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From the creator of "rejected" and "Billy's Balloon" comes Wisdom Teeth:

more info here:
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How To Make McDonald's Fries

Awesome level of detail.
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Gorgeous 1927 colour silent film of London
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1) Pandas like bamboo.
2) Thai massages are not for the uber-ticklish.
3) Mai tais are not particularly thai.
4) Three mai tais are not any more thai.
5) If you are going to buy a $2 watch, don't bother getting a Calvin Klein one, they are no better than regular $2 watches.
6) Contrary to what they tell you in law school, engagement letters are not strictly necessary.
7) Thailand is a wonderland of puns.

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As quoted on their website:
"One Song. One Take. One Cab."

I'm talking about the Black Cab Sessions (http://www.blackcabsessions.com)

A bunch of independent groups (some unknown, some more popular) playing one song for the duration of the cab ride through out the streets of London.

Pretty cool stuff:
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Abandon The Run

An online repository of abandonware (games which aren't sold anymore and are released into the public domain).

Space Quest! Quest for Glory! Lemmings! I so don't have time...
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We Are A Family
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Marc and I did a short fifteen minute improv set (with two other gentlemen from our London group) at a pub called The Bath House last night. Our final scene was a game of Detective with Marc as the detective and me as the deputy.

The murder weapon we got was tampax (key line later on: "Gosh! Look at all this blood everywhere!"), and the location was a pub. But when it came to selecting a celebrity murderer, the audience overwhelmingly began shouting out 'Michael Barrymore', an Eighties British TV presenter with whom I'm familiar but I knew Marc wouldn't be. Unfortunately the only other suggestion was 'Jim Davidson' (another, even more obscure Eighties British TV presenter) so I had to take it.

Marc got it, bless him, after some pretty cheap tactics ("Oh, my phone's ringing, let me just take MY CALL"; "Well, let's get this body to the cemetery and BURY MORE of him than is buried right now"), but, mostly for his benefit, I present these clips from the golden age of British entertainment. Please appreciate the undercurrents of racism and/or homophobia from the audience. I also love that all male British gameshow presenters wore tuxes at all times until well into the Nineties.
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I'm lovin' it
Atomic Vaudeville takes it to the streets.

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