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Best Served Hot
Mice start fire that kills nearly 100 cats
Posted by vinny9 on December 19, 2008. Tagged with


The Creepiest Thing I've Seen this Halloween
Embedding disabled, so here's the spooky link...

Posted by Alex on October 31, 2008. Tagged with


Yo Quiero Taco Campana?
Posted by goodladd on July 14, 2008. Tagged with


Just a typical day...
Posted by registeredname on January 31, 2008. Tagged with
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Left vs. Right
One of those left brain/right brain things. Which way is the dance spinning

According to this, I'm right-brained, then a few minutes later , left-brained, and then back to right-brained. I can't control the spinning; it controls me.

[via Alice]
Posted by Bryan on November 6, 2007. Tagged with


When Will They Bring Da Funk?
Noise in brain helps learning

I wonder if this could be linked to creativity.
Posted by vinny9 on June 5, 2007. Tagged with


Wet Pink Folds
Cognitive neuroscientist on his experience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

I definitely use these tactics when playing trivia games. Interesting to see it all laid out formally. It's surprising what gets stuck in the brain.
Posted by vinny9 on November 9, 2006. Tagged with
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