Battle of Wits: Asian Edition, Volume 2

The Sumo wrestler seems quite lost in a world of his own imaginings. Tell me, oh Internets, what is he thinking about? Best answer gets a prize, short stories preferred.

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Posted by alice on December 8, 2006 with category tags of

Once again Frank had come face to face with the realization that his feelings for Julian were not just a fleeting fancy. But how to broach the subject? For years the two titans had clashed on the mat, hurtling their gargantuan frames against one another lost in the ancient art of the sumo. Lately though the battle on the mat had taken a back seat to the battle being waged in Franks head, and more importantly his heart. His respected arch-nemesis had awakened a passion in him that he had long thought lost when he had given his love to another. A young sushi chef named Rick had been his one true love many years and fewer pounds ago when the life of a sumo was just the dream of a starry eyed kid chasing rainbows and wrapping himself in moonbeams. He remembered long afternoons running around the streets of Sendai laughing all the while, cycling tandem along the many garden paths and holding hands beneath the water at the public baths, confident in the knowledge that their love would last forever. Tragically though it wasn't meant to be. In the third year of his sushi training and the fourth year of their love Rick's life was cut short by the poison of a blowfish incorrectly prepared. Frank, so devastated by the loss, had decided then and there that sumo would be his new love, and never would he allow himself to stray from her arms into those of another doomed affair. And so the decades had passed and frank had remained true to his chosen mistress, until now. What had begun as a grudging respect for another man of the mat had blossomed like a lotus into a love that could not be ignored. Frank decided it was time. It was time to let himself love again, to open his heart back to the world of happiness he had once known so many years ago with that wild eyed sushi chef Rick. He would tell Julian consequences be damned, his life was meant to be lived, and if Julian refused his love, he would always be welcomed back into the loving arms of his mistress sumo.
   comment by Shawn on December 8, 2006

"Where's the beef?"
   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on December 9, 2006

"Don't worry, I got you (God! I hate it when Kimbo drinks too much saki!)."
   comment by registeredname (#141) on December 9, 2006

How can I tell Ken
that I just come to sumo
so I can get hugs
   comment by Alex (#118) on December 11, 2006

Damn. Materasu is not tiring. Got. To. Hang. In. There. I need to push--


The oven.

I left the oven on. No, wait. I remember turning it off. Or... Am I remembering making chankonabe yesterday? Yeah, that was yesterday because Kirima was talking to me when I turned it off and that was definitely yesterday. Which means the oven is probably still on. Ahhh, damn.
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on December 12, 2006

Oh god.... Oh god... I just can't believe Demi Mooore has a new movie. Oh god...
   comment by stretch (#87) on December 12, 2006

I bet this moment would make a great statue.
   comment by William Frantz on December 15, 2006


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