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A Wordy Adventure

This is the video I submitted for the 2010 Montreal 60 Second Movie festival (M60). The theme was adventure.
Posted by registeredname on October 10, 2010. Tagged with
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A time odyssey
Watch the first 30 seconds of this 1965 broadcast of Winston Churchill's funeral and see if you are confused as I was.
Posted by chrisdye on August 1, 2009. Tagged with
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How To Give A Proofreader A Heart Attack
I'm sure you're all familiar with Canute the Great, the Viking king who ruled a good deal of northern Europe in the early decades of the 11th century.

Historian M.J. Trow, in his biography of the medieval king, opts for a slightly less orthodox spelling of the name. Excerpts from the dustjacket, after the jump.
Posted by goodladd on January 15, 2009. Tagged with
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We're Ready For You Now, Mr Ford
I find this awesome in the extreme. Who knew it was so simple?
Posted by goodladd on March 20, 2008. Tagged with


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