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I need a new email program for Windows with both web and hard-drive accessibility (POP). Preferably it should be low in cost and glitches, and high in safety and awesomeness. Good enough? Any Thunderbird or Opera fans out there?

Posted by Mirzipan on March 28, 2007 with category tags of

You've got two separate issues there. You want 1) a new email provider which offers both web and pop access and 2) a new email client for windows with which you can manage your mail when you're at home.

I'd go with the gmail, thunderbird combination. Neither are perfect but I think they're better than the other options. I used thunderbird for a while on a windows install and I was fairly happy with it, but a catastrophic crash caused me to get rid of it. I liked that is was free and open source, and although I didn't play with it much the customizability through plugins and themes seemed like a lot of fun. I think if I was using windows for any extended period of time I would have put more effort into fixing the problem, but as it is I stick with webmail when in Microsoft land. Gmail is good most ways, but the user interface is a bit unintuitive.

I'm currently using McGill's exchange based webmail (which is awful), and Gmail, both of which I access through POP and manage using the default KDE mail app Kontact (on Kubuntu linux). I'm pretty happy with this setup.
   comment by KingCasey (#194) on March 28, 2007

I'll agree with the King. I use gmail for personal email and Tbird at work. We've been using it since Beta and it gets a pretty good workout. I've never really had it explode on me like KC describes though it's not without its quirks. I'd also recommend the Gmail UI plugin for Tbird if you like keyboard shortcuts and power searching.

I've been with Gmail since its beta as well and I don't have a lot complaints. I've never really understood the appeal of POP email unless you run a business. I don't keep anything that important...
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on March 28, 2007

yeeesh what the hell are you guys talking about?!! what is POP? since when has email been so complicated? I use gmail and the mcgill webmail (and yahoo and hotmail on the side). gmail is pretty smooth. want me to send you an invitation? are they still doing that?
   comment by Maryam (#72) on March 28, 2007

I just want a way to download and organize my email in a secure and friendly fashion.
   comment by Mirzipan (#99) on March 29, 2007

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