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Now who's colourblind?
Posted by Bryan on July 25, 2010. Tagged with
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For Chris
Posted by Bryan on July 20, 2010. Tagged with
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Hockey Titles
International hockey results in which NHL players competed:

1976 CanadaCup: Canada
1981 CanadaCup: USSR
1984 CanadaCup: Canada
1987 CanadaCup: Canada
1991 CanadaCup: Canada
1996 World Cup: USA
1998 Olympics : Czech Republic
2002 Olympics : Canada
2004 World Cup: Canada
2006 Olympics : Sweden
2010 Olympics : Canada
Posted by Bryan on March 12, 2010. Tagged with


Popomatic cupcake

How many cupcake games can you name?

I got 45. I think you can beat that, nerdz!
Posted by Bryan on January 6, 2010. Tagged with
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I am...

via Marvel comic creator
Posted by Bryan on October 22, 2009. Tagged with
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Nerd Venn Diagram

via buzzfeed

I think Dweeb and Dork should be swapped
Posted by Bryan on September 7, 2009. Tagged with


Winter is 14% over
I wish it were 59.8% over
Posted by Bryan on December 9, 2008. Tagged with


It's Snowing.
Posted by Bryan on October 28, 2008. Tagged with


McCain hearts Cindy
Not safe for work:

Posted by Bryan on June 16, 2008. Tagged with


Told Ya So!
Looking back on our predictions:

Bryan: Obama & McCain
goodladd: Edwards & Romney
stretch: Clinton & Huckabee
chrisdye: Clinton
sean: Obama & Romney

Posted by Bryan on June 3, 2008. Tagged with
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This blows my mind. No audio editing software has ever been able to separate notes played at the same time before.

Posted by Bryan on March 20, 2008. Tagged with
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Best Pre-Dial Long Distance
The following table shows long distance fees for various long-distance providers that allow you to use their network by pre-dialing a 7-digit number before entering the number you wish to dial. The charges show up on your regular telephone bill.

Most of these providers are available in all Canadian metro areas.

Canada / US Long Distance
YakConvergiaLooneycaztel450telTeleHopTeleHop 2
1 min.$0.05$0.47$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
5 min.$0.25$0.54$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
10 min.$0.50$0.69$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
15 min.$0.75$0.77$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.25$1.00
20 min.$1.00$0.92$1.00$0.99$0.50$0.37$1.00
30 min.$1.50$1.14$1.00$0.99$0.82$0.77$1.00
40 min.$2.00$1.44$1.00$0.99$1.22$1.32$1.00
50 min.$2.50$1.67$1.00$0.99$1.62$1.72$1.00
60 min.$3.00$1.89$1.00$0.99$2.02$2.12$1.00
90 min.$4.50$2.64$1.00$0.99$3.22$3.32$1.00
120 min.$6.00$3.39$1.76$1.35$4.42$4.52$1.00
Optimal:0-4 min.5-38 min.39+ min.

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Haven't seen this discussed in the MSM, so maybe this is bogus, but according to some, McCain's presidential eligibility is on shaky legal ground:

"No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of President"
John McCain was born August 29, 1936 in Panama

Further Reading:

It would be pretty hilarious if it went to the Supreme Court just before the Republican convention, he was ruled ineligible, and Huckabee and Ron Paul battled it out for the nomination.

Are those straws? Ungh ungh.
Posted by Bryan on February 12, 2008. Tagged with
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No We Can't
Posted by Bryan on February 12, 2008. Tagged with


Vaganza 8
Calling all McAlumni!

Vaganza 8 is scheduled for February 16-17, Saturday to Sunday, noon to noon. (The noon to noon part is to be confirmed)

Who wants to come to Montreal?
Posted by Bryan on January 29, 2008. Tagged with
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