Koodo Mobile = Telus with less Sucks?

Koodo Mobile is a new low-cost brand of Telus Mobility. They seem to have some really good deals compared with what I'm paying - and I'm with Telus right now.

No system access fee, no activation fee, no contracts, per-second billing. This looks like a serious play by Telus to lower the costs of wireless service in Canada. Cool!

Now if they only supported the iPhone...

Posted by dustin on April 3, 2008 with category tags of

...AND didn't suck!
   comment by Ariane on April 4, 2008

if *any* CDMA provider supported the iPhone (or perhaps I should say if any iPhone supported CDMA) then we'd be better off :P Sigh.
   comment by Charles on April 7, 2008

Koodo seems to be doing some guerrilla/illegal marketing. I saw a sweatband tied to a lamppost today, bearing their name.
   comment by Bryan (#22) on April 7, 2008

I think the iPhone is going to have to support CDMA to work in Japan (or some other region), so there should eventually be a version that works on all networks (assuming you can get it with an English interface).
   comment by dustin (#1) on April 7, 2008

Also, I saw some sweatband ads for Koodo in Vancouver as well.
   comment by dustin (#1) on April 7, 2008

koodo on you i got one and like it very much its got all i need and no more. keep up the good work guys
   comment by frank on April 10, 2008

First off, Telus isn't in business to lower cellphone prices in Canada, they're there to capture more of a market segment they don't own today (consider Koodo their FIDO). You can bet that they carefuly reviewed how much revenue cannibalisation they would suffer from their parent brand before they did this.

Second, if you note the fact that they upcoming wireless spectrum auction in Canada (starting at the end of May) could very possibly yield one or two new national or regional competitors, you might also see Telus as thinking the best defence against disruptive entrants is a good offence. Cheekily, they launched Koodo the day that the bidders for the spectrum acution were announced by Industry Canada.

Third, Telus' last attempt at running thier own MVNO (Amp'd mobile) was an unmitigated disaster, so they're not exactly superstars at brand/demographic diversification. Hopefully sweatbands and no system access fee/contract appeals more than expensive ringtones, video downloads & MP3 phones didn't.

And finally... I don't suspect you'll see a CDMA iPhone, period. Note that most of the European providers have lowered their prices on the existing GSM models in the last week, and are selling out of stock. This is a typical Apple move - sell the your remaining stock of one product at a discount before releasing an updated version - and wouldn't you know it, rumours are rife of a new iPhone coming out shortly. But the new one won't be for CDMA, it will be a 3G model (which the world has been waiting for). CDMA is globally becoming obselete, as a standard it's barely used outside of the Americas (even in North America it only accounts for around 50% of cell subs). Any new market entrant in Canada will almost certainly be GSM, and Telus and Bell themselves have been openly considering moving to GSM. There's a reason so few manufacturers make so few (good) phones for CDMA - market share. Would you rather make a phone for the majority of networks in the world, or a small and shrinking minority? All that said, I own a CDMA phone (also), and there's no real issue with the (voice) technology working, it's just not very useful the second you get on a plane to most of the rest of the world. Oh, and data speeds suck - there's that too. Don't worry, in a few years we'll all have 4G LTE phones, and this conversation will seem even more pointless. And flying cars... yeah, those too.
   comment by Christian on April 17, 2008

Thanks for that awesome comment Christian!
   comment by dustin (#1) on April 17, 2008

Notice something else : How much is it for a data connection ?

I am guessing that if you want a data connection, you would have to go with Telus, so in effect, Koodo mobile is only for SOME people...
   comment by me on April 18, 2008

i think no data with koodos and only three handsets. --> goes hand in hand with Christian's comments.

koodo, for now, relies on disrupting the waters only a little. most likely it is hoped that koodo will serve as a deterrant to the new entrants who may not have as deep pockets as telus to be able to combat in a price war.

telus is most likelly just declaring its allegiance to its CAD counterparts and drawing its own line in the sand in price leadership as it awaits for new competitors into the CAD cell market. -- lord knows we deserve one after so many years of high fees and crippled phones.

Wonder who the eventual new players/owners will be after the frequency auction is completed? Any ideas?

cheers, -m
   comment by marcus on April 24, 2008

I don't know where in canada you guys are but in quebec, Videotron will be moving in soon with its own G3 network, taking up a huge market segment currently owned by Bell Canada. The new iPhone is indeed part of our ''wish list'' product line, along with various other G3 compatible phones.
As christian mentionned before, Telus released Koodo in response to the auction that took place conscerning the wireless networks in canada, and it's just a matter of time before Koodo changes to something else, probably even a different name or different approach. Telus has been getting a punt-load of bad publicity over the past decade and they're trying to reposition themselves in order to take the upcoming clientele (aka teens and young adults).
I personnaly don't think a makeover is gonna help them out. The change in pricing is a good idea to start with but they need to focus more on customer service and brand awareness... fish and lizards and pretty colors just isn't enough anymore...
   comment by Marc on April 29, 2008

You see the ads on TV NO SERVICE FEES, Fat Free Mobility...

There are no service fees but like all companies you must by one of their phone to access their network.

None of their phone are free. But, you can get a Tab or and "I O U" they will take $150 off the price of the phone and add it to your account.

Now, you are responsible to payback that $150 dollars monthly, by adding 10% of your bill towards paying off the phone.

So, there is a monthly fee...hum, a service fee ?

Ok, so that is not so bad at least you know what you are paying for, right ?

Thankfully, after you are done paying off the phone the monthly fees stop...Nope

They will continue to take the 10% toward your next purchase of a phone.

Not too bad right at least you will always have a new phone...As long as you stay with them.

What happens if you leave ?

Well, your balance owing will be due, and if you have a positive balance it does not have a monetary value, in other words you do not get that money back.

Is it really Fat Free Mobility or just a creative way of charging a service fee ?
   comment by Sean on April 30, 2008

Yea thats a very good point by Sean. They will get you either way. At the end of the day, we are still Canadian and because of that, we pay some of the highest cell phone rates on the planet.
   comment by Fat Filled Mobility on May 4, 2008

I'm with Koodo... I paid for the phone so I wouldn't have the tab. Instead of them billing me 10% of what the phone would have cost (if I put it on my tab) they will give me credit up to 150 dollars so i can get a new phone - instead of me paying for the phone -... Obviously that will take a while before I reach 150 dollars in credit, but who needs a new phone like a month after you just got one.

I'm on the 25 dollar Unlimited text msgs and 100 anytime minutes plan with 7pm evening and weekends. Thats good for me because I basically text and only use the phone when I have to. Each plan you can customize and/or create your own to suit what you need.

If i go over those 100 minutes or travel you will have an extra charge. (they charge you for the standard rate... so if a phone call is say 1 dollar per minute if you use the phone in the states, depending on how long you've been on the phone, say for 5 mins they will charge you 5 dollars) which in my eyes is good because I do travel a lot, and i was originally with rogers and they charged me almost 3.50 per minute!!

So far I am completely satisfied with Koodo. It is a lot cheaper then Rogers and bell... Your first bill may be a few dollars more they said (mine was 4 dollars more) but compared to Rogers, Bell and Telus.. some of those phone companies just charge you 50 dollars extra just to activate the phone.

With Koodo, online activation is free. However, if you do it over the phone it is $35 dollars. But what happened to me, happens to any of you where you activate it online and the site has an "internal error" and you have to phone them, they will not charge you the 35 dollars. If you do choose to activate your phone directly with someone, it's still cheap considering rogers will charge you 40-50 dollars. When I was with telus they charged me 52. But if you can do it for free directly in the store, and/or online that's most likely the way to go!

My second bill came to $27.82 (my 25 dollar plan along with canadian tax). Since tax went down again I will assume my next bill will be almost a dollar cheaper.

I have yet to have any problems with Koodos but who knows, maybe I will turn out to hate it. But i love not having to sign a contract... Telus got me with that, but i managed to squeak my way out of the contract after a week into the 2 year plan.
   comment by katie on May 6, 2008

I just recently signed up to Koodo..I like it so far but where can I get ring tones on the web for my koodo phone?? Or can I use Telus ringtones???
   comment by Cynwalk on May 13, 2008

they don't 'charge' you ten percent of your bill if you use the tab
whatever your bill is they take ten percent of that total OFF what you owe.
if you owe nothing they build you a 'loyalty' fund to get a free phone.
i got koodo and was waiting to get screwed - so far seems great - my first bill was like sixty bucks! for an activation! last time with bell it somehow was like three hundred dollars for a thirty five dollar plan.

just sayin.
   comment by ruckus on May 16, 2008

I just signed up for Koodo as well, and so far I love it. I got screwed by Rogers enough. Also ruckus is right, you dont pay 10% over and above for your phone.. so its really no extra cost. I guess if you stayed with them long enough it would pay itself off.. Although I dunno why you paid for activation? mine was free... which is why they are great.. You just hafta take the time to use the internet.
   comment by Amused on May 17, 2008

Koodo's is garbage, its Telus referbs from the flagship brand that doesn't sell. Instead of scrapping it they rebranded it as koodo's. Believe me I know... I work for Telus... unfortunately....
   comment by Steve on May 21, 2008

how much does it cost to buy a ringtone on my phone?
   comment by R harrison on May 25, 2008

Koodo phones aren't refurbs idiot. If you really work for "Telus" then you should know that it's "TELUS". Give your head a shake.
   comment by Somebody on May 29, 2008

Because he can't spell, what he says is automatically untrue? Idiot.
   comment by ignisfatuus on June 6, 2008

When people don't spell properly, it does reduce their comments validity slightly.
   comment by thinking rationally on June 13, 2008

Cost me $4 for a ringtone.

   comment by juzineup on June 14, 2008

is us roaming when you cell phone is just on in the states and it costs $1 a minute? because im thinkin of gettin a cell phone and i go to the states quite a bit and i would probobly have it on.
   comment by richard on June 17, 2008

   comment by richard on June 17, 2008

Is the Telus Pay as you go cheaper then the Fido pay as you go?
   comment by Paul on June 21, 2008

I signed up for Koodo and ended up having a number from my 5 Essentials long distance removed for a reason I'm still not clear of. I ended up with a bunch of extra charges on my bill. The VP of Operations called me personally and forgave the (large) bill.

Koodo seems to have the best prices of any carrier. It seems great so far. My only complaint was with a couple CSR reps I spoke to who refused to help me with the issues I was having. But it's still a very new company with some kinks.

It's good to see prices finally coming down to something reasonable with good service and plans.

One thing I am surprised they aren't pushing is the no long distance charges if you call someone on your 5 essentials if you leave your calling area... I don't think anyone else offers that, and it's an awesome feature!
   comment by sp1200 on June 26, 2008


I think it beats Virgin in almost all talk and text plans...

plus unlimited txt for 5 bucks!

the only thing it lacks is the frills stuff, but if you want talk and text this is the way to go I'd say. I have an ipod and a computer so I don't really need the other bloat offered by other mobile companies.
   comment by sp1200 on June 26, 2008

Koodo = Telus with a different weight of Helvetica.
   comment by Greg on June 27, 2008

I just sgned up with Koodo. So far so good I assume... Got the LG 8700 (Shine) and it seems pretty nice, the prices are ok (although buying ringtones seems pointless cause $4 for a 20 sec ring is lame...). They sell exessories like headphones with mic, phone cases, sd cards, etc all pretty expensive though and no "deals" so to speak if you buy the phone with something.
Just hope they can keep up with everyone so I don't have to go back to Rogers... god Rogers was lame...
   comment by Jimothy on July 1, 2008

So, the question after reading all these comments is: Do I go with Koodo or not? Some say they are awful, some say they are great, others say they will not last. What should I do? My contract with Bell is up this month and I am so confused.
   comment by Sarah on July 3, 2008

Follow your heart Sarah!
   comment by dustin (#1) on July 3, 2008

Koodo is actually pretty good. They charge by the second, no system access fee. Overall I am liking the service, so I say that you should go for it!
   comment by kayla on July 7, 2008


All depends the type of plan you currently have with Bell. For instance my parents have been with Bell for nearly a decade. Fortunately at that given date and time they didn't have to pay SAF. Whereas nowadays if your using Bell they charge you $8.95 which is a rip. Other competitors like Rogers/Fido charge you $6.95. Before you actually go forward and change see what Bell currently offers you and if you've been a customer with them for over 3-years (only applies to people with a 3-year contract nothing less) try calling there retention line they'll always hear you out especially if you've been a long time customer. State that other phone providers are offering you a better package at lower cost and whether there'll match there offer or you're walking away.... Another thing you could even sell your bell contract as when your 2/3-year period ends you're now on a month to month contract with them so you could stop your service at any given time without penalty. Really think it over and see what Bell has to offer you before leaving them for something which may appear great at that given time....all the best on your decision!
   comment by Diego on July 8, 2008

All the phones displayed @ Koodo are completely garbage. The ratings and reviews are just awful. You could google it and you'll understand take the Kizr for instance search it up and you'll see what I mean...looks pretty and sleek however garbage IMO. However if your on a tight budget (geared towards the youth) you can get an inexpensive plan for almost nothing with Koodo. At that end if it boils down to your pocket and if your living on a tight budget this is definitely the solution for it.

