Best Pre-Dial Long Distance

The following table shows long distance fees for various long-distance providers that allow you to use their network by pre-dialing a 7-digit number before entering the number you wish to dial. The charges show up on your regular telephone bill.

Most of these providers are available in all Canadian metro areas.

Canada / US Long Distance
YakConvergiaLooneycaztel450telTeleHopTeleHop 2
1 min.$0.05$0.47$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
5 min.$0.25$0.54$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
10 min.$0.50$0.69$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
15 min.$0.75$0.77$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
20 min.$1.00$0.92$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.37$1.00
30 min.$1.50$1.14$1.00$0.99$0.82$0.77$1.00
40 min.$2.00$1.44$1.00$0.99$1.22$1.32$1.00
50 min.$2.50$1.67$1.00$0.99$1.62$1.72$1.00
60 min.$3.00$1.89$1.00$0.99$2.02$2.12$1.00
90 min.$4.50$2.64$1.00$0.99$3.22$3.32$1.00
120 min.$6.00$3.39$1.76$1.35$4.42$4.52$1.00
Optimal:0-4 min.5-38 min.39+ min.

Posted by Bryan on March 10, 2008 with category tags of

I'm not sure why there's a big gap before the table...
   comment by Bryan (#22) on March 10, 2008

Big gap comes from all the line breaks amongst the table tags. I cleaned them out.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 10, 2008

Thanks! Didn't occur to me that white space counts in comment boxes.
   comment by Bryan (#22) on March 10, 2008

450Tel? Is that for Longueuil distance calls?
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on March 10, 2008

Looks like the best idea would be to use a pair. Using Yak to make the initial call, make sure they answer the phone and it's convenient for them to chat. Then hang up and switch to Telehop(2).
Thanks Bryan, this will be very useful.
   comment by LePhil on March 10, 2008

I've been told that Yak is free for calls under a minute, but I've yet to verify this myself.
   comment by Bryan (#22) on March 10, 2008

Telehop changed my carrier from Bell without permission and they have charged me a $1 for calls that did not go through. They did not want resolve the issue and sent the collection agency after me. Now they have sent me another bill with unexplained charges. Telehop is a scam.
   comment by Amir on September 16, 2008

Please send me a rate schedule to Europe (Hungary)
Thank you
   comment by George Fuhrmann on December 5, 2008

I have the same problem with telehop. They sent me a bill by email saying I owed for some calls, and I know that I absolutely did NOT sign up with telehop. After many emails to them which they did not respond to, I called their customer service. I spoke with a lady with an African accent who said that SHE had called me and that I had signed up for long distance service. I knew that I did not, so I challenged them to provide proof. They ignored me. I called a few times again and finally connected with a supervisor, a Jamaican lady. She gave me a date when I HAD CALLED TELEHOP to sign up with telehop. This was a pile of BS. That particular date I was away. I challenged them to provide a recording of the call. They finally sent me a clip of my young daughter CONFIRMING OUR TELEPHONE NUMBER. (A very short clip) I called them again and told them that the clip did not show anyone signing up and that in any case my daughter could not do it and DID NOT DO IT. I asked for a full recording. NO RESPONSE. Then I get a letter from a collection agency. Because I am a business-man and very busy, I decided to pay the bill just to get this frustration off my mind. Lo and behold a few weeks later I get the bill again from telehop. I emailed them twice to say it is already paid, but guess what? NO RESPONSE. They are calling now and harassing me. I AM CONVINCED THAT TELEHOP IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. I think that all frustrated and defrauded Telehop victims should form a group and sue them. I have spoken to a lawyer already who advised me to get a few people together to make a stong case of a pattern of fraud, and intimidation (using the collection agency). If anyone is interested my email is
   comment by Ali on December 15, 2008

thanks for this, Very usefull
   comment by Serge on January 4, 2009

Please send rate schedules for
Austria and Germany.
   comment by John Schoeber on April 5, 2009

every time i dial one of these numbers it doesn't connect... operator just says "your call did not go through". is this due to call volumes?
   comment by roger on April 14, 2009

Telehops service is horrible, pls dont be fooled by their prices, they over-bill and sign up people without their consent, i used to work for them, they are such a small little company of 25 employees with at least 60 To 80 Cancellations a week. Their Home Phone & Long distace is such a scam, so far there is 23 cases pending with the Labour Board and 167 active investigations regarding consumers being over billed. DONT BE FOOLED!
   comment by chris007 on May 23, 2009

