Tony the Tamil Tiger

Nothing funnier than a distant, protracted civil war...

[BILLY, a 6-year-old is in the park, looking sad. JANEY, also six, walks over]

JANEY: What's the matter, Billy?

BILLY: I can't achieve independence for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

[TONY, a guy dressed in military fatigues and carrying a machine gun appears out of nowhere]

TONY: Sure you can, Billy!

JANEY: [in awe] Tony!

BILLY: Who are you?

TONY: I'm Tony the Tamil Tiger! Just take this AK-47 and join the civil war, and you'll be able to create an independent Tamil homeland in North and Eastern Sri Lanka in less than forty years!

BILLY: [Thankful] Thanks, Tony!

[Theme Music begins, as Billy applies war paint and begins resisting the Sri Lankan government]

Show'em you're a Tiger!
Show'em what you can do!
The Liberation Army of Tamil Eelam
Brings out the Tiger in you!

TONY: We're guerrrrrrrrrrr-illas!

Posted by chrisdye on September 21, 2002 with category tags of


Huzzah. This is short and funny.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 8, 2003, Rated it 5

So silly. I approve!
   comment by Bryan (#22) on March 9, 2003, Rated it 5

   comment by anonymous on December 3, 2003, Rated it 4


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