Whereas if your something willing to pay a little more you're better off with Rogers. The largest and powerful provider in Canada. If your a tech savvy person and enjoy smartphones stick to Rogers/Fido as they offer you the best rates packages out there! If you know someone from CSR that also helps ;)
   comment by Diego on July 8, 2008

Here is a WARNING for anyone thinking about switching to KOODO! DON'T!!!! I've only had my phone for one month, it broke (wouldn't hold a charge), and I have been without a new phone for over 2 weeks. The customer service sucks and apparently I have to wait for a box to be shipped to me, then to ship my broken phone to them, and only then will they ship a new one back to me. As I said, customer service is horrible and they do little to help. The website is also one big confusion. You may save a little with Koodo but its not worth the BIG headache.
   comment by Kips on July 9, 2008

Thanks all, especially Diego, your comments have been very helpful. I will talk to Bell as I am finishing up a three year term. As well, I am checking out Rogers and Fido. Their phone selection seems to be better than much of what is out there.
   comment by Sarah on July 10, 2008

Koodo just upped their prices. text is now 10$ , and they no longer have the five essentials plan. What i am wondering is if there is no contract, doesn't that allow them to up the prices whenever they choose? Perhaps that is the flaw in the "fat-free mobility"; they reel in customers, then jack the prices.
Just a thought...
and maybe a caution to all prospective koodo buyers.
   comment by Emilie on July 10, 2008

got a koodo yesterday.. so far I really like it. But only time will tell for sure. I want a free music ringtone though darnit. Anyone know where to get one?
   comment by Candycane on July 13, 2008

Okay, so I have a BlackBerry with Rogers and I started a 3-year contract in February of this year.

Now, I am forced to pinch pennies, and I'm wishing for a way to keep my BlackBerry but switch services to ultimately save money.

I was considering Koodo, but would they be able to service a BlackBerry? What other options do I have?
   comment by A Different Sarah on July 14, 2008

There phones are pretty much free i love it if your wondering how heres an example
Okay you buy the phone it cost 150 regularly you go on a 15$ plan you just have to pay it off for 10 months
now you see its pretty much free
   comment by AnthonyM on July 16, 2008

15$ a month for 10 months is not "pretty much free"
i'm still hesitating. gonna go get a phone today!
   comment by Llllleroy on July 17, 2008

Can it support t-mobile phones????
   comment by Hi on July 20, 2008

I just picked up the LG Shine at Best Buy. The guy did all the activation (which, as mentioned above, is free) and it took about 10min. Haven't really used the phone, but thought I'd give a heads up that Best Buy is covering any cost of a Koodo phone that can't go on the tab - though you must use the max $150 tab to get the deal.

Basically they paid $75 of the cost of my phone.

The only negative I have is that they ditched the Essential 5 Plan I wanted, but I got pretty much the same thing using the $20 base rate and adding the 5 number add-on for $10 (just didn't get free call display).

And AnthonyM, on the $15 plan it will be 100 months to eliminate the $150 tab. They apply 10% of your monthly bill to the tab.
   comment by Joe on July 22, 2008

Koodo Customer Service really suck, they are totally inconsistent and won't help you. They don't really inform you about their billing practices either. I signed on with a few days left in the billing cycle and received only 6 minutes of coverage for plan i paid for in full. Later when I switched my plan they gave me half the minutes from my old plan then half from the other, without telling me. I was left with 25 minutes up to the day I changed the plan, leading to extra charges, thanks for the heads up. The Customer Service gave me different stories and no help, just the typical thats the way things are story.
   comment by CK on July 26, 2008

Go with Virgin. Great customer service till midnight in Ontario 6 days a week and until 9:00 pm on Sundays. They are always helpful and no charge for receiving incoming text messages and they have a great referral program. You get $10.00 for each person that you refer to go on their prepaid plan and you can change plans every month if you want at no charge. I stiched two of my phones from Bell.The business number....I'm now only paying $20.00 plus tax a month instead of about $55.00 and my Bel Mobility phone where I'm now paying $23.00 a month instead of $33.90.
   comment by Dave on July 30, 2008

P.S. Stiched above should be "switched".
   comment by Dave on July 30, 2008

Virgin customer service is NOT until midnight and no one will be able to help you - they'll tell you another department will call you back and no one will ever call. DO NOT CHOOSE VIRGIN MOBILE CANADA. For pay as you go, yeah, their rates are pretty decent. But if you EVER need customer service... forget it.
   comment by heather on August 4, 2008

the 5 essentials plan is gone but you can build exactly the same thing with the 100 minutes plan & adding the 5 essentials add on ( call display was never included in 5 essentials )
as for unlimited text messages it is now 10$ for new custumers but those who already had it at 5$ can keep it.

Last thing to CK's comments...every company that bills you monthly will have proration...so if u change ure rate plan in the middle of your cycle that is bound to happen
   comment by Joe on August 5, 2008

I've got Koodo. I'm not impressed, but the deal I have is still better than I could get at Telus. I have the Five Essentials and they haven't pulled it out from under my feet yet, but if I change anything in my plan, it's gone.
   comment by Sooz on August 6, 2008

i got the lg chocolate and its under telus and i was wondering if i could get koodo's service instead of telus cause telus took away theyre free telus to telus. so would my telus phone work with koodo or do i have to get a new phone with them and pay the 10% a month thing? my plan with telus ran out.
   comment by lukas on August 7, 2008

This is a sweet little almost-forum going on. I am looking at getting a new phone and plan, as I have been with Telus pay-and-talk for a while and they will be charging $0.15 per incoming text like Bell. I am looking between Solo (a division of Bell), Virgin, and maybe Koodo (but their lack of phones is a real turnoff). I am just wondering if anyone knows much about Virgin or Solo, I know they run on the same network, but Solo seems to lock you in for good once you sign a contract. I am definitely looking for a 3 year deal because I am sick of topping up my phone every month. Any comments would be appreciated.
   comment by Mike on August 9, 2008

I am with Telus and hate them with a passion. They cut off my service twice although I was AHEAD in my payments. No apology. Then they charged me a reconnection fee which I later had reversed.
I am looking to dump Telus. I did buy a Koodo for my daughter, Simple phone. Simple system. When I dump Telus (the first time that I ever will not honor my contract because I feel that they did not honor theirs...) will Koodo cut my daughter off? I wonder.... I know that Fido and Rogers are run as separate companies. Is Koodo separate from Telus in the same way?

I have evaluated the Canadian market, and I must admit that Virgin seems like the best and fairest company. They now have Blackberries and they seem to have exceptionally fair and flexible plans. Although they do lock you in, it is only $10 per remaining month to dump the plan which to me is exactly the same as as the Koodo 10% tab. You are locked in, but can get out without selling your soul.
   comment by sheldon on August 10, 2008

I am looking to get a phone and Koodo's $25 100 minute - free texting deal caught my eye. It seemed almost TOO good. Everyone is saying the phones offered suck. What exactly is so bad about them? Can someone explain just why they suck so bad, and the difference between these phones and ones offered by other companies? Thanks
   comment by JJ Dynamite on August 11, 2008

I've been with Virgin Mobile for the past few months and got so absolutely frustrated with them that I am DONE. The phone itself is absolute crap ; it doesn't always alert me when I get voicemail, missed calls, the screen displays the wrong caller id, and other things as well. I was on the 20$ a month plan for 200 anytime minutes, but I would always have to buy a 25 dollar top-up card. BUT Virgin doesn't alert you when you have gone over your limit, or are close to having no money left on your account. So I would end up paying 25 dollars every few weeks. And when you run out of minutes on your plan, they switch you to 30c/minute. So I would constantely have to go back on the internet to switch my plan back to the 200 minutes plan. I wasn't aware of this at first, and lost a lot of money buying top-up cards constantely since I was on the 30c/minute plan. When I finally called them to complain about a bunch of problems I'd been having, the woman treated me like an absolute idiot and was not helpful at all. This surprised me, because when I started off with Virgin, they were very helpful and friendly over the phone. Anyways, my phone has been inactive for a while as I've been doing some research on Koodo.
I'm thinking I will fully pay for the phone, seeing as The Tab seems like a bit 'sketchy'. But the plans are great, I'm going to go for the 25$ text and talk plan. I'll see what the customer service is like. Hopefully I'll go get my new phone tomorrow morning, and be able to give some updates!
   comment by Olivia on August 12, 2008

I just recently got a koodo phone and i have to say its awesome so far! Plans are pretty cheap, no commitment and the phone is pretty good! I don't need to have the internet on my phone or gps or any of that shit....thats why I have a computer! Stay away from Rogers... they suck! I use to be with them and cancelled the contract and paid the $200 because the service was so shitty! I live in Newfoundland and I couldn't get a signal 5 mins away from my house....go with Koodo....my friends say Telus and Bell both suck as well....my ex had a virgin phone and that was shit too.....Koodo all the way for me! But then again I have only had it a few days but I can bail at anytime!
   comment by Brad on August 14, 2008

This is my price diagram for Canadian WSP(wireless service providers)
Koodo< Telus < Rogers < Bell ( and I don't know how videotron factors in the mix because... well I want to have as little to do with videotron as i can)

(from the eyes of a student, not a business customer)
Koodo has the cheapest plans and service(as in # of bars) is good.
The cost:
Rogers 20$ plan ends up being 35$ and its nights start at 9 while the 20$ at koodo starts at 7 (the rest of the features are the same) but it stays at 20$(plus taxes but so is the rogers one)

About the dreaded tab:
Rogers, bell, telus = 3 year contract 200 - 400 $ termination fee (apparently, depending on the CSR you talk to it changes)
Koodo = max 150$ if you cancel the 1st month, it is less after every month.
( I am starting to see some better value here)

Regarding Customer Service:
I understand that when your phone crashes you are panicking, but we are not the kind of people to be phoning Koodo everyday to ask for the weather. Yeah its a minus, but it hell doesn't bother me.

When I was with Rogers (talk about annoying customer service) I got my contract extended one year for no reason (every time I called to ask about some feature my contract would extend)

If i am going to be annoyed by customer service anyway, I much rather pay less for the actual plan.

Besides no hidden fees.
I can finally look at my bill and not wonder why it says 20 on one side and 50 on the other!

Extra minutes needed?:
adding more minutes at koodo will cost you 10$ max, at rogers it will go with an extension of the 3 year contract as well as another 20$... if you are not a business customer (no data plan needed).... why even think of not choosing koodo. Carry a laptop or an Ipod touch and surf the internet like God intended us to.

hope this was helpful!

   comment by O.G. on August 14, 2008

Ok, are you stupid?
Koodo is not with Telus, Koodo is a totally new brand created by Wal-Mart corporation, they don't even hide it. Illegal marketing? Right. Yes, they do use viral advertizing and it's GREAT, it works, it' hilarious, it's outrageous and it's amazing!
Now the only thing that SUX with Koodo is the EXTREMELY limited chice of phones (nothing beats Rogers for now). I've talked to them, they said they'll be adding new phones soon. Hows soon? Urgh. And customer service - professional, kinda arrogant. Well, they CAN be, Koodo rox!
   comment by Amelie on August 16, 2008

Koodo is started through Telus Wal-mart is a 3rd party vendor ..... stupid
   comment by Koodo Employee on August 16, 2008

I've been considering Koodo for a while now. I had virgin mobile since it began, but then all of a sudden they switch their plans around and up the fees. I guess it must be nice to offer great fees at first, then change things around once you get popular. Brutal. Regarding phone choices, sure, Koodo might not have the greatest selection, but does it really matter? Text and talk, it's that simple. Do you really need a crazy phone when not using a data plan?
   comment by Adrian on August 17, 2008

I've been with Koodo for 4 months now and like many people, the only complaint I have is regarding their cell phones.
Not only do they have limited choices, but the rated battery life for all of them is very poor.

For a company that promotes extensive talk and text plan, I expect phones that can actually withstant that type of usage. With my Motorola KRZR I've had problems with the battery life since day 1. It'll be fully charged for the morning then by the middle of the day it's already showing low bars and dies by the evening.

Based on all sorts of ratings, the KRZR has an estimated 3 hours of talk time only so compared to a Sony Ericsson I used to have which had 18 hours of continous talk time (no kidding), the Motorola is quite poor.

To combat that problem, I bought an extra charger so I always have one at home, and in my purse.. for work, or wherever.

As for the plans, I think they're great. Everything is clearly layed out where you can just mix and max whatever suits you and the price you see is pretty much what you pay, just add taxes.

If you want something simple, this is the most affordable solution for you.

