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Underwater Adventures

I've been staying up late nights this week captivated by the computer game Aquaria. It's a thoroughly enjoyable underwater adventure game, with an immersive world of different environments, delightful art, fitting musics, and a fun storyline. It reminded me of classic Zelda games in many respects, with its own unique aspects.

Highly recommended, it's available to download for Mac and PC (and maybe Linux).
Posted by dustin on March 21, 2011. Tagged with
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Posted by vinny9 on May 20, 2010. Tagged with


The Computer's For Racists
Posted by vinny9 on December 21, 2009. Tagged with


99 Problems
Astronauts were drunk at liftoff.

Employee sabotaged computer due to go to space station.
Posted by vinny9 on July 26, 2007. Tagged with


Simplify my electronic life
I need a new email program for Windows with both web and hard-drive accessibility (POP). Preferably it should be low in cost and glitches, and high in safety and awesomeness. Good enough? Any Thunderbird or Opera fans out there?
Posted by Mirzipan on March 28, 2007. Tagged with
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Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
Article on cloudware (aka: massive warehouses of computer servers to run things like google)

Amazing to see the kind of power required these things. It looks like power consumption is really going to drive th next wave of processors. Finally...
Posted by vinny9 on December 19, 2006. Tagged with


I use Mozilla Firefox because it is the best. However, since yesterday I have been unable to open a browser, double-clicking or through the start menu. The little hourglass shows up on my cursor but nothing else happens. I am currently using IE, but I really don't want to be stuck with it forever.

I also have two papers due tomorrow, so I don't have time to research this myself.

What do I do? Do I have to reinstall?

I love you all. *winning smile*
Posted by Mariana on December 14, 2006. Tagged with
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