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Songs without lyrics quiz

I normally am not that interested in online quiz games, but it's interesting to see where your pop-music knowledge peaks (obviously the 90s is where it's at for me):

60s: 22/36
70s: 24/36
80s: 32/40
90s: 31/36
00s: 19/36

Posted by Alex on January 1, 2011 with category tags of

Classic rock: 21/36
   comment by Alex (#118) on January 1, 2011

60s: 29/36
70s: 28/36
80s: 26/40 (although I shouldve gotten two more but for spelling mistakes)
90s: 32/36
00s: 20/36
Classic rock: 27/36
   comment by Gil on January 2, 2011

90s: 29
00s: 7
   comment by Bryan (#22) on January 3, 2011

Apparently I am terrible with titles.

60s: 19/36
70s: 18/36
80s: 24/40 (a couple had sneaky titles)
90s: 27/36 (could NOT remember those titles)
00s: 14/36 (I'd do a lot better on artist names)
Classic: bedtime
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on January 4, 2011

Havn't been on vorg in a while but here goes:

90s: 35/36 but I did cheat on 3 songs and google searched for spelling or full name.
00s: 32/36 again looked up at least 3 for spelling or proper title name.

I knew almost all the artists.

I'll do the others another time!
   comment by registeredname (#141) on February 21, 2011


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