What I love is that you have 30 days to try out anything and cancel within that time. You can switch cell phones and try more than one model if needed too.
Forget about their crap ads or Telus' reputation, go for what you need.
   comment by Kat on August 17, 2008

I got a lot out of this thread, so I thought I'd share my experience:

I just bought the low-end model - the samsung u410 - and signed on to the most basic $20+tax plan without addons. So far, so good. This is the cheapest plan I've been able to find in Victoria, BC that isn't "pay-as-you-go" (mainly because there's no bullshit monthly SAF). As someone who doesn't text, or need call-ID, long-distance etc. this kind of basic plan is exactly right for me.

The mysterious "Tab" is not explained well, but it's nothing sinister. As a monthly-contract company, this is their strategy for making you choose to stay with them.

Here's how it works: when you get your phone, you don't pay anything up front. You just owe koodo the money - in my case $75. At the end of every billing-cycle, that debt is reduced by some small amount (calculated as 10% of your bill). For example, say my first bill is $20. 10% of that is $2. So after one month with koodo, my debt is reduced to $73. Of course if at any point you decide to leave koodo, you have to pay off the remaining balance. I think a lot of people assume the 10% is an additional fee on your bill - this is not true (my bill is $20, NOT $22) hope that makes sense...

Realistically, I know I'm not going to stay with koodo for the length of time necessary to pay off the $75 and finally be able to say my phone was "free". That would be 37 months!! But I will end up paying less than the original price-tag for the phone and this way I can procrastinate and put off paying it till some later time. And besides that, there are no cancellation fees.

What it comes down to for me: somehow this company has very low rates, and very short contracts. The phone I got is simple, and it works (battery life is fine for me). I recommend it.
   comment by Dean on August 19, 2008

I'm with koodo, phone isn't the top of the line but I don't want one that is, plan is good only thing is customer service THEY SUCK ASS. I called 3 times and was told 3 different answers and 1 lady said she had made a change to my account that I asked I called back and ask the guy another and he said she hadn't.. WTF
   comment by Maximillien on August 21, 2008

I posted here a few weeks ago and I really wish there were more or these "post without signing up" forums. They are amazingly great useful.

Anyways, still no phone here as I don't yet have a job, but I'm almost certainly getting one soon (I just finished first-year University). Anyways again, I know I'm going to get the 8700 phone or whatever, $230 or so, but as for the plan, I'm going to get the $25 one but whats this about add-ons? I saw on the website that you can get free texting for $5. And whats the deal with voice messaging and caller ID, do you pay extra for these two features? What other features am I missing? Can someone fill me in?
   comment by JJ Dynamite on August 23, 2008

Just wondering, what happens if you just buy the phone at full price, do you have to pay the tab anyways to "pay for your next phone" or is it just the price of your plan?
   comment by G on August 24, 2008

considering they won't let me call overseas without THEIR 5$ per-month plan, I'm cancelling my account. They're just as lame as before.
   comment by duncan on August 25, 2008

I'm new at this cell phone game (swore I'd never get one), so I don't know beans when the bag's open. Can someone clue me in on the following: I have a Koodo cell phone no. with a 604 area code and am heading to a Canadian destination with a 415 area code. If I use my cell in the 415 area, will I be charged for long distance calls?

   comment by Ann on August 26, 2008

Hmm, don't think I was clear. I'll try again. if you're using your phone for local calls in a different area code than your own area code, are these calls considered long distance calls?
   comment by Ann on August 26, 2008

I would think you would be charged but don't take my word on it. I actually think you may be able to still call people from Vancouver (604) at the normal rate, despite being hundreds of KM away. By the way, if you have Koodo, which plan do you have and how is it so far?
   comment by JJ Dynamite on August 26, 2008

I've had Koodo for about 4 months ($25/mo plan with no extras)--haven't had any problems with either the phone itself or with billing. I get a charge out of people complaining about the Samsung phone not being high tech enough. Hell, this ol' duffer (relatively speaking) thinks it's very slick, indeed. It takes pics, gets me up in the morning, gives me world times, vibrates (oooohlala) and just for kicks I can use it as a phone too. Now I gotta start using the thing more often--just to use up the 100 minutes I'm paying for.

   comment by Ann on August 26, 2008

Actually, I have koodo, and it states that if you are in Vancouver, for instance, and make a call to a Vancouver area code, it is NOT long distance. If someone calls YOU, however, from Vancouver, while you're in Vancouver, it is still considered long distance.
   comment by Allie on August 27, 2008

I just double checked the website, and I have the same plan as you do. It states on the FAQ section that:

"For example, if your local calling area is Toronto, you can make or receive calls within Toronto without incurring long distance charges. But if youíre visiting Vancouver, you can also call anyone in Vancouverís local calling area without being charged for long distance. However, if you receive calls while in Vancouver you will incur long distance charges (even if they come from within Vancouver)."
   comment by Allie on August 27, 2008

Okay so one question i have and it doesn't necessarily relate just to Koodo (though I have been considering them as the front runner for my first cell phone plan because of the low cost) is:

What happens if I have a working cell that is not currently associated with any particular carrier? Are there any companies that will give me a deal given that I'm bringing my own hardware?
   comment by Betsy on August 27, 2008

Unlikely as far as I know. Most places just charge X amount then you have to buy the cell phone, maybe for $0 or full price. The phone is never included in the deal, only offers...So you wouldn't have to buy a phone (unless they make you because maybe you need a SIM card or one of THEIR phones to use it or something sounding lke that).
   comment by JJ Dynamite on August 28, 2008

The plans for koodo are great, the phone is fine.(just charge it every night)
No apps! No games! This a hard pill to swallow for me. Wish I'd known earlier.
   comment by Mark, new Koodo customer on August 30, 2008

I just got my LG VX8700 Shine Koodo Mobile $25 Talk&Text from FutureShop today. If you plan on getting one, do it soon. Bestbuy is offering a $25 gift certificate if you buy it. I told FutureShop and they not only matched it, but gave me $50, so the phone was $225 - $150(tab) - $50, it only costed me just over $25!
   comment by JJ Dynamite on August 31, 2008

Hey Sean, if you don't get the tab they don't get you.
   comment by Jack on August 31, 2008

For the last year i had a paygo plan with Bell. I had a cheap samsung phone, that survived all of my abuse. I was probably putting $50.00/month on my phone, and still never seemed to be able to do much calling on the phone after paying the $15/month for unlimted text and paying all the SAF.
I was impartial towards bell until i had to deal with their customer service.
>I work for teletech. Nextel, the american version of Telus's mike. I work for their inbound technical calls.
So when my boyfriend was having a horrible time with his Krzr phone i took it upon myself to call up Bell and see if i couldn't find someone who would care enough to help. The phone would sparatically shut off [even with a charge], or freeze, over heat, or the battery would die. He had the phone for 2-3 months.
Needless to say, regardless of my threats, Bell didn't care, just advised me of the early terminiation fee. I told them I'd write a letter to headoffice, and somehow he got a letter a week later to confirm his cancelation.

So when i turned 18, and could get a REAL priceplan, I really did my research. i did not want to be hasseled into a 2-3yr contract, nor did i wanna pay the outrageous prices of phoes to purchase them outright.

So i settled for Koodo, and purchased the shine. It was a nightmare for me.
When texting if i was sending a message and recieving one at the same time it would shut off, and i would have to wait 2-3 minutes before it would turn back on.
It would create phantom draft messages, that could not be deleted but would disappear in 7 days.
I opted to exchange it for my current Samsung U410.

And now there are more nightmares with texting.
If i am in the proccess of sending a text and one comes in, the text i am in the process of sending goes blank. My bigger problem is recieving texts in general. When i would try to open up a message that would come from an email i would receive the error (not all the time) "failed! make data call, and try again later" i called Koodo, and the representative apparently did not know what this meant. First he told me i must not have service. i told him i could make a call, he said then i must not be in enough service for sending adn recieving texts. i sent adn recieved a text. he then told me that i didn't have enough coverage to access the internet so then it cannot receive the message using the internet. I accessed the internet. After 5 minutes of his various reasons i was able to open the message for no apparent reason.

On top of this numerous times i have issues recieving any texts. I will be texting people whom i know are texting me back, yet 30 minutes can pass, with no incomming texts. If i send myself a text from my phone, my email or my mom's phone i still wont get the text. Sometimes if i make a call the texts will come in. Sometimes if i wait 1-2 hours they'll come in.

I have called in 3 times for this issue, and recieved $15.00 in adjustments, and the issue has still not been resolved a month later. All the agents are kind, and polite, and seem helpful. they always try new things that they tell me prev reps should've done. Finally the last agent placed a ticket, that wont be looked at for another week because of the Labour Day holiday.
They tell me if they cannot figure out the problem they may have to just send me a new phone... my 3rd phone.

I agree with everyone that the cellphone selection is pathetic. I am strongly against Motorolla. Working for nextel i deal only with Motorolla cellphones, and i loath them. Their support line will not assist, and countless things go wrong with the phones.
Anyone who is shocked by their Krzr's battery life. If the batery is showing dead, if it is beeping at you to recharge, or auto powers off. Turn it back on, and it should have a full battery life. I couldn't tell you why, but it works.

Regardless of all this i don't hate Koodo.I actually really like it.
Customer service should not play into your choice of company, because i know first hand how any company can have awesome agents, and horrible agents. Depending on my mood, and whats going on in my life i can be an amasing agent, or a horrible agent. No company can guarantee that all agents will be wonderful, since we're all human, and we only care so much when we're making $11.00/hr.

But the pricing is fantastic.I have the unlimited text, caller ID and voicemail for $15.00 month, 100 minutes for $20.00 and the $10.00 for the 5 people. $45.00/month, and i can use my phone as much as i want, to call whoever i want.

I like knowing that if another cellphone company comes into the mix, and they are more appealing than Koodo, i can leave Koodo by just paying what my phone is worth, and then i am free. Unlike Bell, Rogers, or Telus customers who get their phone for close to free, but then have $100s in ETFs.

Basically, the way i see it; all cellphone companies are out to make money, most of them are willing to screw their customers to a certain extent to get a few extra dollars. Since Koodo has limited ways to screw their customers (no contract, no SAF etc) we can only wind up so unhappy.

   comment by Dana on August 31, 2008

I've been with Koodo Mobile since May. My phone number switch-over didn't work for most of the first week -- and nobody at Koodo mentioned that Telus Mobility would charge me, I was at the end of my 3yr contract but they dinged me $100!. The first-line customer service reps were nice but had to escalate and didn't get it right the first 3 times. My pre-authorized payment isn't working -- well, I set it up using the website, which I no longer like.... The website tells me I can't change my phone number because I'm typing in my account number wrong (which I'm not). Aargh.
   comment by Claire on September 2, 2008

"It would create phantom draft messages, that could not be deleted but would disappear in 7 days."

Yeah, mine's doing that too. But youre saying they WILL go away? The drafts read "?????????????????..." (yes, with the three dots) and cannot be deleted. Other than that, its very good so far.
   comment by JJ Dynamite on September 3, 2008

well...i just got a koodo mobile yesterday...so far so good...no prblems...i got the motorola krzr and the $25 talk and text plan....umlimited text...its working...i didnt get caller id wich i thought wouldnt mater but did....seeing as i am under 18 and my dad does not want to spend anymore money on the phone wich was $25 dollars with tab...i cant get anything else...i AM REALLY MAD that the ringtones are 4.00...does anyone know a website that gives them out for free???

also with a usb cable i tried to upload some music from my windows laptop....and it wouldnt upload then i had to go to the motorola wbsite to download the driver still wont work.....anyone know what to do???
i want a rringtone but i CANT spend any money....
do they charge you for going on the internet????
i reallyyyyyyyyyyyy need these questions answered maybe soon??????

thankssssss.......btw...thank you dusting for the forum...
   comment by elizabeth on September 3, 2008

I just called Koodo for the second day in a row to see if the "communications issue" (the inability to recieve texts from any other company than Telus and Koodo), and the man I spoke to very politely informed me in a 2 minute speech about how it's a general problem (so it's not specific to my phone) and they have no idea when it's going to be fixed. I'm a heavy texter, so it's a problem for me, and they simply try to placate me by telling me they have a team on it. The man I had spoke to the day before told me it should be fixed by yestersday night.

Other than that issue, which has been going on for a week or so, Koodo is decent. The phone selection isn't the best, the prices are not high, but not low either (I get billed around 35 dollars a month, 5 of which is taxes, for 100 whenever minutes, free weekends and after 7pm, voicemail, unlimited texting, and caller display). Speaking of caller display however, the phone I had previously was from Telus, and it cost a mere 50 dollars and it had more features (including caller id) than my current phone, which cost twice as much. Anyone thinking to adopt Koodo, I had thought it was a dream come true until the costs started adding up.
   comment by Elena on September 4, 2008

Hey everyone!

