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Slow news day?
AP: Obama swats a fly
Posted by chrisdye on June 17, 2009. Tagged with
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Who can figure out such devices???
I'm speechless:

Posted by Alex on February 14, 2009. Tagged with
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Great Power
God, I love ridiculous comic book crossovers. (click the image for the story)

Posted by vinny9 on January 8, 2009. Tagged with


Time To Call It, Bryan
So who's it going to be? Buster McMarxist or Methuselah Jones?

I am going to continue with my gloomy appraisal of how progressive US voters actually are, and say:

Obama 266
McCain 272

Which gives Obama most of the battleground states (including, very charitably I think, Nevada, Colorado, and Ohio), but leaves Pennsylvania and Florida swinging to McCain and pushing him over the edge.

To quote Sideshow Bob: "Your guilty conscience may move you to vote Democratic, but deep down you long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule you like a king."
Posted by goodladd on November 3, 2008. Tagged with
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Obama will never give you up
Posted by registeredname on August 9, 2008. Tagged with


Which is more exciting: the Hillary Clinton - Barack Obama race for the Democratic nomination or the Montreal-Ottawa-Pittsburgh-New Jersey race for first place in the Eastern Conference?

Which one will be settled first?

Posted by chrisdye on March 6, 2008. Tagged with
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Obama on religion and politics
For me at least, this 40 minute video is a pretty remarkable thing. Barack Obama speaking to a church charity about the role of faith in progressive society. He speaks as a Christian, but his words are thoughtful, attentive, tolerant, complicated. Even as an atheist I am persuaded and almost moved.

watch the video here

It's remarkable to me - almost unprecedented - when you contemplate that this guy might actually have a shot at the presidency.
Posted by Sean on February 11, 2008. Tagged with
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