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All The Girls At Vassar
Posted by vinny9 on April 22, 2010. Tagged with


Ok, I'm Officially Old
UK kids that are into Manba

Wikipedia: Yamanba and Manba
Posted by vinny9 on July 3, 2009. Tagged with


The New Economy
Japan gets closer to zero population growth
Posted by vinny9 on March 16, 2009. Tagged with


Who can figure out such devices???
I'm speechless:

Posted by Alex on February 14, 2009. Tagged with
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The Distant Future, the Year 2000
Japan on course to make all anime come true
Posted by vinny9 on July 25, 2008. Tagged with


Yo, It's the Rap of Nanjing
Japan makes patriotism part of its curriculum

Yeah, this can only lead to good things...
Posted by vinny9 on May 18, 2007. Tagged with
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Shogun: The Conquest of Japan
Shogun: The Conquest of Japan is the latest Lux Map of the Week.

It was made by SunTzu, who also created The Dark Ages.
Posted by dustin on February 20, 2007. Tagged with
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Happy day to you
I don't know what the hell this is, but I like it.
Posted by dustin on January 2, 2007. Tagged with
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Look, ma!

I'm in Japan! Have you been keeping up with my pictures? Have you?
Posted by alice on August 26, 2006. Tagged with
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Oom Pah Pah
Potty Training Commercial from Japan
Posted by vinny9 on June 27, 2006. Tagged with


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