Japanese Wii Safety Warnings

I cannot figure this one out:

If you get a Wii, let me know and we can swap friend codes. Also, we can play tag at recess.

Posted by vinny9 on December 4, 2006 with category tags of

Japan has really strict trash sorting rules--even the trash can at Starbucks is incredibly complex, with seperate holes for plastic, paper, extra liquid, etc. The sign is (I'm pretty sure) telling you not to throw it out with the, my guess is, the burnables. Apparently you can really piss off the trash men (who actively open your bags on the street) if you put the wrong thing out on the wrong day, resulting in angry warnings and fines and what not.

Oh, and yon Wii code: 2010 5919 1382 0071
   comment by alice (#60) on December 4, 2006

Click the picture for much more. It's teh awesome!
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 5, 2006

Following the link: What is up with the four leaf clover? That is the one that really stands out as non-sequitur.
   comment by Alex (#118) on December 6, 2006

I just figured it was a "Don't stick stuff in the ventilation" warning. I attributed the four-leaf clover to the Japanese love of leprechauns.
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on December 6, 2006

PS: My Wii code is coming in a couple weeks. I just need to get set up in my new place.
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on December 6, 2006

Yeah, I can infer the meanings, but it's the element of the clover that seems really disjointed. I cannot fathom the inspiration behind including it. It just comes out of nowhere. A-HA tickets!

I had instructions from Korea for some electronics, and they had random pictures of birds included in the background that had nothing to do with anything. (????) Why are you messing with my mind, Asia?
   comment by Alex (#118) on December 6, 2006

My Wii friend code:
8131 9798 5884 8713
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on December 22, 2006

This says "moeru gomi" which means burnable rubbish in japanese. Its telling you not to throw it out with the burnables, but instead sort it into a different section.
   comment by boris on January 9, 2007


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