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Cars vs Bus vs Bikes

Amount of space required to transport the same number of people by car, bus or bicycle.

Conclusion: Congestion is caused by too many cars, not by lack of roadspace.
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Toronto often gets unfairly disparaged by the rest of Canada. Mostly by people who have never been there, or passed through once without any connection into the city. In reality, Toronto is an amazingly active, vibrant, and thriving metropolis. Diverse neighborhoods intertwined to form an economic and cultural powerhouse in North America.

Curbside bike parking posts and compost collection alongside recycling are 2 nice touches I wish Vancouver would copy. I also award Toronto the best public transit system of Canada's big 3 cities.

I posted my photos from Toronto including Daron and Jon's wedding.
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You Down With TTC? No, Not Me.
TTC has to slash 100$ million from its budget Massive service cuts coming. That really blows.

In contrast, Montreal's STM lost 4$ million in 2005, 20$ million in 2006. But they're supposed to get some of that 1c/L gas tax that the gas companies were asked politely not to pass on to consumers (uh, right).
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Transit Camp update from Moose Camp
It's lunchtime at Moose Camp after some good sessions. I'm quite intrigued by the idea of a Vancouver Transit Camp. That link is just a temporary home on the northernvoice wiki as the idea gathers steam.

Apparently Toronto recently held a Transit Camp that was an open discussion organized by local transit enthusiasts. They were focused on bringing forth solutions (as opposed to whining about problems). They got participation from the city and the TTC and came out of it on a positive road.

Some people here are talking about putting together a GVRD Transit Camp and I hope it happens. Check the Vancouver link above if you want to get involved.
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I give in to Facebook
It turns out that a lot of people I know are on the Facebook network. It's a pretty interesting people tracking and messaging system. It lets you import a RSS feed into 'notes' so these words will show there. It's too bad they don't let you put in a photo feed also, which would also be useful.
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1200 people playing Capture The Flag in Toronto
Here's a funky video of 1200 people playing Capture The Flag in downtown Toronto.

It was a product of Newmindspace. Check out their site, it's wondrous.
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Second Time 'Round
Pretty sweet list of cover songs...

Bound to be a few that you'll like.
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Oops! Bank robbery at the gimp pride parade
John Feld is an outrageously funny guy whom I know in Toronto. He has multiple sclerosis and represents disabled interests. He has a storied past: living on a commune, as a communist party operative, being a jackass, getting the poetry on the subway.

He's putting on the play of his dreams. A bank robbery goes down during the gimp pride parade. It's on August 3, 11, 13 in Toronto.
"Disgraceful! Tasteless! Hilarious! No taboo left unmolested. Costumed cripples in wheelchairs parading down the streets! Cripples in scooters making love out-doors."

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Legalize Marijuana Already Canada
On May 6th I'll be taking part in the Vancouver section of the Global Marijuana March to show my support for reforming Canada's antiquated drug laws. Under the previous government Canada was poised to bring our drug laws closer in line with the reality of our society. Unfortunately the Liberals delayed and delayed until they were booted out.

I'm not very optimistic that the Conservatives will bring about any positive changes to Canada's drug laws. This gives even more reason to go march and show your support. Canada could be a bellwether in the global move to rationalize marijuana laws, but we need to take some real action. Sending our peaceful protesters to the US to face lifetime imprisonment is not the route that I want to see this country take.

Here are the details I found for the major Canadian cities. Check here for info on other cities worldwide. Vancouver: meet at the Art Gallery at 2 PM on May 6th. Montreal: meet at Berri Square at 1 PM on May 6th. Toronto: meet at Queen's Park North from 11 am - 8 pm on May 6th.

Also, I took this opportunity to test out Youtube and upload the video I made from Montreal's 2003 Marijuana March. (Anybody know if I can change the frame it displays in the preview?)

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Read all over
Good used book website for Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria & Toronto
Posted by vinny9 on January 20, 2006. Tagged with


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