Burning is against municipal regulations

If you think your town council lacks judgment, have a look at this document addressed to immigrants on the website of the town of Herouxville, Quebec:


Posted by chrisdye on January 31, 2007 with category tags of

There's also that song by the cop that's here: http://cacommenceafaire.com/

   comment by Bryan (#22) on January 31, 2007

I get such a kick out objections to having kirpans in school.

I mean, what kind of culture would expect our laws to accomodate people carrying symoblic weapons?

A fortiori, why do we let kids attach sharp blades to their feet, carry large wooden sticks and slam into each other? In our public parks, arenas, and... dare we say it... schools?
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on January 31, 2007

Are we really not allowed to cover our faces except for halloween a "religious holiday"? I think I break that rule every winter!
   comment by LePhil on February 1, 2007

I applaud your initiative to come forward with such a politically incorrect statement. I`m an immigrant myself but I strongly believe that`s the host`s right to define the rules.
It`s either you belong or not.
It has nothing to do with the faith. It has everything to do with your beliefs and who you are.

Under this flag of tolerance, things are going to far to fast. How long till we wake up one day to realise that we don`t live in this country anymore, just someplace without identity.

I can only hope more and more people will join your opinions

Linda Z.

   comment by Linda Zaimi on February 6, 2007

Two questions for all u people: Are you able to emmigrate into an Islamic country and live freely as they do it here in Canada? Are we allowed to build churches in an Islamic country? And if NO, why not?
The more you give them, the more they want, they want to dominate that*s what they want. Look at France! They are ruling ovber there, now! Would you want Canada to become an Islamic country?
   comment by Carmen H. on February 12, 2007

Why should Herouxville, Quebec, be any different to the province of Quebec, which is alreay racist to begin with? Is someone expecting a miracle to happen? Because, if they are, they will have to wait till hell freezes over.

Herouxville, Quebec, is not the excetion, it is the rule. You had better get used to the idea that Quebec law is no different to South African APARTHEID.

Since August 1977, Quebec has a law which bans the use of the English Language. To back up that law, they have a Lnguage Police which go about checking signs to see that they do not violate Quebec's Langauage Laws. If one is caught using English on signs, the fine levied on tht person is going to be very high. Perhaps, its time that the world was made aware of Quebec's laws, which are racist, and based upon the theory that they the Quebecois are racially superior to all other races. It smacks of Nazi Germany, does it not?
   comment by Kenneth T. Tellis on February 14, 2007

Herouxville, Quebec, is like some towns in the old South of the U.S., where people are trapped in a time warp.
It is not that the town lacks judgement alone, but that racism is part and parcel of Quebecois society.

Herouxville, Quebec, is not the exception, but the rule.
Just think how in August 1977, the Quebec government of a neo-fascist named Rene Levesque banned the use of the English language, making it a crime, if used publicly. They went as far as creating a GESTAPO to search out violaters. If found using signs in English, the courts threw the book at you and a heavy fine followed. This is the Quebec of Heriouxville, so don't be surprised at anything Quebec does.
   comment by Kenneth T. Tellis on February 18, 2007

Whoa, dude, everything you just said makes you sound really, really crazy. Comparing Quebec's linguistic regulations within a place of business to the group that committed the Holocaust is incredibly stupid and insulting.

I remember this nut writing letters to the National Post comparing Bill 101 with Stalin. A professor comparing the deaths of 20 million people with Bill 101-- nice hiring job, Vanier! And of course, he was invited many times to give speeches at Alliance Quebec, which was one of the many reasons I did everything I could to get the government to stop funding that group.

Quebec is full of regulations, but I never hear crazy people compare the margarine colour rules to the Great Leap Forward. It's only the language stuff that brings out the wierdos.
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on February 19, 2007

It looks asif Chris Dye is the wierdo, because he avoids the obvious. Discrimination, is not acceptable in any society. Appartently, Chris Dye favours the Quebecois type of RACISM, because, it is possible that he is a Quebecois using an English name for cover.

So folks do not be fooled by Chris Dye's foolishness. Like it or not, he is a RACIST. I have tried to contact him, but to no avail. Perhaps, he hides in the shadows, because he is afraid to show himself
   comment by Kenneth T. Tellis on March 6, 2007

You rumbled him, this so called Chris Dye's real name is Yvon Tripper. He is the head of the Bloc Québécois de l'Ontario, who's driving goal is to change the laws of Ontario to match those of Québec.

Fear him.
   comment by LePhil (#198) on March 6, 2007

What if Kenneth is right? I'm going into my attic and starting a diary...
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on March 7, 2007

Appartently you yourself are anti-English, as exposed by your blatant disregard for spelling and punctuation. Perhaps you are a secret, self-loathing Quebecois?
   comment by alice (#60) on March 8, 2007

Sure Vinny... what-EVER!
   comment by anonymous on March 8, 2007

The comment by Alice about Viiny9 being a Quebecois has got to be a joke. Perhaps she is an Ontarienne just trying to stop people from expressing the truth, to which she is opposed.
   comment by Kenneth T. Tellis on March 16, 2007

Well I'm thankful to see that the public has been informed. I'm pretty sure most women would be. However, this memo said "public" beatings and burnings. So- does this mean that if these forms of torture occur in private a blind eye will be turned?

So- perhaps immigrants to Saudi Arabia (as an example) are sent memos by Saudi officials politely informing them that women wearing mini-skirts is considered unbecoming behavior in Saudi society? My guess is that no memos are issued.

Normally I would use the trite term "only in America". For once I get to say "only in QC, Canada"!!
   comment by Stateside Linda on September 4, 2007

Hérouxville's government is just so wrong. how can anyone be that racist and intolerant? Oh and for all u ppl who complain that other countries arn't tolerant so why should we be, that is an extremly childish attitude. Just because other parts of the world are intolerant doesn't mean we should follow suit. And btw you don't need 2 worry about immigrants taking over Canada. They already did about 350 years ago! Every person in Canada is
an immigrant except for the Native population. Think about that.
   comment by M.L. on January 21, 2008


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