When we had customers calling in due to their Long distance bill being over billed and the consumer would tell us if this matter was not solved they would contact the police, the management would just laugh! and say go ahead! they will never respond back to you regarding your bill
   comment by chris007 on May 23, 2009

Telehop is operating in a Boiler room style company, i was so sick of working for them because of all the fraud they are commiting on these customers. Go with any other provider Quality is always better than quantity
   comment by chris007 on May 23, 2009

Do Not Suscribe to Telehop, its a Huge scam, half of their clients were signed up without the consumers consent, still trying to fight it in court and had their credit shattered due to it! 24 cases have been presented to The CRTC
   comment by chris007 on May 23, 2009

they have the worst rates
   comment by michelle4922 on June 27, 2009

Yeah Thank God i didnt sign up with them , thanks for the info guys!
   comment by Edward jones on June 27, 2009

i had them for long distance but they kept over-billing me so i cancelled because i couldnt take it no one there ever resolved my issue
   comment by ronald lewis on June 27, 2009

Telehop are a bunch of phonies, I never even heard of them in my life and now they are harrassing me and claiming I owe them money when I only use my phone for voicemail. I never left the city I was born in yet some how I am making long distance calls to people I never even heard of according to their crazy records.
   comment by Urbie Lopez on June 30, 2009

can i use the service from my cell?
   comment by alyssa on August 13, 2009

I just got my phone local servie with Primus and they told me that I cannot access any of these pre dial services. Anyone has some input on that please?
   comment by Rosi on September 10, 2009

I have been a Telehop (now Broadtalk) Customer for over 3 years... After having troubles with Bell and OVER BILLING!
When the switch over from Telehop to BroadTalk took place my number got forwarded to and from another companies customer. I called it in and told them the problem.... They resolved it and credited my account for the mistake plus gave me an extra free 2 months of service! Other than that, in the past and only the ODD time my phone (Linksys router) needed to be reset by unplugging it and plugging it back in (that hasn't happened since they updated all of their routers firmware).

Their are only 2 differences (1) I pay much lower rates then average people for my local/long distance phone bill, I save at least $60 per month compared to my old Bell service. (2) If the power goes out and my phone, router and modem are not hooked up to a Power Supply then my phone connection is lost too.

I save approx. $700 per year on my phone bill every year that is 3x less then with Bell!
   comment by Me on January 22, 2010

I question the comments made against Telehop. Telehop can't send the "collection agency" after anyone, because the charges are made on Bell's telephone bill, who is responsible for collecting the money.

I've read elsewhere that it's likely that the anti Telehop messages is slander and defamation made by competitors. I wouldn't put it past them.
Seriously, analyze what they actually say, it makes no sense!
   comment by Mike on October 13, 2010

I dont know...I just received a telemarketer stating her was from Telehop. I said I was not interested. He then asked who I was my service provider. When I told him, he hung up. I imagine he is going to try to put through the change. If he does, I'll let you know that it is a scam.
   comment by Chris on November 24, 2010

We were unfortunate enough to do business with Telehop and I would have to believe most of the negative feedback posted here is true. Telehop certainly appears to be a boiler room company, in our case they were having to "outsource" testing simply because they didn't have any of the devices needed. Not only that, but they're using outdated technology - at best. We had never dealt with a company with such a worthless platform. At the end of the day there's plenty of other options, and I'd choose any above Telehop.

Oh, and here's a direct link to Telehop's "F" BBB rating (even though the BBB is essentially a scam), you can see that there are MANY complaints on these guys:
   comment by Joe on December 9, 2010

impossible d'avoir une information par 1 question..j'ai 1 no de tel.en thailande mais je ne connais pas le code du pays.est il possible de le savoir ,ou si c'est impossible....
   comment by georges thomas on February 27, 2011

Does anyone know what the charges would be if you use the YAK number from a cell phone?
   comment by JJ on August 13, 2011

I also never sighned up with TELEHOP they said i did but i didn't. I was about to pay but had to look it up first. I thought they where with BELL Canada. Man I am so close from getting a good credit rating. Well I am not paying at all. I am going to call BELL to change my number or my account # so they can't find me those ripoffs. I hope they get sued by someone.
   comment by Leroy on November 30, 2011

I was lucky to have come across this page in time literally(minutes). You see, I was signing up for their long distance plan $24.99/month and I had to get my bank( institution) number to complete the sign up for the pre- authorized bank withdrawal.So I asked my son to fetch the chequebook for me, and as he left to do so, I just decided to google Telehop and came across this .
Thank you guys for sharing, I won't be completing this signup now or ever.Staying away from Telehop
   comment by Barnova on March 18, 2012


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