That guy, Rene

So I recently handed in a tvII prject I'm not ashamed of. It's available on the web for a limited time only at my friend Phil's page. It's called 2 days with Rene. Also I'm noticing that sillytech is very picky about how you use HTML and it likes IE but discriminates against those of us who would choose Firefox.

Posted by Reverend_Jerry on December 3, 2004 with category tags of

Cool video Jerry. I think it's very well put together. That Rene guy is pretty funny.

What doesn't work nice in Firefox? I use Safari and it's a pain to test in all the other browsers.
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 3, 2004

I think your video would be better if a gorilla wandered in unnoticed about halfway through.
   comment by goodladd (#144) on December 3, 2004

I liked the telephone conversation..
   comment by Bryan (#22) on December 3, 2004


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