I've been looking through these posts and I'm liking the reception that Koodo is having and I'm glad that you're all enjoying your phones. I work at a kiosk for Koodo in Ottawa, Ontario and I stand by this company 100% as being no BS. There have been a few ambiguities so far with what Koodo offers that have been bounced back and forth so I'm here to set everything straight hopefully as a -Consumer- as I can't actually make an official public announcement on behalf of Koodo, but all the info is on the website anyways. So here's the dealio (Btw, if you're in the Ottawa area and looking to get a Koodo phone, e-mail me at Koodo.phones@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to sign you up and explain further all the plans that we offer):

The Tab:

A lot of people have been fretting about this since people think that this will be put on top of your bill. This is NOT the case! This is essentially a loyalty rewards program with Koodo matching 10% of whatever your bill is before taxes and paying off your tab for you.

And yes, if you do decide for any reason not to get the tab, or are declined for your tab due to credit issues, then you can buy the phone outright, your tab will start at 0 instead of -XX (price of phone) and the 10% contributions will become credits towards buying a new phone in the future.

Long Distance:

Long distance charges apply when you call people whose numbers are outside of the local calling area you are currently in, also when you receive calls while outside of your local calling area. But some exceptions apply.

For example, if your local calling area is Ottawa, you can make or receive calls within Ottawa without incurring long distance charges. But if youíre visiting Vancouver, you can also call anyone in Vancouverís local calling area without being charged for long distance. However, if you receive calls while in Vancouver you will incur long distance charges (even if they come from within Vancouver).

Five Essentials/Text Messaging:

The Five Essentials package was removed and was instead replaced with a 5 Essentials add-on that you can bolt on to any of the build-your-own voice packages we offer.

Although we are a subsidiary of TELUS, since we are a separate entity, we are not affected by the incoming text charge that TELUS and Bell are beginning to charge for. Feel free to enjoy as much free incoming texting as you want ^_^

Rate Hikes:

A lot of people believe that since we do not have a fixed-term contract, that we can simply 'jack up' the prices as we please when we get our consumer base. This is not true, and is actually ridiculous for that point exactly, if we ever did jack up prices, since we didn't have contracts, people would inherently leave.

Furthermore, our system for plans are similar with most other telecom companies, where if you sign up for X Plan, and X Plan becomes more expensive, you will be able to keep your original price. If X Plan becomes cheaper, you will be able to switch to the cheaper plan. If X Plan doesn't exist anymore, you will still be able to keep it pending that it isn't a technological reason that it was phased out (E.G. Analog phones for other companies). This is of course to keep customers happy even though legally all telecomm companies are able to change the plan prices without prior notice. But generally we want happy customers ^_^

Sorry for the long rant but I hope this has cleared up some of the confusion surrounding our brand new company.

   comment by Koodo Employee on September 8, 2008

Yes, the phantom text messages did eventually disappear.. since when i went into the Kiosk to return the phone and show them they had disappeared.
   comment by Dana on September 24, 2008

I love Koodo> Its just right for a 55 year old fart like me. 23.00 a month including taxes, no other fees. I do a bit of texting, receive my hotmail subjects and face book messages. Because I am in my 50's I don't need phone sex so I never go over my 100 minutes. My only bitch is I can't do a data call to check my email when in camp.
   comment by Smitty on September 27, 2008

K i don't know if someone here has the answer to this but this is my question..
i got the koodo phone , like a $120 phonee and didnt pay for it and used the tab for the whole cost , so right now the phones at like $100 still..
I've had it for about 3 monthes, and yesterday i dropped my phone in the middle of the road and it got RUN over by a car and its ruined..
what happens now if i refuse to pay off the tab .
   comment by victoria on October 8, 2008

I'm pretty sure you cant refuse. Its your fault (not to sound mean) and youre held responsible.
   comment by JJ Dynamite on October 8, 2008

All of you need to stop complaining, stop worrying about Koodo, and seriously, try virgin mobile, I've had it for over a year now, and I am perfectly satisfied, although I had a bit of an issue setting the phone up, but they walked me through it, at the time/and or the weekend I purchased the phone, Bell mobility was servicing some of the towers Virgin Uses to transmit their signals, so I had to wait until Monday before it finally connected, understandably that was okay, it's fixed and haven't had problems since, I use the SPH-M300 Model, which is decent, cost about $100 retail and was on sale for 69.99 when I got it. the phone has crappy reception, but again, it's just the phone, you can buy nice and fancy ones if you want. I only dealt with customer service the weekend of purchasing and setting up my phone. Since then I have not called them once, I just pick my plan online, throw the cash on it, and done. Just make sure you have the cash in your account on your "renewal" date. BINGO BANGO BONGO! Done! no fuss, no muss, (unless you're a little slow, and have to phone them on a daily basis asking questions about things you should know, or attempt to learn.) (connecting the phone aside). Seriously. Stop talking about TELUS, I mean Koodo, and stick with Virgin Mobile. $1-3 ringtones, decent selection (even including the tools online to create your own). Your Minutes that you throw onto your account when you do not select a plan, last at least 6 months before expiring. Koodo was just Telus' attempt to knock them off the market.. and from the sound of things... from what I've read here, they aren't even making a decent effort at doing so. :)
   comment by Ryan on October 16, 2008

I am responding to a post:

"Here is a WARNING for anyone thinking about switching to KOODO! DON'T!!!! I've only had my phone for one month, it broke (wouldn't hold a charge), and I have been without a new phone for over 2 weeks. The customer service sucks and apparently I have to wait for a box to be shipped to me, then to ship my broken phone to them, and only then will they ship a new one back to me. As I said, customer service is horrible and they do little to help. The website is also one big confusion. You may save a little with Koodo but its not worth the BIG headache." - - - Kips

Ummm, your an idiot and dont break your phone? That is when the headache started.Speed limits are what they are becuz of people like you... Koodo is designed so that you can manage you account entirely online. I called once, got a rep in under a minute. Have you ever called a major carrier... BRING A BOOK! By "no customer service" you mean, they wouldn't take you through the steps one at a time, and magically reverse your initial stupidity?
Just go get a phone! What does that have to do with customer service? Ebay, $100, boom, aside from iphone you can pretty much get what ever model you want. Phone is just a piece of hardware, programmed with software. you can change the software, you don't need to buy from your service provider. All this being said, depending on your needs koodo still may not be right for you...(i think its great..unlimited texting, $25..what more do you need?)

... BUT if you going to get upside-down turtle-ish becuz you BREAK your phone, dont cry and blame the company, telling other COMPETENT people not to go with Koodo, all becuz they not there to hold your hand and send you hugs. Its time we stop getting led around like sheep, throwing our money away. KIPS, you deserve Rogers.
   comment by FuriousD on October 22, 2008

So does koodo have just as good of service as telus. ??
   comment by DKIONE on October 22, 2008

I have been reading this forum for quite sometime and feel now that I would like to say a couple of things.
1. Koodo is a no fills company so it is what it is you do things yourself on line and save the over charges of Telus , Rogers and Bell. It seems to be done pretty well online.
2. Its a new company so there will be bumps on the road. I wonder how many of you when you started a new job even with training that things went smoothly. Givem a break people .
3. I think that many of you won't even be happy if the service is free and seems to be the best service for the price around.
4. I agree with Furious D you break it you buy it ... it is generally your problem if a cell phone Tv or whatever.

Seriously people if you ring up the charges your responsible pretty simple. The old story nothing is free so if you have to call customer serivce for something you can do yourself why shouldn't you pay as they are trying to keep the costs down. I read something before on here and the person said if I call Apple for help the customer service teck helps me I pay why shouldn't I pay for Koodo teck help I couldn't agree more.

Folks "Get Over Yourself" and grow up
   comment by Get Over Yourself on October 23, 2008

I've really been looking into the $25 a month plan with Koodo, and I think I'm gonna get it. I'm on a permemant tight budget, and I'm pretty sure that this is the best way to go for me.
Other companies always seem to throw in random additional costs that they've pulled out of their asses. Even the people in the store have no idea how the charges got on your bill.
I'm going to get the LG Shine, but the main reason I'm posting on here is because I want to know if it was one of the phones with charging problems or anything? I'm curious, cos I don't want to get stuck with a useless piece of shit.
   comment by Lean on November 2, 2008

KOODO is da bomb cheap efficient and second billing sign me up oh wait all the kids have one
   comment by virginio casanova on November 10, 2008

Im with rogers right now, to cancel i have to pay 200 dollars. I want to go with koodo. If i call koodo and tell them that i want to switch over, but have to pay a cancellation fee, would koodo pay it for me? to get a customer from there competitor??
   comment by joe on November 12, 2008

just picked up a new BB (T-Mobile) cel (basically a BBPearl) from a buddy (off eBay) and am looking at signing up with a carrier... live in the sticks and am getting conflicting opinions as to who I can use... have looked at Koodo but don't see where I can use my phone with them... don't use it much but would like to call and text with my kids in other cities... also do some local calling and use it for some business LD calling when the land lines are tied up... the $45 Koodo plan looked ok but as I said, different people are telling me that my phone will or won't be usable with Koodo... still need a SIM card for it to... help!
   comment by cellock on November 13, 2008

i am with koodo i think it's great just look over the bill beacause some times there is stuff that shouldn't be there but they don't charge you for it and also i have had my phone for about four months and i have drop it like 15 time and it still works fine and it was the ceapest one the also i am so annoyed with rogers so i switched
   comment by somebody on November 14, 2008

this is by far better deal than all the other companies they offer free phones knowing that they will make you oay that bill for the next 3 years that is complete crap especially if you go over your done. thats why everyone likes koodo cause you could cancell the phone then pay it off could be up too 150 but what is 150 compared to 50 a month for the next three years
   comment by brandon on November 16, 2008

I have been having Koodo since May, and haven't had one problem with it. I get my monthly bills, pay them on time and had no problems.
The guy who broke his phone, hey man you should take care of your things properly, is it Koodo's fault that you don't know how to handle your own phone...geez how much are you expecting.
This is why I like Koodo,
1) If you keep your phone well, what they say is what I got= so far.
2)NO CONTRACTS.....this is huge, Canada(maybe the states) is the only place with this madness that you have to have contract.
Once you're stuck with it, it's like a prison sentence.
3)No system access fee.
4)No activation fee, I registered in Future shop(you can also go to Best Buy)
5)Cell phone is paid for by your bill.
6)Plans are on what you need basis, and you can keep it simple.
7)They're thinking of the small man, supporting a small man/woman makes a company very big in my eyes.
8)Hoping they would even go lower in prices, as the rest of the world is still way cheaper that Canada..e.g Lots of countries have incoming calls free no matter what plan you have(therefore no minutes charged on you)
   comment by Jerry on November 20, 2008

I just checked the new FIDO plan, there is a $35 activation fee.....Remember KOODO is free !!
Right now Koodo still comes on TOP !
   comment by Jerry on November 25, 2008

Does anyone know what a music subscription is? Im not downloading songs or anything from the web browser and it's a little confusing. Does it charge you for playing songs off your memory card?
   comment by Adelle on November 25, 2008

I dont know what a music subscription is, I havent been charged for it...

And no, it does not charge you for playing music off a memory card.

Does anyone have any idea of how to access the phone's ringtone list? I want custom ringtones but the LG Shine doesnt offer that. anyone know how to use the USB thing to get in there and add your own?
   comment by JJ Dynamite on December 4, 2008

does this sound like a good koodo match for a 65 year old man with hearing aids and not so good eyesight who just needs a phone for talking? no text, games, mp3, or any other kids stuff? Only uses the phone locally a couple of times a day, short conversations with wife and friends/family. Wife will also be using the phone once in a while, still just short conversations with husband/family.

