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Thank you, Adobe Photoshop
Sum purty pitchers.
Posted by Alex on June 22, 2010. Tagged with


Low-Hanging Fruit

A Mac specific, pic editing tool priced at 60$ US. F'ing smart move.
Posted by vinny9 on April 21, 2009. Tagged with


Someone Will Torrent This
Photshop Express

Photoshop as web application. Very basic stuff but might be nice to have online access in a pinch. I already miss not having a text tool.
Posted by vinny9 on March 27, 2008. Tagged with


Sillysoft Games Exposed
Luxtoberfest included a series of competitive "LuxShoppe" photoshop showndowns. It's all come down to a final epic match running now between Sasquatch and MBauer. The results so far are spectacular, and include these behind-the-scenes look into Sillysoft's secret operations.

The last one was just a dream. I think. Maybe a vision.
Posted by dustin on November 12, 2007. Tagged with
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