2 finger scrolling

One of the coolest things about the newest Mac laptops is that you can scroll in windows by dragging 2 fingers along the trackpad up or down. Like the scrollwheel was to the mouse, this is an excellent innovation.

I point it out because I saw iScroll2, which apparently adds the feature to older PowerBooks and iBooks. Check it out if that's what you've got.

Posted by dustin on April 13, 2007 with category tags of

What I want is that right click technique you get on the new laptops. Darn my 2 year old powerbook!
   comment by LePhil (#198) on April 13, 2007

On my PC laptop, I scroll with one finger along the right edge and it works fine. Just curious... is the 2 finger-dragging better? I like to keep my 4 other fingers free for stuff like flippin' people off.
   comment by anonymous on April 13, 2007

That was me, but you probably knew that since I'm the only one here that hasn't go over to the white side. Vinny--how could you leave me here all alone!?

Is it just me, or is the PC character in those commericals much more sympathetic? Spreadsheets are fun. Apple missed the mark on that one.
   comment by Bryan on April 13, 2007

2-finger scrolling is very intuitive and, while right-side trackpad scrolling is fine, there's no finger travel/wrist action penalty. With the 2-finger right-click, there's even less penalty since using 2 fingers to navigate becomes even more worthwhile. Starting from zero, I'd prefer the 2-finger system on Apple but since I'm retraining myself I'm paying a habit/new-wrist-pose price. The advantages far outweigh the slight adjustment I've had to make, however.

And while I will extol Apple's virtues in many areas, I would also like to stab Finder in the gut and watch it die. What a miserable file GUI. Windows File Explorer is infinitely better. Terminal is a saving grace.

I have another Mac post coming, perhaps this weekend.
   comment by vinny on April 13, 2007

The next YouTube video I would like to see on Sillytech: PC vs Mac ad spoof, starring Bryan as the PC and Hillary Swank as the Mac.
   comment by goodladd on April 13, 2007

come on dustin... if you knew anything about the MacBook, MacBook Pro or older Powerbooks, you'd know that the 2 finger scroll has been around for a couple years. zzzzzzzzz

How about something relevant??
   comment by Mark Edwards on April 18, 2007

lol. This software is relevant for anyone with an older mac laptop, of which I know many. If you want more cutting edge stuff check out Hot Grog.
   comment by dustin (#1) on April 18, 2007

Two finger scrolling is one of the worst ideas since there are touchpads. I keep selecting whole documents where I just want to scroll. What was wrong with scrolling by using the left hand side of the touchpad? Could those silly inovators get a life and find something useful?
   comment by Jo on December 23, 2008


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