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Return to the age of Battery
Battering RamApple's doing a iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 battery recall. I just checked and my battery's serial number is on the list. This means that I'll get a nice new battery (in 4 to 6 weeks). The process for getting a replacement was really easy, so kudos to Apple for that. In fact, it seems like it could be abused - adding 1 to my serial numbers validated, meaning I could have gotten them to send me another battery for my non-existent other computer (of course, you have to provide a valid mailing address to them).

My powerbook only ever gets really hot when the battery is re-charging. I wonder if the replacement will be any different.

(Apple also has a separate battery recall for 15-inch MacBook Pros, and Dell has a massive battery recall going on too)
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