Phone: motorola w385 ($125), or samsung u410 ($50)
plan: $20 (100min, 50txts, 7pm evening,weekends)

What would be the benefits of getting the motorola over the samsung? Would the Motorola be better quality, louder/better audio quality? What about the ease of use and screen quality?
Thanks :)
   comment by Rob on December 5, 2008

When will koodo get new phones because im not really into flip but im liking the plans so more variety would be great. Also what happens if your phone breaks??
   comment by vasilli asimakis on December 6, 2008

cool forum lots of great opinions, question i have my own cell razr and have to give sim card back to the ex. can koodo install the card and do i get a discount 'cause i own my phone? i think the plan is very reasonable, gotta love the no contract deals. it's like not having a ball and chain.lol. anyhow thanks to all who reply in advance
   comment by nick on December 12, 2008

koodo blows. the customer services sucks. and try to find the link to pay you bill on their websites. the site is garbage. i've been with them for 8 months.
   comment by jordan on December 13, 2008

I wonder what kind of SIM cards Koodoo uses? Could you, perhaps, buy one of their cheapo phones, take out its SIM CARD and put it in a BlackBerry (bought from Rogers) and have it work? I realize some of the functionality like email and BBMessenger would no longer work but who cares? You'd still have a good texting and picture phone without all the hidden costs that Rogers kicks on just to have the BB. Anyone know if Koodo's SIM cards are GSM or the other technology?
   comment by iRobot on December 13, 2008

Jordan, you must be a little slow; everybody pays their bills nowadays through their banks. But if you really want be an odd ball you can pay it on the Koodo site as well. It's right in your face in their selfserve.
   comment by Zeta on December 22, 2008

I'm having a huge problem with have an item reversed on my bill with regards to charges for the 5 essentials. Customer service is of no help whatsoever...any idea how to get in touch with corporate offices??
   comment by susan on December 22, 2008

So how can Telus stand by the system access fee as being a necessary charge and then not charge it for their Koodoo? If it's necessary they should be charging it on both and if it's not then they should remove them from both. I love how all these things that are, as Telus reps put it, "unreversable and unavoidable charges" are suddenly not required - by the same company - but only for half their company..............hhhmmmm, interesting. I have been with Telus and will never go back and I'm glad I looked into this as I was actually thinking of going to Koodoo and I would have been P**SSED if I found out I actually was Telus under a different name. I think companies should have to legally state that they are the parent company of another. Consumers are already taking it up the a*s with cell companies the least the government could do was make sure we aren't be mislead. I'm with Bell now and I'm almost done in April, thank God! I will be going with Rogers when I'm done and I'll be buying my phone outright at the start so I can avoid being trapped by a contract that stinks and changes on me with nothing I can do about it.

I knew Koodoo had money behind it from all the advertising, I'm just glad I found out who's it was so I can AVOID and spread the word. Con artists!
   comment by courtney on December 22, 2008

hate to tell you this but only two companies have SIM cards. That would be Rogers and Fido both owned by Rogers. Using a SIM card from another phone to go on another network will only work if the phone is unlocked from that particular carrier. All phones come locked to their specific carriers. GSM phones that contain a SIM card will not work on the CDMA networks. As another poster stated, CDMA such as Telus, Bell and all others excluding ROgers and Fido are becoming obselete. Most companies will be switching over to GSM technology in the future. All Eurpopean countries are GSM and the US is mainly GSM as well. It's the wave of the future.
   comment by Lisa on December 22, 2008

I was with Rogers and ended up leaving them and going with Fido (also owned by Rogers). I understand that they use the same towers... well at my cabin an hour out of the city, I was able to use my Rogers phone but I wasn't able to use my Fido phone (zero reception). They told me that while Fido is on the Rogers Network, they don't have access to ALL of Rogers towers. Is that the case with Koodo and (Bell is it?). Also, anyone know how good reception is with koodo? Do they have access to all towers?
   comment by Magda on January 7, 2009

I love the idea of Koodo and how cheap it is, but its a friecken conspiracy.
Telus overchargers there customers who just want a cell phone for basic communication, they see Koodo, and discover how much money it could save them, and buy out of their telus contract to join Koodo. Thus, we are all doomed.

Don't pay hundreds of dollars to buy out of a cellphone plan..
   comment by Paranoia on January 19, 2009

irobot, koodo is GSM.
and so is telus and bell.
rogers and fido are the other one.
   comment by Jmac. on January 19, 2009

Sorry Jmac -- irobot is right. Rogers and Fido are GSM. I worked for TELUS for 6 years. All their PCS phones are CDMA.
   comment by jamie on January 20, 2009

bell mobility sucks i am so angry that i will switch to solo mobility asap. i am so pissed off with customer service i will be switching to koodo as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can not stand dealing with bell mobility ever again!!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by jeff grant on January 21, 2009

I am with Virgin, it's been great... My bill is half the cost of Telus. 48 % less, to be totally true. Then for the first 3 months i had a grace period where my bill was on 17 bucks a month. They also gave me a free X Box... Then i referred 3 people and they a bunch of points towards a new phone... The reception is better than Telus as well.
bottom line virgin is a really good company.. Telus is NOT
   comment by LDOG support the V card on January 23, 2009

I have been with VIRGIN mobile as well **WARNING** Dont ever go to virgin mobile you pay for services and you dont get them (ie: TEXTING) i have 4 phones with them for the family and myself, untill last month when i finaly had enough you pay for the texing and then they still deduct the 15 cents off your account even though you have paid for unlimited texts, you call customer service and they do refund your money to your account to have the same thing happen time after time. just brutal i have stopped 2 of the phones so far and 2 more coming soon, i will then use there phones as paper weights so my papers dont fly away thats about all Virgin Phones are worth.
   comment by DonnyD on January 24, 2009

Koodo fucking rox and anyone who thinks other wise can suck it
   comment by megan kachnic on January 24, 2009

I have been with a number of cell phone companies in the past. I'm with Koodo now, and I have to say it's the best. Great rates, good people and even though most customer service issues are done on the web, when I sent an email they got back to me in a day and answered my question with a smile.:-))
   comment by Leslie Dan on January 25, 2009

KOODO beats Virgin any day!
   comment by joy fleur on January 26, 2009

Im going to KOODO this friday and ill keep a log going on my findings with them. 8-)
   comment by DonnyD on January 28, 2009

Got myself a LG Keybo Koodo Phone, So far very nice. :)
   comment by DonnyD on January 30, 2009

$25.00 a month -
100 anytime min.
Unlimited Texting
Unlimited evenings and weekends from 7PM
Now if thats not a deal i dont know what is. :)
   comment by DonnyD on January 30, 2009

Koodo Mobile/Telus judgements aside, what I don't understand is why do regular mobile users ie; Rogers AT&T, Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, and Fido have to pay these $6.95 SACs when these lower cost companies don't charge them? Even for a phone that doesn't require data, you still pay for it, Why?
   comment by Webterractive on February 4, 2009

Hey i have been with Koodo since the start...... and i have converted about 5 people to koodo, and everyone that has it loves it. Its great. Also the 10% you all were talking about, well its not on your bill, i called them and asked why it wasn't and they said they pay the 10% until you leave, and once you leave you have to pay the rest.....so its still fat free... Any ways its the best phone company so far... and i am happy......but i am still waiting for some new phone models to come out. dose anyone know when?
   comment by Average Joe! on February 4, 2009

I got a phone from koodo for christmas,the phones arent THE best but theyre not that bad,i took the shine 8700,its a pretty good phone but 20 second ringtones are 4 dollars which is pretty gay but...
Overall the plans are really good deals and the phones are decent
   comment by king on February 5, 2009

PS. All they need are some new phones,because they only have 5 and the phones arent THE best as i said up there^^
   comment by king on February 5, 2009

For all you people out there that thinks koodo is great think again It is the worst phone company that i have had the misfortune to have as a cell carrier
   comment by James on February 12, 2009

Well, I happen to love Koodo!!! I had no troubles whatsoever, the service is great and inexpensive. Phones are simple, but hey, you know what you are getting into when you sign up. I signed up 3 of my friends and they seem to agree with me. Is it possible it's you James, not Koodo?:-))))
   comment by Zera on February 14, 2009

jus got koodo today and i think its gunna b an awsome experience james yur fucked koodo is the best not the worst
   comment by L-Bloc-kid on February 15, 2009

Hey, I've had Koodo for 6 months now. Koodo's market is for consumers that don't want the *bells and whistles* on their phones/plans. Anyone who wants a phone that makes voice calls and send/receive text messages, Koodo is for you. Cheap plans, no system access fee. A free/discounted phone using the TAB which is exactly what the others explained.. They take 10% off you bill and put it towards your tab. Koodo uses CDMA technology so depending where you live you MAY or MAY NOT get good reception. This is the same with GSM too.

Summary: Great customer service, cheap phones plans, no contract, no system access fees and simple, good phones!! If this is your idea of a good plan, consider Koodo!

   comment by schism on February 16, 2009

Just bought a koodo phone from Best Buy. So far, everything is great, I even got a free skin. Not just some cheap 'skinit' crap I had before either.
   comment by Garett on February 20, 2009

There is no such thing as Telus sucking less. They can try to appear hip and cool. They can even change their name. But the truth is they have a corporate culture of abuse to consumers and customers.
   comment by Ripped Off Consumer on February 23, 2009

Koodo mobile is a pretty good company as long as you stick with your plan outlines. For the Koodo TAB the company MATCHES 10% of your bill to pay back the price of the phone for you. Yes, if you do cancel with the company you are responsible for the remainding amount left owing on your phone. Nothing is completely free. You dont go to a bar or a resturant and get items on a TAB and then dont expect to pay for it. As an insentive koodo will match that 10%.
   comment by Chantel on February 27, 2009

for those of you having the phanton draft messages on the LG shine, there is a software bug in the phone but no update to fix it .. however there is a work around :)

power the phone off ... take the battery out for a min or two put it back in power back up ...

from the options key in messageing select delete drafts ... confirm if it asks they should go away .. if not repeat procedure... (always worked on 2nd try for me)

if this still does not work vent fustration in a non violent manner, (yelling at the phone works well)then go for a 3rd battery pull and then go into drafts and delete each one manually without trying the mass delete method above first (apperantly the glitch has 2 levels of messing up :S)

I havent had the 2nd level of the glitch but a few people i know have.

this bug was fixed on the lg keybo. if it shows up on my keybo that i just got i will be sure to post and update with a workaround if i find one.

good luck
   comment by why cant things just work ?!? on March 1, 2009

   comment by Average Joe! on March 10, 2009

Hey I'm a bit confused about Koodo's U.S. Roaming and texting? I have the 25$ talk and text combo which gives me unlimited texting, and right now im in the U.S. Does that mean when I send a text message I pay an extra 1$ for the U.S. Roaming? Because on the website it states that U.S. roaming charges are not applied with text messaging? Please answer ASAP!!
   comment by Confused! on March 14, 2009

i have koodo and its great! i switched from thier 25$ talk&text combo to the more talk&text combo of 35$
its pretty much the same only now i have
350 minutes
5pm evenings/weekends
unlimted texting anywhere! ;) great to sms internationally!
call display-5$
LD saver&acces-5$
so total is 45$ and if im right that was the price of Fidos City fido plan that gave u like 750 minutes, lol..whocares KOODO IS THE BEST!! even if i call INLT for like 20mins its only $2!!!
   comment by Tama on March 15, 2009

I have the LG KEYBO and I'm having an issue with my draft box. It won't allow me to delete or open my draft messages and just gives me an ERROR 2 message. Anyone know what's the cause?
   comment by jacqueline on March 17, 2009

I have Koodo Samsung u410 now.Can I change my Samsung on Blackberry from Telus ?
Can I use another CDMA phone(non Koodo) for Koodo?
   comment by Vitali on March 17, 2009

Cell phone companies like any corporation that is traded on the open market needs to keep its stock price high. So, it needs to have revenue, otherwise its investors will abandon it by selling it off. Corporations need to find the maximum price point they can sell something at and then keep growing. The plans are confusing and they are meant to be confusing. For example, any cell phone company may waive the system access fee if they choose to. They may also match any plan out there in order to retain your business. Be a smart shopper and let your cell phone company know how you feel. Cell phones are an addiction and cell companies know this. However, they over charge by world standards and their selection of phone is limited by world standards.
   comment by Forest Gump on March 19, 2009

Cell phone companies should state in their advertising what the actual cost on your statement will be for basic plans.

If the plans is 25.00 a month, then advertise that price.

I read a good example that states, car manufacturers don't sell you a car and the charge you for tires later.

