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Good news! The Gouvernement has agreed to increase its funding of TVQ Television and to create a new public radio service, Radio Free Québec. With its new budget and staff, we hope to greatly increase our current broadcast schedule.*

Here is a clip from Radio Free Québec's coverage of the Québec election.

Both radio and TV services can be accessed at radiofreequebec.com
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A short TVQ documentary on Laval, which can now be accessed by métro.

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TVQ website!
Attention devoted TVQ watchers:

You have repeatedly asked us if we could create an "internet" site where you could find out more information about our programming. We have conducted months of research to learn about the internet, and have set up a preliminary website for you to peruse:


As well as the current content (none), we shall be adding additional content over the coming months.

Bien à vous,

Yvon Tripper
Chef de la direction
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Another public service announcement
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Quebec public service announcements
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Coming soon...

Promotional video...with sound fixed...


Opening Credits for the Yvon Tripper Hour
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