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Fight For Your Right...
To make a movie starring everybody.

Posted by registeredname on April 23, 2011. Tagged with


When A Giraffe Headbutts, You Listen
Posted by goodladd on July 20, 2009. Tagged with
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Food Fight
For my first post on Glorp, here's something cool yet offensive: a history of the last 60 years of warfare as told through food.

Posted by chrisdye on March 11, 2008. Tagged with
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Battle of the century

man Conan is TALL!
Posted by registeredname on February 19, 2008. Tagged with
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Don't get a paper cut
Posted by registeredname on November 29, 2007. Tagged with


Get Your Critique On
David Rees (Greatest Human Ever) tears Michael Ignatieff a new one for his piece in the NYT.
Posted by vinny9 on August 14, 2007. Tagged with


For the love of Peat
"This discovery is hailed by the National Museum of Ireland 'as the greatest find ever from a European bog'".


Posted by chrisdye on July 27, 2006. Tagged with


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