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Tetris: in 3D
Tetris fun the game show way

Awesome human representation of the game

I should really learn how to add videos.
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Andrew Hijacking Adrienne's Sillytech Account
vaganzare, Italian verb (intransitive): to perform improvised comedy for a ridiculously long time

eg. Bryan vaganza sempre (Bryan always performs improvised comedy for a ridiculously long time)

eg. gbrowdy non ha vaganzato per tanto tempo (gbrowdy has not performed improvised comedy for a ridiculously long time in a ridiculously long time)

eg. se non vaganzassimo, il mondo sarebbe bruto (if we weren't to perform improvised comedy for a ridiculously long time, the world would be a horrible place)


McGill Improv's Vaganza VII: 12 noon, Friday March 2nd - 12 noon, Saturday March 3rd. The Shatner Building (3480 McTavish), 2nd floor.

Come for the Italian grammar, stay for the improvised comedy.
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Some People Never Get Over Their Exes
I realize that break-ups can be hard and bitter and some people say they'll never do it again. But this is something else:

The title is even "Man Separates from wife - and his ring finger"
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Boston Terror
While procrastinating today I found one crazy Boston Terrier.
Posted by Adrienne on November 5, 2005. Tagged with
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Return Party
For those of you in Montreal, I'll be returning to the city tomorrow afternoon and would like to get together with people tomorrow night (Thursday). The gathering can take place at my apartment or we could go out somewhere. If anyone's interested respond here, call me at home tomorrow afternoon, or email me. I'll make some calls tomorrow as well. See you soon!
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Ghetto Improv
Since I don't often watch MTV, I was quite surprised to come across this show:

It's called Nick Cannon presents Wild 'N Out and it's a game tournament between two teams similar to the kind McGill Improv had among itself 2 years ago. The jokes are certainly catered to a specific audience, but overall it's pretty interesting (especially for MTV).
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Bryan Look Alike
I was watching Law & Order: SVU when this guy came up (Billy McNamara) who reminded me so much of Bryan. So, I'll let you decide. Is it goodbye Hilary Swank?

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Play Time
Yay!! My show goes up this week! I invite all of you to come see the world premier of Orra by Joanna Baillie. It's an awesome gothic tragedy set in the 14th century. When Orra, heiress of the house of Aldenburg, refuses to marry, a sinister plot is hatched to exploit her fears, break her spirit and bend her to the will of her manipulators. Plus there are sword fights, spooky music, cool costumes, 2 songs (I sing one), and lots more. Come out and enjoy it!

Orra will be showing at McGill in Moyse Hall in the Arts Building. Shows go from Tuesday, March 29 to Saturday, April 2 and they all start at 8pm. Cost is $5 students, seniors and groups. $10 adults. For Reservations call 398-6070.
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Scatter Scores
Alright, this is for the Scattergories players from last night. Including Alice's added point for angina, the scores are as such: Ken 13, Maryam 35, Alice 35, and myself 44. (I didn't cheat, I swear)
And three cheers for Willow. Truly a classic movie that I should have seen in full much earlier than last night.
Posted by Adrienne on March 20, 2005. Tagged with
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Everybody Have Fun Tonight!
Everybody Wang Chung tonight!
I hereby announce a celebration at Adrienne and Andrew's humble abode this evening somewhere after 8:30pm. Come and join the crazy fun!
Please bring your own drinks and snacks.
Email for directions if you need them.
Posted by Adrienne on March 5, 2005. Tagged with
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