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A perfect Youtube video by my criteria
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We are the Diamonds, we come from Glasgow
For those of you who think you're too cool for the CFL:

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Swiss Dis
The IIHF Power Rankings are an entertaining way to follow the IIHF World Hockey Championship without having to watch any of the games. They are basically smart-alecky tweets about each team, updated every day or two.
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Battle of maps
Can anyone do better?

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Grotere kaart weergeven
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If you had a legion of fans, what would they be called?
I was thinking mine could possibly be the Chrisdyehards, or maybe the Chrisdyan Fundamentalists.

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This post is not available in your region
Anyone else sick of not being able to see a bunch of things on the internet because their IP number isn't registered in the U.S.? How does this make business sense for anyone? Who benefits from me not being able to watch a few short TV clips because I am in Europe? Aren't TV networks shooting themselves in the foot by blocking a potential global market? Someone please explain (not the copyright laws, I know those; explain the business rationale.)
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