However, companies will always charge you the maximum that they can while growing their business. That's fine, then let more competition in and get cell phones to the price level that the Europeans have them at. Remember what happened with flat screen TVs. They started off at prohibitive prices and have dropped so much that pretty much anyone can get one. And, those companies did not do it out of the goodness of their heart. They were forced to adjust their price point to where they could make money and where consumers would buy and they have.
   comment by Forest Gump's Brother on March 19, 2009

How about kids putting their birthday allowances in the bank, and grabbing a pay as you go for emergency purposes and ending up with $25,000 to $30,000 in their pocket as opposed to Telus, Bell or Rogers? Instead, use a land line or email to ask your friend what he's doing on the weekend, or what happened at last weekend's party. Just a thought.
   comment by Forest Gump's sister on March 19, 2009

Okay, so i tried the suggestions from "why can't things just work" and my phone still has the draft messages. i try to open them, and i just get the message: Error 2.

i have tried turning it off and taking out the battery. i have tried individual deletion or mass deletion. i've had them show up before, but now my entire draft box is full, usually it's never been more than one or two... and i can't get rid of them...

i need room in my draft box... it's impossibly irritating.

any help???
   comment by Very Annoyed LG KEYBO owner. on March 29, 2009

why not use a land line for free?
   comment by sure on March 30, 2009

I am with telus and have been since december 18 2008. theyre kinda intresting when it comes to custamer service. my boyfriend wanted a phone so we wouldalways know where we were and so I would be safe and a call away. well anyhoo I called up telus and they said "yes we can setup a share plan for you and you get a free phone with the new contract." I basically accidently unnknowingly exended my contract. I mean I figure the new one would be 2 years liek I was told. that way our contracts would end the same. I thought it was a good idea at the time so that one contract would not be reactivated after it's 3 years. so the day that I recieved my new phone (motokrzr k1m) I activated it on my old plan and gave my bf the old phone. he never minded. right after activation which was the day the plan itself was active for the first time. I was toldI owed $165. they were supposed to wait 30 days before billing me. or so they said. so then I paidat the end of the month and every end of moth after that. I am now apparently $165 late payment every moth. they told me I was 165 past due. wtf?. so now when I pay my bill I am actually overdue. I am going to try and get out of my contract but with telus that is nearly impossible. I want the iphone and well will just have to go somewhere else. no more telus and thieridea that every representitive should have a different idea on something. everytime I call and ask a wuestion eah person I talk to has a different answer. I have started to call more than once and tally my answers. the one most said is the one I go by lmao.
   comment by Annoyed Telus User(crystal) on April 1, 2009

pretty much at the start of my last post I never mentoned. they told me my bf's plan would be 2 yeats and mine would stay. his became 3 and mine got renewed or extended. mine became a new 3 year contract without the new phone. his got a new phone with an extra year of contract time. grrrr.... and koodo is an affiliate of telus so nooooooo way!!
   comment by Annoyed Telus User(crystal) on April 1, 2009

I ditched rogers -- always charging me extra or changing my plan without consent....anything no contract has got to be better...once they have you in a contract they will screw you no matter who it is...at least if you can leave at any time (only have to pay remander of the TAb which is just the cost of the phone -- i'm okay with that) and you don't pay an extra %10 -- regardless if you paid off you phone or not the bill will always be the same but the give you back 10% of your bill towards a new phone or your TAB -- fine by me -- Rogers you can lick my nutbag !!!
   comment by CanBert on April 3, 2009

i bought a samsung u410 a week ago from koodo and it works great i dont know what people are talking about when they say koodo is shit i like it
   comment by floyd on April 7, 2009

If only koodo was GSM then Id use it.
   comment by herbals on April 8, 2009

Fido is an affiliate of Rogers, Virgin, Solo is an affiliate of Bell. So, what? The fact that Koodo works of the telus network doesn't mean they act like telus.

I have had nothing but great service so far. Even when I had an issue, they were totally cool about. They made sense, they fixed things and that's all I care about. This is the first cell company where I feel I'm talking to humans, not drones.
   comment by Garett on April 20, 2009

I've been with Koodo for 1 year now and things have gotten worse.

For those who use their phone a lot, you will notice some occasional text messaging problem, and this seems to be biggest issue with the Telus/Koodo network. Text messages can be slow, they often appear as failed to deliver although the receiver gets it in double.
I text about a hundred msgs a day and this problem occurs maybe once a week.

Six months after I joined, the charger for my KRZR became dysfunctional. The connection seemed to be very loose and it was no longer charging my phone properly. So I went to the store and they replaced it for free, as it is still under the 1 year warranty, no hassle.

Four months later, the replacement charger stops working as well. It appears to charge and de-charge the phone if you move the cord in the wrong way, another loose connection.
Something is definately wrong with the charger because they tried it on other Motorolas and the problem persists.

Not only that, but it seems that my Motorola KRZR is having speaker problems. Whenever I receive or make a call, there is a 30 second or so delay until I can hear anything. To remedy this, I have been using speakerphone and that works without problem.

So I brought my cell phone and the charger (again) to Koodo and they need to take in for repair. I'm stuck with a functional but lower grade loaner phone and an expected waiting time of up to 4 weeks to get my KRZR back. They also require a deposit to borrow the phone and another charge to transfer your phone information, contacts, etc on this loaner. There are no guarantees they can fix it. If anything, they will quote me with the estimated price for damages.

If they don't replace or fix the damage for free, I am leaving.

My biggest complaint with Koodo is their lack of handset selection and slow customer service. Calling their reps is even worse, if you want to get anything settled it's best to go in person.

I take very good care of my stuff but this phone can't even last a year and Koodo can't replace it right away. What a shame!

You are paying for cheaper service, so this is the cutback. Be warned.
   comment by Kat on April 20, 2009

Hey, at least you did get some help. I was with Rogers and they screwed me over big time. And I paid more with them!!!
   comment by Steve on April 21, 2009

Kat, I work for Koodo and if you send an email to customerservice@koodomobile.com I will ask my team to look out for it and will look into what may have gone wrong and how we can fix it. Make your subject line "Broken Motorola Razor".
   comment by Bernard on April 21, 2009

Hey Kat, tell us, did Koodo ever fix your issues? I'm considering switching to them, but your post does make me think again. Thanks!
   comment by Lori on April 24, 2009

I was with Roger before switched to Koodo. Roger!!! OMG!!! I will NEVER EVER go back to them AGAIN!!!! They switch my plans few times without consent and charges extra fees....hidden fees....lots of FEES!!! There customer service is horrible. I have waited few times for 30 min or more just to reach to them. My phone bill were always more than what I used.
On top of that, one funny thing was they called me and offer me great deals just to have me use them again! Their sales man called me and try very very very hard to persuade me to stay. Offer me things like $20 plan with evening and weekend unlimited....unlimited text..unlime this and that....and etc.... BUT I was thinking, how come the sales person who sold me the plan before I quit didn't offer me that????!!
Once they hooked you into their plan, they can do many things....and which I already experienced!! just my opinion about roger base on personal experience!
Koodo has good plans and honest about their plans....no extra fees or hidden fees....been with them almost for a year now....Everything is great....except there isn't a lots of phone model selection and need to improve the customer service delaying thing a bit....(some time a little long to wait on line...not as long as 20 or 30 min but I honest dislike waiting on phone) Anyways that's all my concern about Koodo and for ROGER (*word less just bad impression of them)
   comment by stacy on May 11, 2009

lol bell owns telus witch means they own koodo.. sooner or later we will get burned! thats what bells does ... same with rogers
   comment by jae on May 16, 2009

Jae, you have to get your facts right. Bell DOES NOT own Telus, so they don't own Koodo either. Which is great, 'cause I love my Koodo phone and wouldn't want Bell to mess with it.
   comment by leslie on May 16, 2009

atleast when u leave koodo ur only paying the rest of ur tab and ur normal bill amount, chances are you'll actually be getting money back (if u paid ur tab off) because you pay ahead. But when our contract ended with Bell, we decided to go to Koodo, Bell charged us for every minutes we talked, every txt we sent and every txt we recieved. our bill (which we barely used the phones during the month cause we got the koodo ones after the first week) was over $300, for like a $100 plan. my dad was sooo p.o., Bell didnt give a crap about us, they didnt even try to fix our problem when we called a few months before our plan ended or even try to renew our plan.
   comment by K on May 18, 2009

I bought a blackberry pearl 8130 and im wondering if i can use it with koodo?
   comment by Mikaela on May 18, 2009

Koodo doesn't work with smartphones yet...once they do I will be switching. I hear good things about them from my friends.
   comment by David on May 28, 2009

Very Annoyed LG Keybo User:

Hold down the end key til power is completely off. Then hold down the end key again and power will come on. If the phone is locked, unlock it. You will see the Koodo logo when it starts up. Then go to messages and delete drafts. This should work.
   comment by Chrissy on May 31, 2009

About the "dreaded" Tab: it isn't mysterious. A tab is a bill. So the $150 Tab is a bill owing toward the purchase of a phone. I got my phone for $50, there is $150 owing on it and 10% of my monthly billing costs are removed from that Tab each month. So while other companies say they give a "free" phone with a two or three year contract, Koodo gives you a "Tab" for the phone. Every month you're with Koodo the bill is lowered. After 2 months with Koodo, I have $142 owing on the Tab. The larger your bill is each month, the quicker the Tab disappears. If you leave Koodo, all you pay is the Tab: the remaining cost of the phone. There are no cancellation fees.

   comment by Chrissy on June 1, 2009

JD Power, a consumer group, has cell phones rated by customer sasifaction. Sony Ericsson placed first, followed by LG. Motorola didn't perform very well, Kat.
   comment by Chrissy on June 1, 2009

Koodo is the equivalent of the GM Saturn. Dumbed down and with little support.

The concept is great.

In reality, I have filed a number of requests to help me log on to my bank account. No luck.

I needed a mono blue tooth to listen to the MP3 player. This is not a hard question. Buy a JABRA with A2DP. This also receives input from the I-Pod nano blue tooth transmitter.

How to use the MP3 search function to actually play the selected item. Stop the running item, back out and come back into the player.

Try finding some of these answers on the Koodo FAQ page.

   comment by Randolph on June 1, 2009

Wtf is A2DP? I like Koodo exactly because I don't have to worry about shit like that. Don't complicate life! I use my iPod to listen to music not my phone.
   comment by Rudy on June 5, 2009

can I use a telus phone when I sign up for Koodo? I have a used one..
   comment by des on June 10, 2009

   comment by J.C. on July 12, 2009

I've had my Koodo LG Keybo since July 7 and I am satisfied with it so far. I really love the phone and company for the most part.

Some issues I do have:

1. No downloadable games :( (I actually knew about this before signing up but it still kind of sucks)

2. $4.00 ringtones... not the greatest price for them but I guess they are counted as 'frills'

3. No 'extras' with phone: I paid for the protective case ($10.00) and later realized that the phone didn't come with a Micro SD card... so I bought one for $30 (approx, 4GB). (To be fair, the phone works perfectly fine without an SD card... I just wanted it for pictures etc.)

4. The 'fees' they don't advertise: You get charged if you call customer support for just about anything... I came across this on the FAQ section of the website AFTER I'd called into customer care and got them to add a feature for me because I hadn't quite figured out the self serve stuff yet.

Despite these things, I'm still pretty pleased with Koodo, largely because:

1. No System Access Fee: Seriously... If I pay $20+ per month for my plan... That's not good enough to USE the service? What the heck am I paying for when I sign up for the plan? I know that the SAF covers all the little fees that the phone companies get charged to keep the network up and running but, really, pay your own freaking bills... I'm paying enough already... It's like the debt recovery charge etc on my hydro bill... hate that too... not my fault they weren't charging what they should have way back before I was paying my own hydro

2. No 'contract' (in the traditional sense). If I want to cancel my phone tomorrow, I just have to pay $150.00 (plus applicable taxes) and I'm good... much better than Bell's and Roger's $20/month for remaining months in contract maximum $400, minimum $100. (seriously, I'm going to be paying Bell $280 ETF for a $200 phone that's almost 2 years old... does that sound like a good deal to anyone? Still rather pay it and get the heck out of there than stay in for another year with them)

3. Plans starting as low as $15/month (+ tax)... it comes out to $16.95 in Ontario and is seriously manageable if I lose my job or whatever (I had 2 phones on bell that I put on their lowest 'family' plan and ended up paying approx $55/month for literally nothing: I had no minutes... just 'free calling' between phones. I have 2 phones on Koodo now that can go as low as $33.90 if I need to, and still get 50 minutes + 50 text messages per phone)
   comment by Samantha on July 13, 2009

We are paying here in Canada for outdated CDMA technology.Simlpy don't buy CDMA phones go with the rest of the world and get 900/1800 GSM with SIM cards. I have used these phones when I lived in Europe. The GSM phones are reliable and very cheap. I paid less than 2 dollars for Starter package SIM card and activation code and stayed connected for one whole year !
   comment by Entelle on July 15, 2009

In response to Entelle (and other GSM users): I get that CDMA is outdated and all that, but in Canada it still WORKS and btw it works well. People with a CDMA phone will be able to actually MAKE calls in more places in Canada than GSM phones. GSM in Canada works in cities but not in more 'rural' places. The point of a cell phone is to have it work when you need it and until GSM has expanded so it actually covers the same area as CDMA, I will not be getting it and I suggest the same for anyone else who actually wants to USE their phone.

On a side note, I would like to point out that Rogers is the only company that uses GSM right now (and Fido, which oddly enough is owned by Rogers and is only available in certain places) and if you want a 'cool GSM phone' you're stuck with 1 company. At least with CDMA you have 2 or 3 separate companies to choose from.
   comment by Samantha on July 18, 2009

is there any way i can figure out who call with out having caller id like *69 or something like that?
   comment by mercedes on July 29, 2009

Stay away from Koodo!

If you think the koodo ads are stupid and obnoxious; try the company itself...

It so happened that my credit card was renewed, since I joined with them. Now their stupid website doesnít accept it, anymore; --i.e.: thereís no way to change the expiry date of your credit card through their webpage.

I emailed customer service and they told me the only way to fix the problem was to call 611. I spent about an hour listening to their stupid music and finally hanged up.

