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Impressive Polygons
Papercrafted giant head

I spy a Miyamoto tee in the photoset.
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My Halloween Costume 2009
Posted by registeredname on November 3, 2009. Tagged with
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I am...

via Marvel comic creator
Posted by Bryan on October 22, 2009. Tagged with
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I Wish This Was True
Halloween hobo codes
Posted by vinny9 on November 4, 2008. Tagged with


Iron Man Halloween Costume 2008
I have no life:
Posted by registeredname on November 1, 2008. Tagged with
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I'm on College Humour!
I entered the collegehumour.com costume contest.
Check it out:
click here!
Posted by registeredname on October 31, 2007. Tagged with


Halloween is just around the corner and I think we all need to start thinking about our costumes. Many of you may be tempted to dress in some sexy little outfit (i.e. a kitten or a bunny) - I'm looking at you, Andrew - but I urge you to think twice about this. Halloween is not a vehicle for your sexuality but rather a wonderful opportunity to dazzle and delight with costume magic. People should wonder "oh, who is that before me?" not "how can I get a piece of that ass?" or "wow, those are hot boobies!". I know that I have certainly never been met with such reactions and I can only hope that you too will be spared. I hope you can share in my concern and take the appropriate steps this year to ensure that Halloween is treated with the dignity that it deserves.
Posted by MissNikki on October 3, 2006. Tagged with
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Like Halloween Much?
Crazy mech costume
Posted by vinny9 on October 2, 2006. Tagged with
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