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Lux DLX is now out for Android devices
Lux DLX has just been released for Android devices! It's now available on 5 major platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Download it free for your computing device here.

Lux DLX is a fast-paced world domination game, with over 100 hand-crafted maps, challenging computer AIs, and lots of options.

Android Lux comes with a set of great maps for free. The Classic World map plus Europe, USA, the UK, and an extra bonus map are all included! Get over one hundred more maps using the in-app purchase unlock. We hope you like it!

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The Old Port isn't just aged sherry in Portugal
The Old Port of Montreal is a federal government corporation. Corporation president Claude Benoit charged $10,000 to the corporation to prepare a report on things that sort of reminded her of the Old Port while she was vacationing in Australia and New Zealand.
The report is available for your inspection here. I suggest that you review this very inciteful and interesting report to learn things about Australia and New Zealand that you could only otherwise find out in one of your friends' Facebook albums.
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Lux Delux features game trailer
Lux Delux was recently updated with a fullscreen mode, new options, and new maps. We created a new video trailer showing off the current features of Lux Delux:

YouTube - Lux Delux Features Game Trailer
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Because I Haven't Posted A YouTube Video In A Really Long Time
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Uh Oh, Only 15 Million Years Left!
Mass exctintion events every 26-27 years
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Go Spos!
Twenty years ago today, I went to my first baseball game. The Expos had the NL East lead, a half-game up on the Pirates, and it was half-price ticket day for under 16s, so I convinced my parents to drive all the way to the Big O with the family.

The Meech Lake Accord had failed the day before and it was St-Jean-Baptiste Day, so for the first (but not last) time in Expos history, many in the large (for the Expos) crowd of 25,000 booed Canada's national anthem. Anytime the Expos played at home on St-Jean-Baptise Day after that, they played the anthems during the warmup so that no one would be there to boo.

We sat in the first row of the upper deck, right behind home plate. Dennis Martinez had a solid start, but the relief was weak and the Pirates won the game, retaking the NL East lead (which they kept for the rest of the year). Disappointing, but I'll never forget how awesome it was to eat peanuts and ice cream and watch the Expos in the Big O on a hot summer day, during that brief time when the retractable roof actually worked.

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Pin-Up Calendar from Medical Display Company Eizo
No hotlinking... Go visit the site.
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Hell. Yes.
Axe Cop

A webcomic written by a 5 yr old and illustrated by his 29 yr old brother.

(via Story Robot)
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Which is expanding faster: the universe or the National Hockey League?
I found this explanation of how fast the universe is expanding:
"Astronomers measure the expansion of the universe in kilometers per second per megaparsec. This is called the Hubble Constant, and its value is... around 70 kilometers per second per megaparsec... You can also put this into terms of a rate of growth. Roughly speaking, the universe is growing in size by about 7 percent every billion years."

If the universe is 13.7 billion years old, then 1 billion years is 7.3% of its age. The NHL was founded in November 26, 1917, making it 92 years 18 days old. 7.3% of 92 years 18 days is 6 years 262.65 days. 6 years, 262 days ago from today was March 27, 2003. The NHL has not created any expansion teams since that time. For the last 7.3% of their respective existences, the universe has expanded faster than the NHL.

Let's try two billion years. Having no knowledge of astrophysics, I figure if the universe is constantly expanding at 7% per billion years, then all we have to do is add 7% to 107% and arrive at 14.49% expansion for the last two billion years.

2 billion years is 14.6% of the universe's age. 14.6% of the NHL's age is 13 years 160.6 days. From today's date, we arrive at July 7, 1996.
Since 1996, the NHL has gone from a 26-team league to a 30-team league (Nashville, Atlanta, Minnesota and Columbus). This is a 15.38% increase.

To conclude, in the past 14.6% of their respective existences, the NHL has expanded at a slightly faster rate than the universe.
Posted by chrisdye on December 14, 2009. Tagged with
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I Want You To Try Ass Effects
I think the folks at Eisai pharmaceuticals may have wanted to try saying the name of their new drug out loud a few times before designing the marketing campaign. (Either that or they are marketing geniuses counting on the internet to spread it virally, and I am playing right into their hands.)

Posted by goodladd on November 22, 2009. Tagged with
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