Since then Iíve tried multiple times to explain to them (by email) that unless they ***pay*** for my time, I will NOT call 611 again; but all they reply, like a broken record, is that I have to call 611.

Two months have gone by, and I have no way to pay my bill; no solution in the horizon. What's it going to take to make them fix this absurd problem which THEY created? Changing the expiry date of my credit card with Amazon took 2 seconds. Maybe a second and a half. Why do I have to spend hours on the phone to do the same thing with Koodo?

They make all their customers have to periodically have to waste an hour of their time on the phone, just because they canít pay some some javascript 500 bucks to fix their website to allow updating oneís credit card expiry date?!?! Not only are they inconveniencing their customers, but in fact it probably costs them millions of dollars a year to pay for customer service people to answer the phones just to update credit card expiry dates... That's why I say this is the STUPIDEST company I've ever had to deal with.

Well, if they continue to treat *this* customer like his suggestions donít matter at all, Iíll start a public awareness campaign that will cost them millions in lost business.

My advice to anyone is to stay away from Koodo if you plan to pay by credit card.
Or just stay away, period.
   comment by Dan on September 5, 2009

So i got a LG Keybo Koodo Phone in april. i loved the phone. it had unlimited texting... i was all good. but then the problems started!
first of all i had that same problem you are all talking about with the phantom draft messaged. they wouldnt delete. and the would say error 2. the only way i could get them to go away was by turning my phone off and on. and then the number of messages in my draft box would have doubled. (but at least i could delete them)
then there was a while when i wasnt receiving texts. i went in to my provider and their explanation... its backed up, its a glitch in the system, its your friends phones, its cause you dont turn off your phone, its cause you need to remove your battery... blah blah blah. no help at all!
My battery doesnt hold a charge. its already been replaced once... so i charge it every night.
then i kept getting messages from random ppl. (so i assumed they were texting the wrong number) but the ppl said i had text them first! (definatly hadn't. i only text like 3 ppl and they are in my phone book)
so i figured that wasnt really a big deal and ignored it. but then.. my friends tell me that when i text them sometimes.. its sending from a different number, (as in, not mine) for example if i sent a 2 part message. the first part wold come from one number (not mine) and the second would come from yet another completely different number. so i went in to my provider and their explanation... its a glitch in the system, its your friends phones, its cause you dont turn off your phone, its cause you need to remove your battery, its a burp in the system, its your friends providers faults... blah blah blah.
so pretty much they dont know what happened!
but the best is yet to come.
SO i get my phone bill... and... i have an extra $30 charge! apparently from going on my browser... apparently i went on my browser over 500 times! the only problem with that! IVE NEVER BEEN ON MY BROWSER! EVER!!!! so i go into my provider... yet again! and they tell me that ive been on. and that more charges apparently will be on my next bill! i told them that i have NEVER EVEN USED MY BROWSER! so they get me to call customer service. i told her that i didnt do any of this. (of course they had a list of the the sites i had supposedly been on...sites i have never heard of!) so the woman is pretty much telling me that i am responsible for paying for these charges. i say i didnt do it! se tells my that one of my friends must have taken my phone then. "my phone never leaves my sight! my friends didnt do it. im not paying!"
so thats wonderful. and i looked at the charges coming in for my next months bill... apparently in one day i went on the browser like 400 times. and i apparently went on 4 times yesterday and again twice today!
this is absolutely ridiculous! i have never been on the browser and now they are expecting me to pay all of these charges!
they keep saying that they are working on the system and thats why my phone is sending texts from different numbers. so idk if someone elsed charges are crossing lines with my phone or what! but it definitely wasnt me!
so i tried changing my number.
i went online. changed it. it said it would take 15 minutes... well now my old number isnt working. and my new number isnt working. apparently my phone is not in service anymore. well isnt that freaking awesome!
my advice. DONT GO TO KOODO!
some ppl love it and have no problems, but there are 3 koodo phones in my house hold. the one is like possesed and types out messages. and the backlight 'sometimes' works. and the other keebo in my house has the draft problem, as well as when she sends messages (with more than one part) only the last page is ever received.

i hope you read this. KOODO IS TERRIBLE! you can get identical plans at TELUS and FIDO. dont bother.
   comment by KOODO SUCKS! on September 24, 2009

It seems that some people are just not capable of admitting that they made a mistake. Take Dan for example from above, he claims that he can't change his credit card expiry on the Koodo website. That's because he is a loser!!!

It clearly states the following, as I just chaged mine: "You are already signed up for pre-authorized credit card payments. You can update your credit card information below. If you are only updating the expiry (i.e. the card number is not changing) you only need to provide the last 4 digits of your card number for verification purposes." So, instead of blaming Koodo take a look in the mirror Dan.
   comment by Larry on September 25, 2009

More than happy to look at your account and see where the web browsing charges stem from. If we were wrong we will credit your invoice, no questions asked. And we learn something in the process.:-)

Just send your account info to webstore@koodomobile.com

   comment by koodo mobile on September 27, 2009

Koodo is the best thing ever! I got my first phone in August,, Samsung Slyde... I have dropped my phone 8 times.... wow no scratch or anything.. except i hat that thew ring tones are so expensive! anyways im vwery happy and satisifed. 25 $... 100m and unlimited txt. I can text free my uncle in South America! also i dont use the calling so much because i text.. CHeers to Koodo!
   comment by James on October 14, 2009

Quick Question, i Have the samsung Slyde, how do i sent a ending
ex: Thanks u, Jamie
or -Jamie- so people know its me?? Samsung Slyde...
   comment by James on October 14, 2009

Well after reading all this Thought i would put my 2 cents in. I have been with koodo for 7 months ,got the refurb kazr and its a great phone for me and works well and was cheaper being the refurb. I was paying home phone with bell =75 per month ,get the same with koodo bill is with tax 56 .I have had lots of plans and cell phones and this koodo is the best.Anyone lookin to get with a cell phone co. in my opinion its the best and everyone bitches about the service all you have to do is go to a koodo keyosc in any mall and they well help you with any concerns . highly recommend but of course have no interest in email ect so this is the perfect co. for me.I am 50 yrs old and been all around the cell ph block and this is the best in my opinion.
   comment by ed on November 24, 2009

There has been known issues in the past month regarding some Koodo/Telus data mix ups.
People were and still are getting charged for messages and web browsing they never used and the proof is it's being sent in from other Koodo/Telus users across Canada. Like a previous poster mentioned, it's not suprising to receive a message from someone with a totally different area code.

All Koodo users, check your data charges for this web browsing inscription:


It appeared several times in my account, as well as my sister's and if you Google it, you'll see others have seen it as well!

Call and they will credit it back, let this be a known issue and you'll never have to pay extra for something that isn't your problem.
   comment by K on November 25, 2009

can you use a telus phone on a koodo network?
   comment by jyt66 on December 8, 2009

or should i say is their any way at all to connect a telus phone to a koodo network??? pleasee helpp
   comment by jyt66 on December 8, 2009

   comment by crintas on December 11, 2009

I have the same kdorly problem and the agent basically tells me I am lying and I went on the internet on my phone. How stupid do they think I am that I would go on the internet on a Slyde? They have the same schpiel with the "your friends used your phone." I sleep with my phone, it never leaves my pockets.

I am definitely switching. Thank goodness for the TAB. This kdorly stuff happened back in August and the agent also gave me crap before he finally credited me. Worst customer service experience. And I have been with Rogers before. I only left Rogers coz they took away US text messaging from regular plans. If they bring Canada/US text messaging back, I'd go back to Rogers. They have beautiful phones. At least their customer service ppl don't call me a liar when there's something wrong with my bill. Whether I was wrong or not, they never called me a liar. And two Koodo reps have called me a liar within the past 4 months.

I have been with koodo since July 2008 and if you asked me in July 2009 if koodo was good, I would tell you Hell Yea! I recommended a bunch of my friends switch to Koodo but they had contracts, I am glad they stayed with their providers.

Again, I love the TAB. Means I can leave anytime I want and I will. My bill is $121 a month if I don't call internationally, I have the 2000 minutes, Unlimited North America, CID, Int'l Long D Saver and honestly, Untd Messaging and honestly, a very good plan compared to every other provider out there. The data charges are a mere $1.50 and yea I could pay that but it's the principle behind it that counts. I did not use data and if I inadvertently pressed the browser button, it's not my fault coz I asked them to block the internet and they said it cannot be done. So, I am annoyed and really won't mind leaving these guys. Again, they called me a liar.
   comment by Switching to Wind when they come to Vancouver on December 17, 2009

virgin mobile are croocks,! had 77 dollars in my account and they cut me off (with $77 in my account) because the time expired.What a way to treat a customer. Just like gm.
   comment by rudie de vos on December 17, 2009

Hey, I was wondering, how do you cancel with Koodo. I've had the phone for 8 months now and went with the tab. I now have 97.1 left on the tab and have my months bill paid off. So how do I cancel my service with them. Do I have to pay off the $97 and then call them to cancel or what? Please help.
   comment by anonymous on December 21, 2009

Alrighty... I am in the same boat as the annonomous person :P I am planning to cancel my koodo account aswell but am a little sketchy on the process of cancelation. i know you have to pay off the tab but do they send you a bill stateing your owings later on? or in my case am i going to have to pay it off as soon as i switch my number to a new provider and get the new phone.. Pleasee let me know that would be great ^.^
   comment by Shyla on December 30, 2009

OK... i have the 25 $ plan and i think it includes all i need. Ok so like it has a few problems such as the battery and the front screen but who cares. All i use the phone for is texting and occasionally calling on the weekend. Its fine for me and for my needs. The only problem i have is that there is not much service outside of Quebec
   comment by theplothickens on December 31, 2009

Ok, I gotta get my Koodo phone back up, cause this stupid Wind phone doesn't work in an awful lot of places. It keeps dropping calls. I feel like I cheated on Koodo cause I didn't have an issue with them I just wanted a different phone. Anyway, will be back together tomorrow.:-)
   comment by NotHappy on January 1, 2010

Koodo wont let me have games. d: :P
   comment by Emma on January 14, 2010

Don't forget ACN Telus. ACN is a direct seller who has signed exclusive partnership with Telus as well. Whatever Telus has ACN has in Canada.

Great thread, a lot of useful and smart comments.

   comment by ACN Video Phone on January 27, 2010

We need to get a second cell hppone for my husband to have when he's at work or wherever. Telus just cancelled my contract with them, after 9 years of being their customer. All because I missed a few months (I'm on mat leave and the hubby wasn't working at that time). I got the money to pay my bill IN FULL and called them to tell them I would be in that week to pay it in full. I couldn't get to a store until the Saturday of that week. I called again to ask them the nearest location for me to go in and pay it off. They told me I owed them $975. I was apalled because my bill was only $250. They had told me they never received a call from me to say I would be in and also said it had been canceled weeks ago, WITHOUT my knowledge. I talked to a manager and they would do NOTHING and lied. Needless to say, I am now thinking of going with someone I've never gone with before. I have had Solo, Fido and Telus, now with Rogers for my cell phone. My rogers phone I won from Pepsi. My hubby had Rogers and got screwed by them, just like I did by Telus. I've heard many bad things about Bell and had them for my home phone until i got tired of them and went with Rogers for that as well. So far, I am quite happy with Rogers for my services. However we need a second cell phone and are willing to try someone different. My husband doesn't need all the frills, just something that has a camer anad is good for calling. He doesn't do the texting them or anything like that. What do you all think?
   comment by Sherry on February 20, 2010

My goodness, it appears that many folks are having a lot of trouble with too many cell providers. Perhaps what this industry needs is a Code of Standards and perhaps an ombudsman. No, I am not in the cell phone industry.
   comment by Brian on February 24, 2010

People love to complain about many things. If it's not the banks than cellphone companies. Nobody has to have a cellphone. It'a choice you make. Of course when it comes more impactful issues like the HST no one spoke up. That's Canadians for you Brian.
   comment by George on February 25, 2010

I have been with Koodo for almost 9 months now. I like that it doesnt cost me a whole lot to keep the phone. I only pay about 45 dollars a month, for unlimited txt and picture msging, 100 daytime minutes, unlimited evenings (after 7) and weekend, and unlimited internet.

What I didnt like when I started was that they didnt let me get the tab. They said it was because I didnt have a credit history, yet a few of my friends who owed other cell phone companies like over 100 dollars were allowed to :S. So I had to settle with a cheaper phone cuz the one I wanted was gonna cost me 200 dollars, and I was only expecting to pay 50 cuz I was hoping to get the plan. I got the Samsung U410. Its a good starter phone, but I want something thast not so ancient.

