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Vanna White is hot.

[the scene looks like the Wheel of Fortune set]

[a contestant grabs the wheel and spins]
[tick, tick, tick, the wheel spins. it passes by 'threesome', 'jelly doughnut', '$50 whore', 'snowball', 'blowjob', '$100 whore' and then stops on 'fondle breasts']

Oh boy! Fondle breasts, what a spin!

ah, are there any T's?

[the no buzzer sounds]

[Vanna gives a No-No finger wag]


We'll be right back to Wheel of Foreplay right after these commercial messages.

Posted by McImprov on January 30, 2003 with category tags of

Heh heh. Snowball...

   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on January 31, 2003, Rated it 4

This skit contains breasts. Ergo, it is funny.
   comment by Nikki (#43) on April 20, 2003, Rated it 4

i don't get it
   comment by Heartwood (#122) on January 17, 2004


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