Faery Tales

Tis the tale of Cinderella thrust into our crazy modern world.

[Cinderella enters Chad's basement. He is watching TV Al Bundy style]

um, hi Chad. Did I leave a glass slipper at your party?

huh? wha?

I think I forgot one of my slippers at your house.


It was little and pretty, made of glass and it fit real good.

oh, wha, that was yours? I done pawned it. You can have half the dough. fity bucks!
[he holds out fifty dollars]

Oh, ah, [shrugs] OK.

[she takes the money and exits]

The End.
- written by Nikki, Alice and Dustin

Posted by McImprov on April 4, 2003 with category tags of

Not bad. I think it would work well as a short skit between main skits. I think the visual aspect would make it much funnier.
   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on April 4, 2003, Rated it 3

This skit was only up for 9 minutes before you found and commented on it. you're a speed demon.
   comment by McImprov (#16) on April 4, 2003

Well, somebody's got to be. So why not me?
   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on April 4, 2003

there's a new skit up. the clock is ticking
   comment by McImprov (#16) on April 4, 2003

Needs more..... skit. There needs to be a bit more skit
   comment by anonymous on April 9, 2003, Rated it 3

Yeah, I think the idea could be expanded.
   comment by alice (#60) on April 12, 2003

The guy(Chad I think) should say he's using it as a bong and she can't have it. Her eyes squint, a wind in the house starts throwing papers about, in a deep, dark voice she says "I asked nicely, now either hand over the slipper or prepare to feel what most fear!"
   comment by anonymous on June 27, 2003, Rated it 2


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