And even though Ive been with them a while they still wont allow me to use the tab. Cuz of this I am considering walking away. I dont want to, but I really dont think I should have to pay 200 dollars for a phone when everyone else can go on the tab. I know that sounds silly, but shouldnt they be more willing to let someone who has a history with them have some benefits?
   comment by Sarah Kay on March 2, 2010

Being or not being allowed to have the tab is not koodo's decision. It's the credit bureau's decision. If you have poor credit or insufficient credit, they won't approve you for the tab. It's all based on your credit history. So maybe your freinds have a better credit history or at least some established credit. By law koodo can't change the result the credit bureau gives them. So even if you insist on getting the tab, they can't do anything. :)
   comment by 49mski on March 4, 2010

Contacting Koodo customers service : minimum 2 hours.
Having a bill without errors : never.
False add: you sign a contract when you are using theirs phones. If you read it carefully, you will understand that they can add whatever they want to your bill. If you wan't to stop using theirs phones, you have to tell them 30 days in advance so they will be able to charge you another full pack of crap before you leave. You don't have choice to pay the crap because they will try to ruin your credit history if you don't.
   comment by olivier on April 14, 2010

Anyone els reciever a notice today that you will have a monthly charge of $2 added to your invoice unless you sign up on line? ( not everyone has a P.C.)
   comment by Jack W on June 17, 2010

I see a lot of complaining about nothing. If your credit is good you have no problems; if you are using the service within the limits you are permitted, you will not be overcharged. If you want to leave, leave. I was a customer of Telus for 5 years and Rogers for 13 years and felt like I was always throwing money away. Koodo is offering one of the best services around for someone who wants a "cheap" alternative to the "top of the line" phones and phone services out there. If you don't like it, then get a home phone and stop complaining...

The real question is.... Will KOODO get an iphone any time soon? I see a blackberry there.....hmmm....
   comment by Sketch on June 21, 2010

I love my phone that I got with Koodo, their plans are amazing and the add on's are really nifty. I had a huge problem in December '09, because for some reason, my service was cut off and when I called Koodo to ask what was wrong they said my bill hadn't been paid in time, it was a day late because of the holidays.. so I had to pay a $30 reactivation fee.. then everything was fine, but when my next bill came in and I paid it, it happened again, and when I called, the customer service rep said I had gone over my credit limit. My credit limit is $200... and my bill was only for about $30. They said I had to pay about $150, PLUS another $30 to reactivate my phone.. So I paid it and all was well again.. BUT THEN.. I accidentally went over my minutes and my phone bill came in and the service was cut again.. I didn't understand what was wrong, I paid my bills on time, except that one time before when it was late 1 day cause of business days with the bank, (forgot it was a holiday.. lol) I called koodo, and spoke to a very nice man and told him the entire story.. he said I never should have had to pay all that extra money and that the money I did pay should be added to an over-payment so that with my next bill I wouldn't have to pay as much at the time. So I said thank you and waited for my next bill to come in. He was right, I had about a $200 over-payment on my bill and I didn't have to pay my bill for a few months.. it was great! Technically I did pay them, I just paid them early in advance :P

I got my phone in May '09, have had it for just over a year now, and I have been impressed with the company, aside from the little issue I had before, which got cleared up. My phone has AMAZING service, I literally get service everywhere, my friend used to be with Virgin mobile and her phone didn't get service in our school, but mine did! People have said that they don't know how to add music to their phone, but it's very simple, something you could do a google search on. I love that you can change your plan and add different add ons when ever you want.. because in my case, I used to be in school and working, and at the time I didn't really need voicemail and such, but now I am working full time and I can't answer my phone where I am so the voicemail is great, and I got that great deal of the $12 add on with lots of stuff included. I've recommended Koodo to almost everyone I know, and even to a friend who had a Roger's phone, switched to Koodo because of the amazing praise I gave it.

All in all, from my experience, Koodo's customer service is like any other company, some people are helpful, and some are not, it depends, not everyone is always in a good mood, maybe they just had a bad break up, or got splashed with water from a car in the morning, who knows, people are people and you can't base your reasons to joining a company on the customer service, because until we get computers running the customer service, you will always have someone who is not helpful and someone who is.

   comment by Elizabeth on June 22, 2010

I have been with Koodo since October 2008. Never had a billing problem, althought I've seen alot of other people have. I've had two bad phone's through them. The LG Keybo's front buttons stopped working. Battery life was great. I didn't like that it would only hold 50 text in it's inbox. The other nightmare phone was the Motorolla Rival, but when I bought this luckily I had a friend mention to buy the phone through Futureshop and get an extended warranty on my phone through them. Thank god I did, 3 Weeks after having the phone the screen went like a fuzzy tv, I took it back into futureshop and when I told them I didn't want that phone again they said pick anyone from Koodo you want. The Futureshop warranty on cell phone's bought through them is def the way to go, saved me that day or I would have had to pay for a brand new phone again. I still have this warranty and it's def worth it. It covers more than Koodo's 1 year warranty does. My advice is if you are buying a Koodo Phone through a electronics shops such as futureshop look into their warranty. It will save you in the long run!
   comment by Nicole on August 13, 2010

Koodoo (operating as Telus Mobility) harassed me extensively during service with voicemail and text messages to pay even though the billing cycle had not yet been completed at the time of these calls. Customer service was unhelpful and rude and when my phone stopped working suddenly after only a month on service, they actually charged for a loaner. Company continued to harass and even limited my service for more payment, once again, BEFORE my due date! Company cut off my service and now I am stuck with a $75 phone that I can not us anywhere else. Company is fraudulent and i want them dealt with!

   comment by Riley on August 20, 2010

@"I love my phone that I got with Koodo, their plans are amazing and the add on's are really nifty. I had a huge problem in December '09, because for some reason, my service was cut off and when I called Koodo to ask what was wrong they said my bill hadn't been paid in time, it was a day late because of the holidays.. so I had to pay a $30 reactivation fee.. then everything was fine, but when my next bill came in and I paid it, it happened again, and when I called, the customer service rep said I had gone over my credit limit. My credit limit is $200... and my bill was only for about $30. They said I had to pay about $150, PLUS another $30 to reactivate my phone.. So I paid it and all was well again.. BUT THEN.. I accidentally went over my minutes and my phone bill came in and the service was cut again.. I didn't understand what was wrong, I paid my bills on time, except that one time before when it was late 1 day cause of business days with the bank, (forgot it was a holiday.. lol) I called koodo, and spoke to a very nice man and told him the entire story.. he said I never should have had to pay all that extra money and that the money I did pay should be added to an over-payment so that with my next bill I wouldn't have to pay as much at the time. So I said thank you and waited for my next bill to come in. He was right, I had about a $200 over-payment on my bill and I didn't have to pay my bill for a few months.. it was great! Technically I did pay them, I just paid them early in advance :P

They are NO great! This sounds a lot like my story EXCEPT I was NEVER late but they decided to cut my service as I was apparently OVER some so-called limit??? The original bill was something like $65 but somehow it's up to $275 because of admin fees? Sorry Kuddoo, I am taking you to small claims court to have negative credit rating against me removed!!
   comment by Riley on August 24, 2010

I gave my business to KOODO. In return I lost lots of phone calls and as a consequence, I lost money. People would call me and tell me later that I did not answer the phone. As a matter of fact, the cell phone was with me for the whole time. I Called Koodo and they told me that there was nothing wrong with my phone or with my account. Then, I went to the company booth where I bought the phone and the man who was there on a saturday morning was a lot more interested in assisting a young man who was looking for information than in me who had already given them my money. Once this employee found time to talk to me, he checked my phone and told me that there was nothing wrong with the phone. Eventually, I left Koodo.


For the reader, AVOID KOODO and AVOID TELUS because KOODO belongs to TELUS.
   comment by Luciano on October 17, 2010

This is the 2nd post I've done now. I have been a Koodo customer for just over a year now, and have not had any of these problems that anyone else has stated. Everyone I know with Koodo enjoys their phones and their service. I'm so happy with them that I've just upgraded to a smartphone on their (cheaper than anyone else in Canada) network.
   comment by Sketch on November 24, 2010

I'm with Fido for Seven Years and I'm now with a great retention plan for dealing with them!
Two friends and my father was with bell but I don`t know why but all people that I know got a bill in 100-200$
Pain in the ass to change of plan $-$ and pain in the ass with their customer support that say never the same thing!

-One of my friend is now with Fido for 3 years and love it!
-The other is with Telus and like it too but he is jealous of my plans :P
-My father is with Koodo and have a poor signal not to mention that it take you`re time if you call them!always some fee if you want to change something!But on the paper it was a damn good plan.

Sorry for my english :P that was my story
   comment by Buzzer on December 6, 2010

Koodo is an interesting machine. Their marketing isn't the greatest, their mascot is annoying as hell with the loose translation of mexican wrestler= no fixed contract. However if you don't buy your phone outright and go with the tab it is virtually the same as a contract, minus the benefits of a contract. To put it into perspective I got my phone Nov 09 and my tab isnt settled yet (april 2011). Now if you are going to cancel your services as soon as your tab is paid then you don't have to worry about the 10% of new bills going towards a new phone (don't have a very good variety of smartphones for the time being, just got the Android). I worked a sales job where I was always outside my local calling area so my first bill after getting that job was like $160. Calls outside your area not only use your allocated minutes, but also your long distance minutes. so I was looking at a $.70 x2 for every minute outside my calling area, which as you can imagine racked up quickly.

Seeing the gigantic bill made me change my plan to pay more per month but not have to worry about going over my allotted time. I got a Long distance saver charge of 2 bucks a month which lowered the $.70 to $.05 if I ran out of minutes, but when all was said and done I was paying about $62.5 a month and my phone is a flip phone piece of garbage with no data.
You have versatility in that you can alter your plan at any time to suit your needs, but you have to establish EXACTLY what kind of user you are prior to setting up your plan so you can avoid the fees.
At least in some contracts you can replace your phone free of charge regardless of how the damage came about.
   comment by Bodangles on April 14, 2011

Koodo sucks! they gaurenteed me that I would have service while in the UK I didn't I only got service back when I was in Canadian airspace. Text msgs to the UK don't go through they gave me a song and dance about it being "their" providers in the UK that's not compatible with Koodo, I never had that problem with Rogers, I wished I had stayed with them, Koodo is a Mickey Mouse organization and I will be dumping them as soon as I can. Their billing practice never makes sense your charged for things you didn't do so it's good to check your bills because twice they've tried to charge me $15.00 for "other" fees and both times I've caught them.
If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't go with Koodo.
   comment by jewju on June 24, 2011

koodo is amazing i think people dont really know what they are talking about until they get into the cell phone buisness. There is so much more then no access fee or per second billing. Koodo is the best company you can get if u dont want to be suck in a contract. The phones are inexpensive, plans are great and they have the iphone 4 now. You have the tab that you can use towards a new phone and it you'll never owe more then $150 because that is the max amount they can put on, and $150 isnt alot for a blackberry. But dont get it wrong every service companies have issues nothings perfect, but if u can wait it out when there are system problems or there's a wait for customer service then it might be worth wait. People really need to reconsider there cell phones. Mistakes happen and you need to learn to forgive. Koodo is awesome its better then a contract because your not suck in something that will cost u a fortune to get out of and is better then pay as you go because u dont have to buy lil cards to reload our account and you phone is not going to stop working because you didnt reload...all that time and effort..... go speak to a rep at koodo mobile before you start judging and the best ones are in Ottawa, Ontario St.laurent 1200
   comment by shasha on October 2, 2011

I have been with Koodo since 2008. and i have no problems with them at all. my phone broke, went right into a koodo kiosk. had a replacement phone and new one in 2 weeks. never been charged more then i should have been and i have always had great customer service with them as well! they are certainly a provider i would recommend! i have the 5 essentials, and i never have been charged for LD charges when im out of my calling area. they are GREAT! i wouldnt change providers ever! When i got my phone, my wife went with Virgin, 3 yr contract, monthly bill was supposed to be 30 a month. her first bill was outrageous, close to 400.00! we squeezed outta that contract thank god! anyways.. i give 2 thumbs up to KOODO! keep up the good work guys!
   comment by Chuck on October 12, 2011

why is koodo mobile \blackberry forcing people to use bbm, instead of text messaging , to send pictures?
   comment by sid on March 5, 2012

you are all wrong telus is fine for 25$ i have txt unlimited 200mins a month voicemail caller id calling to my fam and nights and weekends
   comment by anonymous on April 2, 2012

If you are switching to Koodo, email me before you activate your phone and I will send you a referral code which will give you $25 credit that will be used to decrease your Koodo Tab.

I got a Koodo phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) for my daughter and she loves it. Its the best (low cost) deal for a smart phone I could find where I didn't need to have a plan or by Data. Koodo has a refer a friend program where both people get "up to" 25 Tab credits applied to their account 6-8 weeks from the activation. If you choose Koodo , please considering letting me refer you, Just send me your first and last name and email.

Here are a few generic referal codes, created April 2, that can be used once each (first come first serve) email me if you use one so I can remove it from the list.

Go here to claim your credit:

   comment by jj on April 6, 2012


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