A man breast feeding

I thought that this coutry had equality of the sexes. Men lactate too, godammit!

[Two guys sitting at a kitchen table talking about laundry detergent]
[Woman enters room]
Woman: John, do you really have to do that at the table?

Man 1: What are you talking about, honey?
[camera shoots down, john has a full grown adult (male or female) suckling on his breasts]

Woman: You're doing it again. That's disgusting.

Man 1: Oh you're talking about the breast feeding again. You know, I'm sick and tired of the stereotypes surrounding men and breast feeding. You're oppressing our God-given right. Some men lactate too, you know!

Woman:I just don't think it's right for you to do that, especially with guests in the house.

[suckler looks up (white cream over his mouth), says]
-But its so good!

[John pushes suckler away from his breasts and shouts at wife]
Man 1: I'm sick and tired of the oppression you people have caused us. I'm taking this to city hall. [pause, looks around] Come on, guys!

[many guys appear in various places in the kitchen (each holding a beer), they all shout]
many guys: YEAH!

[transition of scenes, men walking out of the kitchen, down the road, marching music playing (few secs worth). Passing certain house, another guy runs out of the door, shouts at marchers]
-Hey you guys, michael tyson is breaking some dude's head open on HBO, RIGHT NOW!
[men stop, murmur among themselves. General consensus is to watch the fight. Men walk into house]

[switch scene - inside the house]
[ men watching TV, zombie expression on their face]
[wife walks up to john.]
Woman:John I'm leaving you.
[no response or change in expression, wife leaves]
Man 1[to guys]: What a bitch.
[general consensus. Sucklers resume suckling]

Posted by dustin on May 30, 2002 with category tags of


this is hilarious!
   comment by anonymous on June 4, 2002, Rated it 5

Fun concept, but the ending kind of slumps. How about a feel-good Hollywood ending where they make it to town hall and triumph over prejudice? How about exploring the differences between male and female lactation?
   comment by Bryan (#22) on August 10, 2002, Rated it 3

This is an interesting topic for a skit and evidence says that it is possible. Men can lactate. That's something that I didn't think was possible until I read it on a few Internet web sites.

The skit needs more meat however. Perhaps the idea of equality as breast feeders and the differences in how men and women lactate could be explored in a second part to this skit.

I'd like to see more skits about men and women involved in activities that are babyish like the sucklers in this skit. The MSN group http://groups.msn.com/pacified shows adults sucking on bottles and pacifiers.

Why shouldn't adults have the right to behave in this manner without being prejudised against?!?

   comment by anonymous on April 2, 2003, Rated it 4

show me pic
   comment by nazi on February 5, 2004

show me pic
   comment by aditya on December 20, 2004

thats not funny do not get it a snail is more funny than that shit
   comment by but hole on October 1, 2009


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