Definitely not for everyone

They say 'Truth is often stranger than Fiction',

Mix fantasy and reality and you get friction.

[A group of people are sitting in a living room watching the Fellowship of the Ring. There are 3 male geeks and one girl. This is an unlikely situation. They are clearly in the apartment of one of the geeks. There are posters on the walls of various geeky things, such as Spider-man, Dungeons and Dragons art, Attack of the Clones and a poster that says "Gamers do it on a roll of Natural 20!".]

Girl: How did Gandalf just get his stick back?

Geek 1: Huh?

Girl: Gandalf lost his stick and now he has it back.

Geek 1: So?

Girl: Well, he lost it when that old guy in white hit him and now the stickís in his hand. Somebody made a mistake [in a sing-song kind of voice].

Geek 2: First of all, its called a STAFF, and secondly, he got it back through magic. Obviously [rolls his eyes].

Girl: I donít think so. I think itís a editing error.

Geek 1: How can you say that? [stops the movie] You find it plausible that he can blast people with invisible force but its completely unbelievable that he should use the same skills to call his staff back to himself?

Girl: We didnít see it happen on screen. Itís clearly a slip-up.

Geek 1: What ever happened to your sense of imagination? You know, make-believe?

Girl: I think you guys are TOO accepting when it comes to these stupid movies. Any error in the film is rationalized to death by you losers. Like take this for example, [she points to a poster of Yoda with a light saber] you expect me to believe that an ancient green midget that walks with a cane could perform the acrobatics that he does in this movie? How do you rationalize that?

Geek 1: [sputters in frustration]

Geek 2: I got this one, bro. Yoda is old and physically infirm but when he needs to he can use his force powers to augment his physical capabilities. You know, like through telekinesis...

Girl: [interrupting] Yeah, I get it. You guys obvious need to believe in this kind of stuff because if Yoda can kick the crap out of a person 4 times his size then imagine what you guys could do! I think you guys need to grow up, get outside, throw away these comic books...

Geek 1: [eyes glowing] Silence! [Lightning shoots from his fingers. Girl is vaporized instantly]

[All the Geeks look around at each other and everything goes wavy. Suddenly, the scene is replaced by the three Geeks sitting at a table with a bunch of dice and another Geek sitting at the other end.]

Geek 4 [at head of table]: Good work guys. You all get 200 experience points and 10 gold pieces.

Geek 2: [to Geek 1] Nice one, Dave, that situation was getting pretty tense. I was just about to use my fire breath.

Geek 3: [looking despondent] Arg! My character was so totally going to score with her. Why do you guys always blow up my prospects?

Geek 4: It doesnít matter, Gus, because as your characters are sorting their graphic novels a girl wanders into your apartment...

[They all begin to roll dice furiously.]


Posted by Chronomorph on December 4, 2002 with category tags of


Good stuff. Funny, and it doesn't go on for too long.
   comment by Reverend_Jerry (#40) on December 4, 2002, Rated it 4

I love it... of course I was there that night..
   comment by anonymous on December 5, 2002, Rated it 5

Definetly funny you captured the mindset of everyone (geeks) that were there. During the silence scene tho I'd suggest a less in your face approach, where the geek sighs, shakes his head from side to side, looks at his feet, then zaps the girl nonchalantly, while still looking down. Much to the suprise of the other geeks who look quickly back and forth. The zapper pleads "what? what are you looking at? She was asking for it!" then cut to table shot.
   comment by anonymous on December 5, 2002, Rated it 4

so true to life! except geeks are hot.
   comment by anonymous on December 5, 2002, Rated it 4

sniff ... it's beautiful.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 6, 2003, Rated it 5

What about the girls that are as well geeky? (yes, we do exsists, says the 12th level cleric who has every star wars book in print, went to both midnight showings of LOTR and can tell you the most minute detail about the Marvel Universe, Middle Earth Universe, and star wars galaxy)
   comment by anonymous on July 17, 2003


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