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For those of you who think you're too cool for the CFL:

Posted by dye! on April 28, 2009. Tagged with


In northern Michigan a few weeks ago, we visited Fort Mackinac, the first American fort to surrender to the British in the War of 1812. We were treated to the following animatronic display, repeated every 45 seconds or so:

Posted by chrisdye on August 18, 2007. Tagged with


Apologies to the Queen
Look, I know this is a Canadian blog, but I live in dirty ugly America now and I still consider myself a member of this darn community.

I just wanted to say, despite the fact that it likely will change very little in reality, I am happy the Democrats took Congress here.

At least it means the vast majority of voters are not dumb idiots. Thats nice to know every once in a while (in this case, 12 years!)
Posted by Gbrowdy on November 9, 2006. Tagged with
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