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20 free Browser RPG games
Posted by vinny9 on January 19, 2010. Tagged with
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Little Bundle of Joy
Hello all you Mac lovers out there!

Macheist is offering 5 little apps free of charge. Whereas normally registering these little gems costs $15-$25 or so each, you get them all, fully registered, FREE!

Download, Install, Love.

Posted by Gbrowdy on November 7, 2009. Tagged with
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Radio Free Québec first quarter report
* radiofreequebec.com has cracked the world's top 25 million most popular websites, according to Alexa
* Radio Free Québec's Youtube channel has received over 58,000 views and nearly 18 positive comments.
* The number of fans on RFQ's Facebook fan page has increased 900% since it was first launched in January.
*RFQ is pleased to announce the hiring of Steve Penny as financial analyst, to guide listeners through the recession:
Posted by YvonTripper on March 19, 2009. Tagged with


Have a good one, DQS!
Posted by vinny9 on November 19, 2008. Tagged with


Radio Free Québec
Good news! The Gouvernement has agreed to increase its funding of TVQ Television and to create a new public radio service, Radio Free Québec. With its new budget and staff, we hope to greatly increase our current broadcast schedule.*

Here is a clip from Radio Free Québec's coverage of the Québec election.

Both radio and TV services can be accessed at radiofreequebec.com
Posted by YvonTripper on November 13, 2008. Tagged with
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Wish I was American...
Posted by registeredname on October 24, 2008. Tagged with


The Devil's Brigade
The Devil's Brigade is a TV mini-series that just aired on History Television (in Canada). The show's creators have also filled the website with multimedia.

Sillysoft was contracted to create a game for the show, and the result is the free Devil's Brigade Lux. It's a small version of Lux.
Posted by dustin on November 10, 2006. Tagged with
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