was a longer road trip down the west coast from Vancouver to San Francisco. On the way we spent nights in Seattle, Eugene, Arcata, and the Jughandle Creek Farm/Hostel near Mendocino.

Google measures the drive at 1,651 kilometers. We actually headed over to the winding coastal highway 1 right after Eugene, so in reality it was longer then that. We were driving in a rented Toyota Corolla and measured our actual mileage at between 34 and 38 miles per gallon.

Our first 2 nights we found free lodging care of cool people on CouchSurfing.com. The name pretty much explains it, and the service worked out great for us. The next 2 nights we were in smaller towns and stayed in a motel and hostel/farmhouse. We stumbled onto some crazy adventures in both though. By the end the running joke was that we were taking a hippy-granola tour of the west coast ;-).

In the San Fran Bay area we crashed at a friend's house and later met up with Luxers Hoodie and STM for some food and drinks. I knew them from over the internet, and it was cool to meet in person. I've now met 7 Luxers in 3 different cities. It's a fun perk of running an internet-wide community. I expect photoshopped pictures of us to appear on the Lux Forums shortly...
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Okanagan BC Trip
My brother came out west and we did some travelling together. Here's a map of trip number 1, from Vancouver into the BC Okanagan Valley. We stayed in Oliver with some relatives, went skiing at Apex, and then flew back to Van from Kelowna.

My cousin who grew up in the valley has a website about Okanagan Wine, which is one of the big things the region is known for. We got to do a little bit of tasting at dinner.
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Miniature Art in the Vancouver Petri Dish
Melanie's Art ShowMy cousin Melanie is having her very first art show. I went to the opening last night, and it was packed. Granted it's quite a small gallery. The Petri Dish bills itself as "small works by local artists". The gallery is aptly named: in science a petri dish serves as an incubator for young organisms (artists) to grow bigger.

I took a few photos, but didn't capture a lot of it unfortunately. Check it out in person if you're near Main and Broadway.

All The Small Things
miniatures by Melanie Coles
January 5th - February 14th
Showing at The Petri Dish
2406 Main Street @ 8th
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Holiday photos
I posted a set of 115 pictures from my trip. Unfortunately, I left my camera on the boat when we went into Belize, so I have no pictures from there. Honduras comes out nicely though. Here are some that I like:

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Chrtistmas Cruising
Here's a map showing where I went on Christmas holidays with my family:

We were on the Costa Magica cruise ship, with the route:
    Depart from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (A)
    Stop in Key West, Florida (B)
    Stop in Cozumel, Mexico (C)
    Stop in Belize City, Belize (D)
    Stop in Roatan, Honduras (E)
    A day at sea heading back to Fort Lauderdale
I had never been to Central America before, so it was a great experience going down there. Belize City fits my image of an old British Empire outpost, except it has been somewhat taken over by rastafarians. Roatan is an island that's part of Honduras, and it's beautiful. Lush greenery covering hills dominate the land. We visited the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences and were able to get up close to some dolphins in the water. All in all it was an excellent holiday.

In checking out the route, I have discovered that Yahoo Maps has much better city/road information then Google Maps about Central America. Props to Yahoo! for that.
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The Travel Files
During the course of creating my mom's website I wrote a couple of scripts to take Microsoft Word documents, translate them into a text only format and then dump them into a database. I did this because my mom has tons of old stories sitting around doing nothing. I figured they might as well be put onto the wen. So I did so at The Travel Files.

It has yet to be indexed by google, so the search function doesn't work, but there are lots of cool travel articles there for you to peruse. You may notice that there are some ads on the story pages as well. It's using google's adsense program, which matches ads to the content of the page. So a story about Bermuda will get ads for Bermuda hotels and stuff popping up. Anyhow, I make a little bit of money every time somebody clicks on an ad...
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Family Travel Writer
For many a moon have I been working on a website for my mom. Finally we have put together something that she is happy with. You can find it at Family Travel Ink. In case you do not know, my mom is a freelance travel journalist specializing in family travel with kids (including me!).
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