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An Antidote to Apathy

Dave Meslin gave an excellent 7 minute talk at TEDxToronto about possible ways to break down barriers to participating in shaping our public realm.
Posted by dustin on April 14, 2011. Tagged with
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Who Doesn't Enjoy A Nice Infographic?
Train track length and ridership by city
Posted by vinny9 on March 6, 2009. Tagged with
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How aware are you?
Posted by alice on March 14, 2008. Tagged with
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There's a fantastic archive of British public information films from the 60s and 70s over at the National Archives website.

It's interesting seeing just what the government was most afriad of back then; nuclear war, drowning, disused fridges, overly clean floors, and, of course, frisbee.
Posted by goodladd on November 19, 2006. Tagged with
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Another public service announcement
Posted by YvonTripper on September 4, 2006. Tagged with


Debt out of here!
From the Government of Canada website:

"Why doesn't the Bank of Canda just print enough money to pay off the national debt?"

I'm not sure Stephen Harper has completely thought out all of his economic policies.

Posted by chrisdye on August 3, 2006. Tagged with
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Vancouver illuminares lantern festival
The Illuminares Lantern Procession was last night and it was spectacular. Bobbing and artful lanterns were on display in trout lake park (which is my local awesome park). Plus music, dancing, wild things, and fireworks.

I took a few photos and there are lots more from this year and past years on flickr.

It turns out it's pretty easy to make a simple box lantern. As long as you have some wood, glues, tissue paper, wire, and instructions. Thank you to the Public Dreams Society for providing all of those things when we stumbled on their lantern making workshop.

Lessons learned for my next lantern making session:
- use a light color paper tissue as background all around, and fill up each panel with decoration.
- 'ears' on the top of the box are cool, and could be made into a point easily.
- bring extra tea candles for a never-ending lantern night.
Posted by dustin on July 31, 2006. Tagged with
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STM and vending machines merge at last...
The Montreal buses are now impervious to my old put in many coins of different sizes and they'll assume you payed the correct amount technique.

Posted by LePhil on May 31, 2006. Tagged with
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